Saturday, November 11, 2006

Today's Incredible Internet Guide... existing links & new links!

Still working our way through comic book creator fansites and their own sites...

Erik Larsen's still got his Savage site running... and while the only Larsen fan site is one of those Tripod pages that starts to load, and then goes all-white... did you know Larsen's got himself a weekly column on Comic Book Resources?

Neither of the Joe Madureira fan pages listed were still there, but I found this one and this one, although honestly, the second one is a blog...

I don't know why they decided in this book to list as "three sites" three pages all from, but there it is...

The Unofficial Frank Miller homeage is still up and running, and while the other sites listed aren't there, I also found Frank Miller: The Complete Works -- which, strangely enough, is!!!

Neither site listed for Jerry Ordway is there these days.. but I did find this site and its mirror.

And since the sites for Adam Warren don't exist any more, I went quickly looking and found the updated link for one of them...

And that's it... That's all the links provided for comic book creators. Where's the websites for Jim Aparo, Peter David, Keith Giffen, George Perez, Alex Ross, Jim Starlin, Mark Evanier, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Don Heck, Gene Colan... well, the list goes on and on about comics creators who weren't even mentioned in this part of the book...

...perhaps, though, the saddest part of it is that some creators, especially those who passed on, don't seem to even have a fan page on the web these days (I couldn't believe I wasn't able to find a decent Gil Kane page in the minute or two I looked).

But I digress.

Anyway, only three sections left of this book for me to go through, fruitlessly type in links that don't exist any more, find those that do (and are still what this book said it was -- there's a few sites from this book that had URLs that still exist, but are now x-rated sites these days!), provide my own findings that I think are better than what they had (if, indeed, I can)...


Saturday Night Post!

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Incredible Interenet Guide... Working Links & Replacement Links!

We're up to comic creator websites... those sites that are either the creator's own page, or a fan page for that creator!

Mike Allred (creator of Madman) had two sites listed... neither is up and running! But I did find his current site, The

Chris Bachalo had one site listed... and it's not there anymore! And I wasn't able to find a current website for him after looking at three Google pages of listings, either.

John Byrne had two sites listed... one of them is The Next Men Reference page. The other isn't there anymore!

I had a bookmark for Byrne Robotics, but that page doesn't seem to be loading (I timed out trying to bring it up). But The John Byrne Gallery page is still there for you to enjoy.

Neither of the Travis Charest sites listed are still up... but I did find The Official Unofficial Travis Charest Archive.

None of the Alan Davis sites listed still exist... but I found his Official Website.

Steve Ditko had two sites listed, but neither remain... instead, check out Ditko Looked Up and Steve

Warren Ellis' website is still working... I didn't check to see if the two subpages also listed were still there, but if you're interested in Ellis, I suppose you can find out for yourself, y'hear?

I did discover that The Dreaming: The Neil Gaiman Page is still up, and they have a link to his blog, too!

When I return to these, we'll start with Erik Larsen web pages... and I may come up with some creator sites for creators not even listed in this book!


Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Night Blog-A-Rama!

Well, had the day off again today, and Jessi and I spent pretty much the whole day preparing for Saturday's birthday party for me... so not much of interest to report there!


Doc Savage

I've been a huge Doc Savage fan since I was in junior high school. I've never owned any of the original pulps, but I had a nearly-complete set of the Bantam reissues, two of the Golden Press editions (a division of Golden Books put those out), a Doc Savage puzzle with Ron Ely as Doc Savage, the full run of both of Marvel's Doc Savage comics, plus some of the other Doc comics that had come out before and after (although, again, none of the Street and Smith ones)...

...but I never had any Doc Savage Action Figures... and the ones you'll see at this link are pretty cool, if you ask me!

Oh, I also had most of the limited edition prints of the James Bama covers.

All my Doc stuff (except for a Comics on CD-Rom disc with the original pulp covers) were sold long ago... mostly when I was out of work, and needed to raise funds somehow. I hesitate to even say how little I sold my Doc paperback collection for...

