Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Beatles Love - a Mini-Review

So, one of the items I received for Christmas, but not as a formal gift, was the CD of The Beatles Love, which I finally listened to yesterday.

Now, while Fred Hembeck wasn't all that thrilled with this CD, I have to say that I really enjoyed listening to it! Not only was it fun to pick out which songs different musical elements came from, but it was also just plain fun to listen to.

It's really amazing to me how George and Giles Martin were able to take elements from the master tapes, and mix different songs together to create a unique re-imagining of these classic songs. Given that a fair number of the latter Beatles songs were created much the same way (well, taking stuff from different takes of songs and combining them together -- Strawberry Fields Forever being the most notable example), I think it's certainly fair for the Martins to do it again.

I think John Lennon would've been at the very least amused by the results. I also think it's a great tribute to just how great the music of the Beatles was, and the genius of George Martin, that these disparate songs could be recombined and remixed in such a way.

If you're a Beatles fan and haven't picked this one up yet, do yourself a favor and do so. I think you'll enjoy it!


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's Mid-Week...

So... what to talk about tonight?

Well, let's see... work's been slow, as it usually is between Christmas and New Year's... Jessi has the week off from work... everything is in reruns... it's been two or three weeks since I last picked up any new comics...

...but at least I've been getting things organized in my office here at home. I moved out three short bookshelves into our extra bedroom, and in turn I moved in two full-size bookshelves from there into my office. This gave me the opportunity to do some reorganizing of the DVD collection, and I dedicated the top shelf for DVDs that I worked on doing transcriptions. I actually did that two nights ago, and then last night I did some cleaning up in here (some of you may recall that this is the one room in the house that I'm allowed to keep messy).

One of these days, I might even get around to hanging up the pictures I had at my office at the last house we were renting!

Speaking of DVDs, you may recall I've picked up a fair number of DVDs at dollar stores, and many of them didn't come in cases, but rather were in cardboard sleeves... which, when I put them on the bookshelf, makes it impossible to see what's on them! So now I'm trying to think of what I can do about that. I'm consdering getting a few three-ring binders and seeing if I can find some inserts for them those DVD sleeves can fit into.

I could just use some CD jewel boxes, but that would mean cutting down the cardboard sleeves and trying to figure out what will fit in them... but maybe if I keep my eyes open, I can find a deal on empty DVD boxes I can just adapt the cardboard sleeves to...


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

We Are Connected Again!

Our internet service was restored about midmorning, thank god (whichever god you happen to believe in)... I was beginning to go through withdrawal symptoms!

Anyway... probably a bit short on posts for the next few days here, as I try to get caught up on my 'net stuff (like getting ahead on my Cover Stories columns, which I've been trying to do for what feels like months now!)... but I'll try to keep you posted on the latest and greatest in my life, as well as whatever happens to come to mind!


Monday, December 25, 2006

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties...

...namely, our internet has been down since Sunday afternoon or so, and Comcast isn't going to have someone out to fix it until Tuesday morning sometime.

So, since we're at my parents' house for Christmas, I'm taking advantage of their working 'net to say...

Merry Christmas (or whatever other seasonal celebration you choose to observe)!