Saturday, September 16, 2006

This 'n That Weekend Edition!

Well, let's see what I have to talk about tonight:

My Digital Camera Sucks...

At least when it comes to taking pictures at the zoo, anyway. Jessi and I headed up to Seattle this morning to go to Woodland Park Zoo, which neither of us had been to for quite some time. I took 66 pictures with my digital camera, and we obviously should've taken Jessi's newer, more powerful camera -- for many of the photos were out of focus or the flash glared on the glass. There were about a dozen or so photos that came out acceptable to my eye. Still, we did enjoy ourselves!

Archie McPhee's -- Coolest Store in Seattle?

Well, I think so, anyway... maybe it's because I only manage to visit their store once a year. I figured as long as we were going to Woodland Park, we may as well stop at Archie McPhee's while we were at it! One incentive to go was their coupon of the month, available on their website -- September's coupon was for a free monkey wearing a fez bobble-head with any purchase, and mine is going to be going with me to the office on Monday (Jessi didn't want it in the living room, and it doesn't really fit with the other stuff in my home office). I did pick up a few things for my office collectibles, though... an Incredible Hulk small plastic barely poseable figure (he comes with a wall to bust apart when you press a button on his back), and a Justice League Superman plastic statuette that was apparently originally free in certain Post cereals!

Unfortunately, neither of those items are available on the website, probably due to the low pricepoint or low stock... so if you're interested in these, get thee hence to their store!

There were a number of other goodies I was tempted to get there, too... some figural Dracula and Frankenstein mugs (for only about $9 each -- also not for sale on the website), and a number of J.P. Patches items (if you don't know who J.P. is, I feel sorry for ya -- you must not've grown up in the Tacoma-Seattle area!).

Recently Purchased at Big Lots

Friday morning, ere I went to work, I stopped at Big Lots, primarily to get some socks, and I also picked up the DVD of Looney Tunes: Back in Action for $5. Haven't watched it yet, don't have high hopes for it, but it's the only new Bugs Bunny et al production for some time, and could be the last for a very long time!

Did I Happen to Mention...?

...that the local Mega Foods has closed down here... and in its place will be a Grocery Outlet one of these days?

I love shopping at Grocery Outlet (heck, I love shopping at all these outlet/clearance stores)... I can almost always find great deals on stuff I'd normally buy at the regular grocery stores anyway (such as multipacks of Kudos snack bars, for example), plus there's the occasional collectible-type item available there (like the Popeye video I mentioned a while back). The only problem is, Olympia's only Grocery Outlet is on the other side of town, so I'm glad there'll be a closer location -- and it's near the Big Lots and one of the Dollar Tree locations, too!

Good News for Krypto

And for myself, KO, and Jessi, too -- the local Pet Spa will, once again, be sponsoring the Bones & Treats doggy Halloween function this year! So I didn't waste my money buying boots for the Superman costume after all (although I hear that Olympic Cards & Comics -- who's having a barbeque on Sunday -- is planning some kind of Halloween thing, too).

Recorded, But Not Yet Watched

This week's Fantastic Four animated episode, as well as Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. Chances are, this is the last of this Teen Titans interpretation there'll be, at least in animated form -- although I am looking forward to DC's direct-to-DVD videos that have been announced. We'll probably watch those sometime on Sunday.

This Week's Cover Stories Column

At WF Comics features the topic dreams -- check it out, why don't ya?

Some Time This Week, Maybe...

I'll be doing a linkdump post, offering up my choices for the best in daily destinations for the comics geek... blogs and news pages, as well as probably some other stuff!

And that's all for tonight!


Friday, September 15, 2006

"Creepy Classics" Photos!

Here's the photos of those plastic figures I got at the Dollar Tree the other day:

Extra-large size for your viewing pleasure!


This first one has the regular and finger-fighting versions of Kong and "Godzilla," plus as a bonus the Popeye and Mighty Mouse figures I mentioned!


And there's more finger fighters...


And the rest of the regular figs!

Pretty cool stuff for a buck each, if you ask me -- I just wish there were more monsters done in this series!


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Night Update!

Let's see what I have to talk about tonight...

One Dismaying Thing About Being a Comics Fan in His 40s... realizing how much older you've become than the characters you've been reading about all these years. First I got older than Robin and the other Teen Titans, then it was Spidey and the Torch... tonight, while re-reading ESSENTIAL FANTASTIC FOUR Vol. 2, I realized that I'm probably older than Reed Richards (at least, older than Reed was in Fantastic Four #1, at least)!


Trying to Decide What to Put in the DVD Player Next...

Having watched the first season of the animated Flash Gordon, the last few nights, I've just had the TV in my office on Cartoon Network the past few nights... but since it's all reruns, I figure I have all sorts of DVDs I haven't watched yet... I should really watch some of them!