Sometimes I get interesting emails...

OK, so we all get spam emails... no matter what we set up for spam filters. I actually have three active email addresses (not counting my work one, naturally), and I get spam through each of them. My main one is my Comcast account, which I use to get all my Yahoo group email, and also for pretty much all other regular communications.

Justin, the webmaster of World Famous Comics, has also provided me with an email address that automatically forwards to my Comcast account.

And last, but not necessarily least, I have a Yahoo account.

The Yahoo account, as you might expect, gets more spam than any other account I've ever had... and fortunately, Yahoo's spam filter catches most of them. The ones it doesn't catch, I can identify and mark as spam before even opening them up.

And then there's the spam I get from the Comcast account, as well as through the World Famous Comics account... most of the time, I'll set up a filter if I think that spammer will send something else to me, but more often than not, I'll simply delete it.

Then there's the unsolicited emails from people who want me to help promote something of theirs... Some of these aren't bad. Craig Yoe, for example, was announcing his (then) upcoming Arf Lovers Blog months in advance (at least, it seemed that way at the time). I'm sure there was some automation going on there, since each email was "personally" written to me. (by the way, if you click on the link, you may find Craig hasn't updated the blog in several weeks)

The latest email that I found of interest was from a gentleman who is the president of a toy company who's best known for making Kubrick-style figures (if you don't know what Kubricks are, click here -- although this company's figures are designed so you can create your own custom figures), and is expanding into other kinds of action figures, similar to the Megos of the late 60s and early 70s. The email made the claim that they have a lot of licensed figures coming soon, including some of the Gold Key superheroes, the 1963 heroes, and other independent company characters.

I checked out their website, and didn't see much of anything there, but I did write back with a few questions.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that if someone contacts me because they think I can somehow help promote their product or service, I think it's pretty cool... even moreso if it's something I have an interest in.

What's weird is that I don't always know why they've contacted me in their pursuit of promotions... Are they reading my Cover Stories columns, or at least just enough to find that email address, and emailing me through it, thus missing the point of the column? (And in that case, is Tony Isabella getting these same emails?) Or are they checking out this blog, and figure that I have enough of an audience that they'll benefit from it?

So, in the interest of trying to help out people who would like me to use my blog to help promote what they've got, let me outline my Rules for Promoting Stuff Here...

1. I need to get something out of it. If you want me to promote a publication of yours, the best way is to send me a copy of it. You can ask for my mailing address via that same email address. If you want me to promote a line of toys, or DVDs, or any other product, giving me a freebie is a good way to make sure I'll plug it here! The sole exception to this is if you want me to promote something that's free, like a website -- I'll provide the link if you give it to me. But I'll check it out first.

2. It needs to be something that somehow relates to what I talk about here. Now, that's a pretty wide net, if you think about it... I've talked about movies, TV, toys, music... and lots of other stuff, too. I pretty much talk about almost everything I have an interest in here, and I suppose the best way to restate that rule would be, it's got to be something I have an interest in.

3. I will provide an honest feedback on the blog about whatever you're promoting. If I think what you're promoting is great, I'll absolutely let me readers know I think it's great! If I think it's worthless, I'll say so as well. I'm pretty easy-going, however... I think I've only really panned one or two things in this blog so far, if I recall correctly (most recently, natch, that "Incredible Internet Guide" book).

I think those are pretty fair rules... #1, especially, because if you're selling some kind of product, you're making money from it, and so you've got to put some money into promoting it. And giving me a free sample is probably a lot cheaper than paying for advertising somewhere, eh?

Oh, and one more rule:

4. Let me know where you got my contact information from. Of course, the only way you'll know this is a rule is if you're checking out this blog, eh?


I'm not sure if my readers are aware of what a Mash-Up is... it's basically when you take two different kinds of things and "mash them up" together. Usually this is done as a joke (especially back in the days of Laugh-In, when they'd make jokes like, "If X married Y, she's be called X Y" and the combination of her name with her projected husband's last name would be some kind of funny pun.

