Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's Saturday Night...

...and time to post a blog entry!

Commercial Break!!

While the Jack Kirby Collector issues I listed on eBay are sold, as is one of the Amazing Heroes issues, there's still plenty left for sale here... your purchase is greatly appreciated!


So, today Jessi and I attended Day #2 of classes in preparation for becoming licensed Foster Parents (we'll have to take Day #1 next month, because we couldn't make it to this month's Day #1... so yes, we'll take Day #1 after Day #2, 3, & 4).

There's a LOT of information being given at these classes... and to be honest, I don't believe the instructors expect us to remember all of this stuff... I think it's more that they want us familiar with these topics, so that we can get more detailed information from the THICK handbook we're given.

It's definitely given us a lot to think about!


I will try to remember to take a photo of Krypto in his restraining collar and soft cast sometime on Sunday, so I can post it... Amazingly, while he was in his crate today (and we were at classes), he somehow got out of the restraining collar! Apparently by the time he'd managed that, he didn't have the energy or time to get at the soft cast... but we're still stumped as to how he could've gotten out! For Sunday's classes, we'll have to put the e-collar (the cone) on him, as well... and if he gets out of both of those, then perhaps I should've named him Houdini!


Friday, December 01, 2006

Another Commercial Message...

...but probably less painful than all the Amazon links.

I've just finished putting up a bunch of stuff on eBay, since I find myself needing some extra cash for the holidays. Up are a bunch of fanzines (mostly TwoMorrows stuff, but there are a few original Amazing Heroes issues there) and a lot of Batmobiles! You can check the full listings here. And thanks for checking 'em out!


Wednesday, November 29, 2006


So, I ended up not posting last night... does that mean I have all kinds of stuff to talk about tonight?

Well, probably not. Let's see what there is to discuss (in no particular order):

Developments at Home

Jessi and I spent a good part of our evening tonight in orientation for becoming licensed foster parents. We'll still have four days of classes, plus forms, interviews, and so on before we'll actually get a child in our home, but one has to start somewhere.

We're primarily looking to foster-to-adopt... at least, I think that's what we're trying to do. To be honest, the whole process is rather confusing.

And it'll cost us before we get a child, too... there's stuff we'll have to buy for the house, for starters, and I guess we'll start collecting that stuff month by month (apparently the whole licensing thing takes about three months or so).

My Christmas Want List

Not that anyone will pay attention to it...

1. Superman: The Ultimate Collector's Edition DVD Boxed Set

2. Essentials Volumes I Don't Have

(no, that's not the only volumes I want... but I don't want to post links to ALL the ones I don't have)

3. Showcase Presents Volumes I Don't Have

OK, there's lots and lots of stuff that I'd like... for example, all the Godzilla DVDs that I don't have... the Universal Monster "Legacy" sets I don't have (I only have the Frankenstein one)... all the Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVDs... heck, just about any 1960s cartoon series DVDS...

Work Stuff

Not much to report on the work front... the workload's been uneven here and there, so I've been looking for things to keep me busy when things are slow... This week's project was creating "dummy" forms for the sales reps to use when they're mocking up their ad layouts.

Quitting Smoking

Is definitely not going as well as I had been hoping. As Jessi knows, I smoked a few cigarettes today... you know, I'm not even sure that what makes it difficult for me to completely quit is the addictive qualities of nicotine; I think a lot of it is just that I enjoy the whole action of smoking... if that makes any sense at all (and if you've never smoked, I can imagine it wouldn't).


It's been FREAKIN' COLD around here! We had some snow the past few days, but this evening there was freezing rain, which changed to straight rain... but I'm guessing that by the morning, it'll pretty much be frozen.

Krypto Post-Surgery Recovery

Krypto's really having issues with his stitches... during the day, we're having to wrap up his leg in order to keep him from chewing at it... hopefully that will help speed up the healing process.


Monday, November 27, 2006


OK, so we actually watched this week's episode of Heroes tonight... and I've a few thoughts about it...

What questions were answered? Jessi thought there weren't any, but I felt it was definitely full of answers... just that there were even more questions brought up!

It does seem that it was six months ago that most (if not all) of the powers started developing in the characters. Why? Who knows.

We did find out who Sylar is -- or have we? The person calling himself Sylar in this flashback has a really disturbing power... he seems to be able to pull out of someone's brain their power and add it to himself (I'm guessing he does this by ingesting the part of the brain that controls the power... but that's purely a guess). Remember, before the photographic memory waitress was killed, we saw someone in the restaurant demonstrating telekinesis.

We also saw when Peter's brother first discovered his power (as well as the accident that crippled his wife). I'm not sure if he was just denying that he knows why he was "thrown clear" of the car or if he really didn't know it.

Now... about the whole "Save the Cheerleader - Save the World" thing, which wasn't mentioned in this episode. Given what we now know about Sylar, I'm guessing that saving Claire wasn't required so that she could do something... what if Sylar needed to eat Claire's brain to get her regeneration power, so that he would be able to use the nuclear guy's power to go all a-bomb on New York and still survive? So by saving Claire, they prevented the whole holocaust? It's a possibility.

Too many other thoughts about the show to mention now... but maybe I'll talk about it more later.


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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Weekend Wrap-Up...

Dave Cockrum, RIP I'm sure most of you already know. It's a constant source of frustration to me that so many talented people have passed away that I never had a chance to let them know how much their work has meant to me. And I write that fully knowing that what's even worse is the sense of loss their family members must be feeling.

Christmas Is Coming...

...and Jessi and I spent quite a bit of this weekend preparing for it. Well, at least we're getting decorations ready for it. We hit three or four different dollar stores between yesterday and today, since neither of us had much in the way of Christmas ornaments (I used to have a LOT of Looney Tunes and Superheroes ornaments way back when, but sold 'em off when I was out of work), and I've got to tell you, I'm extremely impressed with the quality of ornaments you can find for a buck these days!

Makes it especially diffcult for me to consider spending $15-25 for one of those freakin' Hallmark ornaments, you know?

So, today, we set up the tree (it's an artificial tree), and I put the lights and ornaments on it, and then I put up lights in front of the house. Jessi had to re-arrange some of the ornaments, but that's okay.

I do think I need more lights for the front, though... we have a lot more places I can put up lights here than in our previous house.

Speaking of Dollar Stores...

If you're a fan of Speed Racer... check your local dollar stores! I've long seen some really crappy Speed Racer playing cards (that are bizarrely shaped) at our local Dollar Tree, but we went to a store we don't usually go to, and found these Speed Racer Pull Back & Go Action vehicles! There are four of 'em, but I only bought two of them -- they're about four inches long, and I bought the Mach 5 one, and the Racer X vehicle (although truth be told, it's painted like Racer X's car, but it's the wrong design... but it's close enough. The other two vehicles are the same mold as the Mach V and Racer X vehicle, but painted in the other vehicle's color style!). I haven't tried them out yet to see if they work, but I don't care! They're manufactured by Rand International out of Farmingdale NY (well, made in China, really), and distributed by Greenbrier International in Chesapeake, VA.

At the Dollar Store (you know, the actual chain named Dollar Store), I found these very cool Superman and Batman coffee cups -- two different styles for each hero -- although I only bought the Superman ones. You may or may not be able to find them at your local Dollar Store.

Krypto Post-Surgery Update

So, Krypto's gotten to the point where he's trying to mess with his stitches... which means he's got to wear that e-collar pretty much all the time now. One of the stitches (well, staples) seems to have come out as it is, so there's an occasional drop of blood or other fluid coming out of there as it is.

And still a week and a half until the staples are supposed to be removed.