I guess with Halloween coming up in a month and a half, I could start going through the dollar DVDs I've been picking up over the past few years, and watch all of 'em... sounds like a plan!

Speaking of Dollar Store Stuff...

One of the blogs I read regularly turned me on to some cool stuff you can find at your local Dollar Tree: With the new Halloween stuff, they've got these little plastic figures of the Frankenstein Monster and other figures! I'd share some pictures of these things, but since I've foolishly forgotten to plug in the battery charger since moving, I've got no batteries for the digital camera! Maybe tomorrow night.

Anyway, there are two different kinds of these figures... all under the "Creepy Classics" title, on a card using movie poster scenes as appropriate. Like I said, one of them is the Frankenstein Monster, another is the Werewolf from Curse of the Werewolf, there's the Mummy, King Kong, and King of the Lizards (who's like Godzilla, except without the dorsal plates). These come as free-standing little figures, and also as finger puppets. I'd previously bought the King Kong one on its original packaging, which is slightly different, and I'd also bought figures of Popeye and Super Mouse (later Mighty Mouse), all made by the same company.

They also had these nifty decks of playing cards with monster movie poster art on 'em, too, but I didn't get any of them (I'm not a big fan of novelty card decks), plus some double-feature DVDs and other stuff.

Heck, just find your local Dollar Tree and check 'em out for yourself! They even had some really cheesy rubber over-the-head masks with hair... and they're all a dollar each!


Earlier today, I was able to finally get Legion of Super-Heroes and NBC's Heroes added to the program on the DVR... I was beginning to wonder when they were going to start showing up!

This Weekend...

Jessi and I head up to Seattle on Saturday to go to Woodland Park Zoo, which I haven't been to for the longest time (well, since I was younger than Robin -- any Robin!). Last Spring, we went to Tacoma's Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, which I found vaguely disappointing, but I'm sure Woodland Park won't be!

If we have time while we're up there, we may also stop at Archie McPhee's, and maybe even the Pike Place Market (although I'm guessing Pike Place is unlikely).

Archie McPhee's is a very cool store... remember the Johnson Smith ads they used to have in the comics? They carry all that stuff, and more! We haven't been there for quite some time!

That's all for now!


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Some This 'N That Stuff...

Star Trek:

I have to say that I'm looking forward to the "upgraded" Star Trek episodes, which are being shown locally here on Channel 11 (which is appropriate, since that's the channel I first saw Star Trek on) starting this week.

I had started DVRing Trek on TV Land, but they annoyed me by starting every single freakin' episode two minutes late -- which meant they ended late, and thus the tail end of each ep was cut off (or rather, recorded on the following episode, in the case of the marathon they had).

I've always been a big fan of the original Star Trek... I may even have all the "Special Edition" episodes still on video tape that the Sci-Fi Channel showed about six or seven years back!

Back in junior high school, I was a definite "Trekkie" -- in fact, that was my first exposure to fandom of any kind! I remember attending the Puget Sound Star Trekkers convention that year (although I had a terrible cold during that convention, constantly blowing my nose), and getting in touch with the Tacoma chapter of that club, and joing it (it was named Outpost Ten). That club later metamorphosized into a general sci-fi club, and I was a member of it for the most part during all of high school.

Anyway... I had Mego Star Trek figures (as well as two of the bridge playsets, so I could have a complete round bridge), the Bantam books, and all sorts of other Star Trek stuff... none of which I own anymore. It did introduce me to science fiction of all kinds, though!

Exclamations from TV Shows I Used to Use But Don't Anymore:

Shazbot -- From Mork and Mindy, it was an Orkan exclamation.

Frack -- From Battlestar Galactica, Glen Larson's version of the F-word.

Felgercarb -- Another Galactica word, meaning BS.

Hello Nurse! -- From Animaniacs, said by the Warner Brothers when they saw an attractive woman.

Re-Reading Follies!

So tonight I finished re-reading THE ESSENTIAL HUMAN TORCH... I could've sworn more of the stories were Torch-Thing tales than there actually were!

Don't know what I'll re-read next... probably ESSENTIAL FANTASTIC FOUR, for the fifth or sixth time (might as well, the next Cover Stories column I'm writing is a 1-10 of Fantastic Four! I should explain... 1-10 is an examination of the first ten issues of a comic book title, and is going to be a monthly feature of Cover Stories, to help break the monotony of themed covers... at least, until I get lots of emails saying they don't want those!).

Flash Gordon: The Animated Series:

So, I finished watching the first season of Flash Gordon last night... and I started watching the first episode of the second season, but honestly... once they introduced Gremlin, the Baby Dragon, I just couldn't watch any more... so I skipped ahead to the documentary feature, to see what Andy Mangels did with the footage I transcribed (and, well, also to see my name appear on the credits at the end).