There are others, more recently, where you'd take the title of, say, two movies, where one movie ends in the same word the second movie starts with, and combine them together... and I wish I could think of an example right now.

Anyway... that convoluted explanation aside... there have been two Mash-Ups that I've been considering creating for "Comics They Never Made" for some time, which, back in the glory days of Amazing Heroes, would've been considered "Silly Covers"...

The first one is "E-Man and the Masters of The Universe" -- naturally, a mash-up of E-Man from Charlton Comics (and the recent E-Man Recharged one-shot from Digital Webbing) and He-Man and the Masters of the Unvierse. I envision a standard group shot of the Masters, except with E-Man in place of Prince Adam's alter ego, holding his sword in the air (said sword being, of course, his own hand reshaped into a sword) with Nova Kane taking the place of Teela and maybe Teddy Q in Orko's robes.

The second one is "Wally Wood's T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Cats" -- which would, of course, be the Thundercats wearing the costumes of the Thunder Agents... like Lion-O being Dynam-O, for example... and I'd tell you who I see the other Thundercats being aside from Lion-O, but I can't remember any other character names right now other than Cheetara (who, being a female, I'm not sure who she'd be... seems a shame to just have her replace Kitten in the Thunder Squad) and Kit and Kat (who would definitely just be Thunder Squadders) and Snarf (and I'm not sure which agent I'd have Snarf dressed up as)...

Unfortunately, I'm not nearly a good enough artist to pull either of those off... although there have been times I've wondered if I could somehow commission Joe Staton to create the first one for me...


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Birthday Wrap-Up!

So... after watching two Gigantor episodes, Jessi came home from work, and we watched the "Relics" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (just because that happened to be on), we made a quick Wal-Mart run (for cooking spray, popcorn seasoning, and contact lens solution, in case you're curious), stopped at Papa Murphy's for a take-and-bake pizza for my birthday dinner, and then we watched some other TV shows, including two Whose Line Is It Anyway? episodes, followed by Smallville!


Birthday Report #1!

So, I've got a few minutes, and figured I'd bring you guys up to speed on what my birthday's been like so far!

I let myself sleep in an hour later than usual this morning (actually, I didn't even set an alarm, I just figured I'd sleep as long as I needed to), checked my morning emails (looking to see if there were any birthday greetings there, as well as responses from the DC History List on last night's posting of Bewitched comic book covers (did I mention my new "megatheme" on DCH is TV comics?), and then went on to reading the news sites that I've got in my bookmarks (which are also on the links list here), and check a few blogs that update regularlly.

After that, I grabbed a quick shower, and headed out the door... because I really, really needed to renew my driver's license! Yep, it expired today, so it was a priority to get it taken care of (don't ask me why I put it off until the last minute). That nearly took too long... not sure why they were so busy today... and I didn't have time to fill up the gas tank before meeting Jessi at her office so she could take me for a birthday lunch (we'd originally talked about going to this great local restaurant called The Place, but instead went to Olive Garden for their soup, salad and breadsticks lunch), then we browsed at the local Dollar Tree before she had to get back to work.

Next up on the agenda was getting back home and picking up the dogs so I could take them for a walk! It's been raining a lot around here latey, but it'd been sunny all morning (with clouds on their way), so I wanted to take advantage of the rainless "window" it afforded... but then when I was three blocks from home, it started raining again! Fortunately, that only lasted about ten minutes, so I was able to get them out for their walk. After that, I made a quick stop at the grocery store, and then to Olympic Cards & Comics to pick up the last two week's worth of comics (I got issues 26 and 27 of DC's 52, the latest Justice League Unlimited, Justice League of America, the latest Franklin Richards one-shot, and the first issue of Earth's Mightiest Heroes II -- all of which I enjoyed reading), and then back home, where I read the new books, and then decided to make this blog entry!

After this, I figure on watching some TV while waiting for Jessi to get home from work... I still have a bunch of Gigantor episodes on the DVR to watch!

More later...


