Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wow, a Busy Day!

Sorry for the late posting of entries tonight... it's been a busy day!

First of all, I woke up early this morning (at 8:30, when I'm usually asleep for an hour longer than that on Saturdays)... so by the time Jessi got home from her Weight Watchers meeting I was fully awake, and ready to make breakfast.

After breakfast, we went out to hit some garage sales... I found a few neat items, and Jessi found a very neat item at the very first one we hit: The Marvel Video! release of Captain America cartoons from the 1960s on VHS. I used to have this, as well as many others, but sold them a while back when I was between jobs. I picked this copy up for a buck!

Later, at the local Flea Market, along with a few children's books we didn't have (such as a Dr. Seuss book), I also found "Plants of Peril," based on Batman: The Animated series, and published by Golden... a square-shaped book, but in comics format! It was written by Jack C. Harris, pencilled by Carmine Infantino, inked by Frank McLoughlin, lettered by John Costanza, and colored by Rick Taylor. This was apparently published in 1993. I had no idea that Infantino did anything in the DCAU style!

We got back home from garage sales with just enough time for a quick snack before Jessi had to go to a doctor appointment (nothing to worry about, just a physical exam as part of our adoption process... my own physical is scheduled for April 4). While Jessi was there, I took the dogs for a walk, and then stopped at the library (my fourth visit this week!), where I checked out 13 books and 2 dvd sets, turning in a few other books I'd already read. Once I got back from that, I was able to finish reading one of the two books I'd still had checked out.

Once Jessi got back from her doctor appointment, we finally watched Thursday's Smallville episode (wow, a lot of stuff happened there that'll have ramifications the rest of the season), then we went out for dinner.

Since today was Saint Patrick's Day, naturally we went to a Mexican restaurant. The food was good, but way too much of it, so there's some leftovers in the fridge. After getting home from there (with a quick stop at Home Depot to get some extra keys made for Jessi's car, and to look at washers and dryers), Jessi popped open her new Dell laptop, and tried to figure out why it wasn't playing CDs or DVDs.

Well, I wasn't much help there, being a Mac guy, and so she called up Dell, and spent about two hours with the guy there (based out of Canada, in case you're curious) getting her laptop set up correctly so that DVD/CD drive would work correctly... part of which involved restoring her hard drive to factory specs (meaning she had to archive off some files she'd saved there), and once that was done, it was another hour to reinstall what she'd previously installed... but once that was all done, she could play CDs and DVDs... just in time to go to bed nearly two hours later than normal.

Tomorrow should be pretty busy, too... breakfast, walk the dogs, then my parents are coming down here to apparently buy us a new washer and dryer, then we're meeting some people that Jessi met earlier this week who have been doing the foster-to-adopt thing already... then after that will be dinner!

Somewhere in there, we'll have to manage to do lunch, too.


Cool Classic Toys of the Day!


We've moved on to 1965, when Bond was big, as is evidenced by the first of a two-page spread of James Bond action figures featured in the Sears Wish Book!

I don't think I've ever seen any of these action figures in real life, even back when I was spending a lot of my spare time buying and selling collectible toys (well, I was buying them up during most of the year, when I could find 'em cheap at swap meets and garage sales and the like... and then twice a year, when the Seattle Toy Show was going on, I'd have a table there).


TV Comic of the Day!


Yes, it's Hong Kong Phooey, based on the cartoon that I was very fond of when it was first on... Phooey was, as many of you'll recall, voiced by Scatman Crothers.


Friday, March 16, 2007

TV Comic Cover of the Day!


Yes, there was a fairly short-lived comic book based on Hogan's Heroes, which many people today consider to be the 1960s TV show that was in the worst taste ever, given that it seemed to play World War II and the Nazis for laughs.

I'm not one of them... I mean, I saw "To Be Or Not To Be" (the Mel Brooks version, although I've got the DVD of the Jack Benny version here to watch once I finish watching the Bullwinkle DVDs I also got from the library) and enjoyed it, and I have no problem with anything that makes people whom I disagree with look like idiots (you know, like Nazis).