Speaking of TV Shows...

As I was earlier in this posting... remember back in the good old days, when the networks premiered all their new shows during the same week, even the Saturday morning cartoons?

I kind of miss those days. Now, I do like the alternate season stuff, so there are new episodes of certain shows that air when most other shows are in reruns (with half-seasons starting in January and June or so, for shows like The Closer, Monk, and Psych)... but for the shows premiering in the fall... some new series (like Vanished) have already had four episodes airing (and we've been watching those, and we're getting into it)... House aired its second episode of the new season tonight...

On the other hand... Heroes and Legion of Super-Heroes have premiere dates apparently so far away that they're not even showing up when I search for them to record on the DVR!

Fortunately, returning programs (like the Law and Order shows, Cold Case, and Smallville) are still showing reruns, plus I'm also able to set the DVR to record those shows any time they air on their home channels, as well as new episodes only, so no reruns will be recorded.

I don't even know if there are any other new shows we're going to be watching or not... it is kind of weird to me that there are absolutely no sitcoms on our viewing schedule at all (our half-hour comedy fix is taken care of with reruns of the American Whose Line Is It Anyway? shows on ABC Family Channel).

But at least back in the "good old days," you knew when everything was starting all at once -- usually the week after the TV Guide Fall Preview issue came out!

Comics Stuff:

In the past, especially when I was making a living (barely) selling stuff at swap meets, I'd have people come to me and say they had some old comics that belonged to their son (or whatever), and wanted to know what they were worth... and when they'd ask me about them, I'd tell those people that I could give them a general idea if they were valuable or not, but if they wanted detailed info, it would cost them (after all, they want the benefit of my expertise, so to speak -- I figure my time and knowledge has to be worth something), and I'd give them an honest answer about what they've got.

Strangely, nobody ever took me up on it, or even asked what I'd charge for the service (although I think many businesses need to consult me or someone else -- when Jessi and I go to Value Village, we keep seeing a small box of comics for sale there which belong in a quarter box at best, and they're trying to at least get 69 cents each or more for them!).

But yesterday, Jessi came home with a small box of comics that belonged to one of her co-workers' sons, and asked me to give her an evaluation of the books.

No superhero books at all... it was all Dell, Gold Key or Fawcett stuff (and the Fawcett stuff was all Dennis the Menace books), all averaging in Good condition, with Price Guide values from a buck to $15. I worked up the list, printed it out, and gave it back to Jessi, who presumably brought it back to work today.

Have I gotten any kind of thank-you for this, even through Jessi? Nope.

Next time, I charge for the service. Either cash or my pick of the equivalent value of the books.


Star Trek Remastered Trailer...

In case you haven't seen it before, or (as in my case) if the Yahoo video doesn't show for you...


Monday, September 11, 2006

No Post Tonight...

I just don't have anything to post about this evening!


How Bizarre...

I know I wrote a post last night, and submitted it, but it's completely gone. I have no idea what happened!

So, let's see if I can remember what I wrote about, shall we?

Finished re-reading ESSENTIAL HULK 2, started re-reading ESSENTIAL HUMAN TORCH 1. The various writers of the Torch stories played very fast and loose with how the Torch could use his flame in those stories (although, to be honest, probably no more so than the original Torch did, and there are a few of the earlier FF stories where his flame's used in bizarre ways, too). And I still have a hard time buying some of the stuff Paste-Pot Pete does with his super-paste!

Still watching the Flash Gordon animated DVDs... well, at least they're usually on for background noise while I work at the computer on stuff.

Did some yard work yesterday, cutting down some blackberry bushes that were entirely out of control. The cuttings are on the ground to try out in the sun, but I'm not sure what I'll do with 'em after that!

Wrote a new Cover Stories column, but cince the Grand Comics Database was down (until just after I finished writing it), I had to find an alternative source for credits and reprint info! Fortunately, it was an all-Spider-Man installment, and I found the fansite, who served as a worthy replacement for that column! Of course, they're going to be credited in that column when it runs in about three weeks.

I won't be making any kind of 9/11 posting today. It's not that I don't care about what happened, mind you... it's just that 1) I have a hard time trying to express just how I feel about what occurred and what's happened since then, and 2) I don't know what angle I'd want to take in talking about it. So I'm not ignoring the anniversary, I just don't have anything to share about it that would make any sense.

Word comes to me that since the local Pet Spa has changed owners over the last year, there may not be a Bones and Treats event this Halloween for the dogs... which means it's possible I may have thrown away my money buying boots for my Superman costume! However, the local comic book shop, Olympic Cards & Comics may be doing a Halloween thing that Krypto and I can show up at... and Jessi and I have debated having a Halloween party at our place.

That's about all I have for this morning for you! More later tonight!