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No Incredible Internet Guide... Links Tonight!

It's late, it's my birthday tomorrow... so I'm taking a night off from blogging, but I'm sure to do something here tomorrow!


Today's Videos!

Here's the trailer to the classic Universal version of "Frankenstein":

And a trailer for "House of Frankenstein":

Here's the trailer for "I Married a Monster From Outer Space":

And the trailer for "The Horror of Party Beach":

Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Night...

...and no, I haven't watched tonight's "Heroes" or "Studio 60" episodes yet... that'll probably happen Tuesday night (which means we won't watch "House" until Wednesday, as is typical).

Work today was fine... no real excitement going on, although one of the sales reps did let me know that one of her customers might be interested in a new look for their ads, so I'll probably start on that next time it's slow (too bad she didn't tell me earlier today, as I had about two hours when there was barely anything to do).

You may have noticed that I've finally added some links to the sidebar... unfortunately, Dial B for Blog is basically in retirement, at least for six months when Robby Reed (whose real name is revealed in this week's installment) will be presenting an hour-long video on one of his favorite characters.

I suppose it's been coming for some time... the guy had been doing extensive posts five days a week for quite some time, and once the updates started happening less often, it did seem like he was going to be burning out sometime soon (I'm assuming he's ending the regular posts because of burnout... I mean, I know how much work that had to be, and he wasn't making money off the thing, you know?).

But it's still disappointing. One does get into regular habits with this internet thing, and I know how disappointing it is when you do a check on a blog and there's no new post (this is one reason I've been doing those "Incredible Internet Guide" links, and started doing more videos -- I actually have three new video posts saved as drafts, ready to post in case I'm coming up short on time to post something new!).

I will be making the attempt in the very near future to find some interesting websites to point you to... stuff that's of interest to me, that may be of interest to you, too. There are a number of bookmarks I've got that aren't going to be on the links list, but that you may find interesting (I actually posted a few of those a while back, with the Batmaan stuff).

I know that it's been a long, long time since I've posted any reviews of comics at all... nor have I posted anything relating to music (which I really should get back to).

Anyway... that's it for tonight's blog entry!


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Attention Bullwinkle Fans!

Did you know you can watch complete Bullwinkle episodes thanks to Google Video for free?

Here's Episode 1

Here's Episode 2

Here's Episode 3

Here's Episode 4

More episodes are available to view... check 'em out!


Incredible Internet Guide... Links!

We're up to the Careers & Creators section... and the Creating the Art subsection.

The Careers in Comics FAQ is still up and running... and that's the only one in this sub-section I can say that about!

Next up is Writing... unfortunately, none of the sites listed here (or at least those few that weren't previously included in other sections) is still up.

Onward to Creators... and Miscellaneous Creator Sites...

Here's the updated link to the Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell web site.

And instead of sending you to the Peter David Newsgroup, I'll instead point you to Peter David's Blog

Here's the John Estes Illistrations page (nope, I'd never heard of him, either, but what I saw on the home page looked pretty cool).

Here's the Christopher Gold page.

If you're a fan of Randy Green, you can join his Official Fan Club.

Here's the Bob Hall Online Home

Here's the official James Hudnall page.

It hasn't been updated in some time, but The Alan Moore Fansite is still there!

Bob Riley's Webpages is the front page for the George Perez, Alex Ross, and Adam Hughes pages, among others -- check it out!

The Barry Windsor-Smith Official Web Site is the last item in this section!


Batman Videos

You know, it's amazing sometimes what amateur filmmakers can create... this fan film, "Batman: Dead End", features an amazing Batman... better, I feel, than any live-action Batman we've ever seen, and they keep him looking like he does in the comics (without any freakin' rubber suit, either!)! I'm sure you've all seen this already, but it's always worth a second look:

And here's some Batman action figure TV commercials for ya!

Now that the commercial is over... here's another video by the "Dead End" people:

Sunday Videos

Here's the trailer for Godzilla Vs. The Thing...

And because you can never see "Who's On First?" enough...