Thursday, November 16, 2006

Batman Videos

You know, it's amazing sometimes what amateur filmmakers can create... this fan film, "Batman: Dead End", features an amazing Batman... better, I feel, than any live-action Batman we've ever seen, and they keep him looking like he does in the comics (without any freakin' rubber suit, either!)! I'm sure you've all seen this already, but it's always worth a second look:

And here's some Batman action figure TV commercials for ya!

Now that the commercial is over... here's another video by the "Dead End" people:

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Some Incredible Internet Guide Links...

Sheesh... thanks to Blogger being finicky, and my dedication to posting stuff here on a regular basis, I'm losing sleeping time to bring you a few links from that book...

We're on Series and TItles and the first one is Archie Comics...

You can check out Archie Comics and Beyond! or even the the official Archie Comics site...

Next is Disney Comics... there's the DCML Page (not sure what DCML stands for... check it out and you'll probably find out)... and that's it.

For the Star Trek Comics section, there's the Star Trek Comics Checklist Page.

Next is Star Wars comics... you can check out The Star Wars Fan Comic Page... or the Dark Horse Comics Star Wars Page (which I'm providing an up-to-date link for)... or The's comics news page... and that's it.

Next (and last for this portion of the book)... Vertigo! Only one site remains from the three listed... Fonts of Wisdom: Stories from the Shadows.

Next up will be Publisher-Related Sites (Not sure what makes this different than the previous section, but there you go)...


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tuesday Morning Post...

So I see that the reviewer at TV Squad didn't especially enjoy last night's episode of "Heroes" -- yet they mentioned a lot of the stuff that I particularlly enjoyed in the episode as things they enjoyed... so you pays your money, you takes your chances.

To be completely honest, I did miss seeing some of the other characters, but I know there have been episodes that focused mostly on them, and left out some of the others that had more time last night.

TV Squad (or was it Comic Book Resources?) also reported that Heroes is getting a few extra episodes added to this year's season, which is always good news! If I recall correctly, we'll get one more new episode next week, then a break with reruns until January, then a bunch more new ones in a row, another break, then six or seven more through the rest of the season.

Speaking of TV shows... Jessi and I have still been enjoying Vanished, although I do think that cutting the season down and wrapping up the mystery sooner is probably a good idea. Six Degrees appears to be on the chopping block, too, and we've also been enjoying that.

I think it's interesting that all three of those shows (Heroes, Vanished, and Six Degrees) are all serialized shows (heck, even Studio 60 qualifies there), but some of them (and this is also the case with some other series of a similar nature) have been tanking in the ratings.

I wonder if maybe American TV producers need to consider looking at the British TV system... a lot of shows on BBC are designed with shorter seasons in mind (I think Red Dwarf, for example, does six or eight shows per "series"). Maybe instead of trying to figure out how to carry a major plot over 22 episodes, they should look at 13 as the magic number... have their big plot conclude after 13, and get the network that runs that show to agree to run them all in a row, week after week, with no interruptions (weekly airings, I believe, help keep the momentum going).

I'd also like to see the networks try running "catch-ups," with some of these shows getting an extra airing during the week (or, ideally, the same day or the day before the new one airs), so in case people missed the previous episode, they can catch up (hey, not everyone can watch this week's Heroes or Studio 60 on -- I can't on my current computer, anywya).

It's just a thought.


Minimal Post Tonight...

...because Jessi stayed up quite a bit later than usual working on a puzzle, and we ended up watching Heroes (great episode -- so much stuff's happening, I can't decide what to discuss first) and Studio 60 (also great episode) pretty much as they aired...

...but I may post someething more substantial in the morning.


Monday, November 13, 2006

And it's Monday morning...

...and I plain ran out of time to blog anything last night!

Anyway... so on Sunday, after walking the dogs and having breakfast, Jessi and I took the very deluxe crockpot that my parents gave me for my birthday back to JC Penney to exchange it. Naturally, as so many other stores are doing these days, rather than getting a cash refund, they issued a gift card instead, which I could then use on something else there.

So, I went looking in their small kitchen section... and couldn't find anything there I was interested in adding to my kitchen gadgetry (I actually have a pretty impressive set of kitchen items already, to be honest -- I mean, I don't have a juicer, but I don't need or want a juicer! And while an ice cream maker would be nice to get, it's not such an interesting idea in November -- as opposed to, say, April or May when it's getting warmer). So we then went on to the men's clothing department.

I swear, in the past year, Penney's big and tall section went from being decent-sized to being pretty middling. I didn't see anything in their men's department that I was interested in adding to my wardrobe at all.

So, now I've got a gift card for Penney's in the amount of $XX.XX, and they don't have anything I want for myself.

So maybe I'll end up using it to help pay for part of Jessi's Christmas present from me.

After getting home from our second run to the mall in as many days, we settled in for a relaxing day, watching some Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes we've been DVR-ing, as well as some other stuff... and Jessi gets a call from That Kitchen Store (you may recall from a previous post we'd entered a drawing there -- or did I mention that drawing?) and that she's won a $25 gift card from there.

Too bad she didn't get that call while we were already at the mall! Oh, well.

I did try out the pasta maker attachment I got for my birthday, the one that attaches to my Kitchen Aid mixer -- I made some whole wheat spaghetti, and to go with it, I made some spaghetti sauce with veggie meatballs (we'd picked up the veggie meatballs at Grocery Outlet on Friday, one of my favorite discount stores). Unfortunately, I don't have any garlic around here at present, so the sauce was really missing what I consider to be a vital element... but Jessi seemed to like it (that's what she told me, anyway). We've got lots of leftovers, so if I remember to stop at the store and buy some garlic powder, I can at least add that missing flavor to the leftovers!

Wow, this entire post has no comics or any other geek-like content, does it? Unless you're a cooking geek.