Classic Toy of the Day!


Stony, pictured here from the 1964 Sears Wish Book, was one of the many, many Marx action figures which were completely molded in plastic (yes, even the clothes... kind of closer to some of the modern 4" figures, blown up to 12" size... although most of them had other accessories)... this, of course, was obviously created to capitalize on the success of G.I. Joe!

It's funny, though... until I found this image, I had no idea that this figure even existed!


Word of Warning...

If you check out other blogs in my bookmarks, you might want to hold off on going to the Bubblegum Fink blog... when I went there tonight, I got redirected to a porn site instead! Unfortunately, I don't have BGF's email address, so I can't ask him what the heck happened (although I have my suspicion that something he posted didn't quite work out the way he planned, making him vulnerable to the redirect).


A Short Note About Work... (well, it was supposed to be short)

So, it's been much, much busier the past two days, thank goodness... it's when it's slow that I feel the most frustrated (not that there aren't frustrations when it's busy, mind you).

One of my "guardian" accounts (advertisers whose ads I exclusively work on, unless I'm out on vacation or sick) is going to run a full-page full-color "remnant" ad (an ad that's set to run a set number of times, and is thrown in the paper when there's space for it). This advertiser sells chainsaws, outboard motors, lawnmowers, small tractors, and stuff like that (yeah, pretty much the definition of "store that I will never need to buy anything at").

Anyway, I got the job ticket and basic layout for it Wednesday when I got in to work. The top half of the ad was for products from a company that's known for their chainsaws, while the bottom half was for a company that's better known for their cars than their lawn mowers and outboard motors.

Typically, this company does black and white ads, or maybe black plus one color, so full-color is a rarity for them. Since the bottom half's parent company has to approve any ad before it's published (for co-op purposes), the typical strategy is to adapt ads from their ad building website (which I bookmarked long ago, since I need it at least once a month). This time was no exception... unfortunately, the pre-designed ads that this company provides on their ad building website are all for black and white ads... not even an option for color! Fortunately, they also had product photos and logos in color somewhere else, so I was able to adapt it all for the full color set-up.

A bigger problem was the chainsaw manufacturer's half... I knew I had at one time a website link for their ad building site, but had lost it (and regretably, never bookmarked it). I was provided with a photocopy of the ad they wanted us to adapt (which was, of course, completely different proportions than the space I needed to fill). Well, I'm nothing if not resourceful, and managed to find that ad building site again (which, strangely enough, I'd saved the login and password for), bookmarked it for the future, and started searching for what I needed.

This site had several pre-generated ads, but not a single one of them matched the ad I was supposed to be re-creating. Not only that, but even their photo gallery didn't have the exact photos the sample had (plus, one of the featured items didn't have a photo that showed the same stuff the sample ad did... a "kit" that was named the same on the sample ad as something on the site, but the resemblance ended there).

Late Wednesday night, before leaving for home, I had time to work on this part of the ad, having done the bottom part already. I figured at this point, since they needed a proof on Thursday, I was going to have to basically rebuild it from scratch, using what I could come up with (since the customer had been unable to provide us with anything, such as where they got that photocopy to begin with).

When I came in to work today, the proof was back on this remnant ad, with a note that the customer LOVED it! What a relief... I was expecting major changes, and a demand to match the hard copy sample exactly, no matter how impossible that would be. There were some minor changes that took me minutes to do, and sent it out on proof again.

Once that was done, I was busy, busy, busy with all sorts of other stuff, as well as helping out in ad services (because the ad services person and her assistant were both out sick), and assorted other things.

Heh... one other of my "guardian" accounts had an ad come back for the fourth proof today. This is for a real estate company that, so far as I'm concerned, are a pack of idiots (to be fair, this impression is not just from working on their ads... a while back, when Jessi and I were looking into the possibilities of buying a house, we went to this company, and they immediately demonstrated that they didn't care what we told them we were interested in, they only wanted to show us the kind of houses we specifically said we didn't want to see). Anyway, when this ad came in the first time, they were picking up three open house listings (their weekly ad, I should explain, has about six or seven listings of various properties) from the previous week's ad... listings that weren't open houses this week. Their instructions were to remove all the open house information.

Unfortunately, since there was no description of the properties (other than the price and the telephone information line) left after removing the open house info, there were three listings that were basically blank! Nobody happened to notice that removing that info left them with nothing (nobody at the real estate agency, and apparently, the sales rep at the newspaper didn't realize it, either). So I marked it as a problem, did what I could, and sent it back. That first proof came back with information on two of the three properties, so I put that in, and re-marked it as a problem and sent it out. Today, the third property's info came in, and THEN they sent it back for the latest proof because there was something else they wanted to change (which, obviously, they couldn't have done during the previous proofs).

Fortunately, some of the "agent promos" (two column by two and 3/4 inch classified display ads for a specific property) that I worked on last night that didn't have photos (or, in some cases, prices!) won't necessarily come back to me (heck, some of them didn't come back with pictures today, for that matter... and why is it so hard for these realtors to get photos of the houses they're selling? Are these houses moving or hiding from them?).

Well, not neccesarily, but chances are, given how much of the workload I handle, I'll likely deal with at least some of them.

By the way, of the stuff I worked on this evening (the two and a half hours I wasn't working on pages for tomorrow's paper, placing ads, anyway), there were, I believe, five ads that were marked as problems... all stuff that could've been avoided if someone would just pay attention once in a while.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

More on TV Comics!

Scott Haley, one of my regular readers, wrote a comment to a previous TV Comics post that I'm going to share...

" I saw a stack of neat old TV cartoon comic books at Danger Room Comics Thursday. They had one called "Yogi Bear vs. Magilla Gorilla for President." It was $1."

That sounds like a pretty good price to me, Scott! But you didn't say if you bought any of 'em! Thanks for sharing with me, but I'd imagine I probably won't be able to make it there anytime soon...

Danger Room Comics is the other comic book shop in the Olympia area (Olympic Cards & Comics, the shop I go to, is the other one). Danger Room is in the heart of downtown Olympia, while Olympic Cards & Comics is in Lacey (which butts up right against Olympia, and I'd imagine a lot of people consider the two cities to be a single city, and would likely include Tumwater along with it).

I haven't been at Danger Room since last Free Comic Book Day, when Jessi and I were meeting friends for breakfast at a restaurant across the street from DR. It's a nice enough shop, fairly small, and I'd imagine that if I worked downtown somewhere, I'd probably be taking my comics buying business there, since I'd be able to walk there during my lunch break.


TV Comic Cover of the Day!


Today's TV comic is the Harlem Globetrotters... from a time when real people were being turned into cartoons! I think that trend started in the 1960s with the Beatles cartoon, and continued into the 70s with the Jackson 5 and Osmonds cartoons, and probably reached its final phase with the Mr. T show (or were there others after that?).

My brothers and sisters and I were faithful views of this cartoon, even though there was really no suspense when they had the big basketball game at the end of each cartoon... of course they were going to win!

We never watched the Super Globetrotters show when it was on, so far as I can recall... and that's probably a good thing, because when I saw a few episodes earlier this year, I thought it was completely abysmal.


Cool Vintage Toys of The Day!


The GI Joe 1964 Sears Wish Book posts continue today... and boy, do I wish I had a better original to scan from (as well as a better scanner... mine's about 10 years old, and seriously needs to be replaced).

Anyway, tomorrow I'll present a different 12" action figure!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

TV Comics Cover of the Day!


Now, this is a book that DC should reprint in a TPB! All of the H-B late 60s super-heroes in one mighty magazine! I know I'd buy it in a heartbeat, no matter how bad the stories might end up being (then again, I can say the same for the Hi-Adventure Heroes title... heck, add that to the TPB with this one!).

Young Samson and Goliath are the only features on this cover I don't remember ever seeing. Of the ones shown, the Herculoids was my favorite show (with Birdman a very close second). I wish DC would follow up their Space Ghost miniseries with a Herculoids or Birdman minu...


Cool Vintage Toys of the Day!

Yes, I've changed the title for these posts again... "retro" wasn't really the right word (it would've been if it were modern releases of toys from the past)... so vintage it is, until I can think of another, better one!


We continue the look at GI Joe in the 1964 Sears Wish Book today, and at this point, I was able to break up what was on each page to give you a better look!

I don't believe I ever had any version of the Joe toys shown above... by the way, did I mention that if you click the pic, you can see a larger version?


Some Videos...

...because after venting (see post below), I figure I owe you faithful readers something happy... so, let's see what YouTube videos I can show you that are still available:

Johnny Bravo Schoolhouse Rock Parody

Monkees – You Just May Be The One


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Time for a Venting...

OK, so I feel like venting a bit here. If you don't want to read it, feel free to skip past and read the next entry down.

As most of you probably know, I'm a graphic designer at the local newspaper. "Graphic designer" means that I work on our customers' advertisements... I have nothing to do with the graphics that sometimes accompany the stories.

Now, I've long recognized that my greatest strength is also my greatest weakness... I have high expectations for myself, and I often make the assumption that my co-workers have equally high expectations for themselves, too.

I've never believed that "competant" is a compliment. I've always thought that "competant" means that one is capable of the minimum requirements, but no more. Competancy, to me, is not a term that I've ever wanted used to describe me in any situation, whether professional or personal. It's just not good enough for me.

I suppose this flies in the face of the dictionary definition of competant, but that's just the way I feel.

Having said all that, the past two days at work have felt very frustrating to me. It began on Monday when, during the first half of my shift, we were extraordinarily slow. I think of the four hours comprising the "morning" of my shift, I spent about 45 minutes to an hour actually working... the rest of that time was spent just trying to kill time.

I've never understood why that has to be the case. Now, in order for us to have work in prepress (the department I work in), the sales department has to sell advertising. They do this by (typically) either visiting their customers in person, or by talking to them on the telephone. Sales people get a base salary plus a commission, so the better they are at their job, and the more productive they are, the more money they make.

On the other hand, I get paid the same if I build 10 ads a day or 100. I can't really do anything about increasing the workload (except, perhaps, by calling in sick... since I'm the most productive person in the department, when I'm not in, everyone else is extremely busy trying to make up for the lack of my presence).

So, we were slow. It wasn't until after 5:00 that things really started getting busy Monday evening, and one sales person kept turning in ads after 6:00! Now, that sounds all well and good, until you consider that the deadline for turning in ads that need to be okayed for publication the next day is 5:00 p.m. So the majority of the new work to be done was turned in an hour late or more. There were more ads to be built after 5 p.m. than there were all day.

My fellow ad-builders have varying shifts... one or two of them come in at 9, another at 10, and another at 11 (I come in at noon). On Mondays, we have three other adbuilders aside from myself, Tuesdays through Fridays four others. However, this week, one of the adbuilders is on vacation, so technically, we're "short-handed."

Now, you can see just how slow we were on Monday... from noon to 4 p.m. (when I took my lunchbreak), there were three of us building ads, and it was extremely slow. The other two people were mostly working on larger ads that take much more time (guardian accounts, for the most part -- a guardian account is an advertiser whose ads are built by the same person, week in and week out... I have more than anyone else, and I volunteered for most of 'em).

I come back from lunch at 6:00 p.m., and on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays I'm helping the night crew out. These guys tone photos for the next day's paper, prepare the classified ads, and output and check film. What I do to help out is to place all the retail advertising on the pages, and output the film that's ready to be output (they do it themselves on Tuesdays and Wednesdays). What I do for them can take anywhere from an hour to four hours, but is typically closer to an hour and a half or so (it's Friday that's the big day, as I'm placing ads for the Saturday and Sunday pages).

So this means that with all that extra work coming in (that didn't come in during the afternoon, when we were mostly bored, looking for things to do), I only had about two and a half hours to get it all done (the other adbuilder there in the evenings, until 8, had their own guardian accounts to do, plus they were backing up the person who was on vacation).

The vast majority of the new ads that came in were for a "group page" that's running in our weekend entertainment section, which goes in the Thursday paper, but is actually printed during the day on Wednesday (and has to be completed by 5 p.m. on Tuesday... thus, ads are supposed to be in Monday at 5).

A "group page" is when a group of advertisers have their ads all placed in what could be considered a larger overall ad. You've probably seen these in your local newspaper... it might be a group of real estate ads, or ads for stores in a shopping center.

Most of the rest of the ads were for our weekly real estate group page, and there were some others, as well, naturally.

I know the real estate group page ads never get prepared for us until 3:30 p.m. on Monday... I've heard that the sales rep's assistant waits until then to work on them. Why? I have no idea... I don't believe there's any reason why they can't get worked on as the customers decide what properties they're going to promote, and send the photos and copy.

The other group page was for a bunch of advertisers in a small town that I've never even been to... but that's beside the point. The sales rep was apparently in this town all day on Monday, selling these ads, and that's why he didn't start turning the ads in until after 5 p.m.

Was there any reason why he couldn't have done this, say, on Friday? Heck, he could've made the sales calls then, and submitted the ads to us first thing on Monday. Maybe there's some cosmic reason why things like this can't be done earlier... I don't know.

Today (Tuesday) things started out a bit busier, as we had some changes to be made on the ads that I'd worked on the night before, plus all the stuff that should've been turned in on Monday but wasn't.

However, it was only about two hours of being busy... then it slowed down. That sales rep with all the group page ads? Apparently, he had to bring all the ads back to that small town to have the customers look them over.... and then he got back at about 3 (at least it wasn't after 5).

Now, we have a system in place at the newspaper that allows our customers to look over their ads via the internet. They can even print them out, approve them online, or even tell us what they'd like to have changed.

It's amazing how many of our customers don't have internet access at their business. Heck, some of them still have us FAX their proofs to them!

So... he finally started turning in most of the changes to his ads just before 4... which is, as I said, when I go to lunch. Not only that, but our ad services person (who's without an assistant this week, because she's on vacation, I think) left early at 3... and the adbuilder who works Tuesday through Friday leaves at 3... and the other adbuilder took her lunch at 3...

Which means that at 4:00, there wasn't anyone going to the sales reps to get their ads okayed... at least until my boss went over there to do so.

From 3 to 4, I was trying to cover ad services (not that anyone asked me to), but unfortunately, most of the sales reps whose ads needed okaying weren't in. I was able to get a few ads okayed before I went to lunch, but there were still quite a few.

When I came back from lunch today at 6:00, one of the adbuilders who's supposed to leave at 4:30 was still there, desperately trying to wrap things up (including -- you guessed it -- that group page for the small town businesses).

The other evening adbuilder was working on a car ad -- a guardian account for the person on vacation.

Getting the stuff wrapped up (which was all supposed to be okayed at 5, remember?), the next thing on the plate was to work on the new ads, as well as make any corrections or changes required.

I ended up finishing up all those while the other adbuilder worked on the car ad. I even left at 8, instead of 10, because there was nothing left to do (I even did some ads not running until April). The other adbuilder was still trying to finish up.

So... as you might imagine, having to deal with all of the various incompentancies really got me feeling a bit frustrated. I just don't understand how it is that professional people feel the need to push deadlines as much as possible, instead of trying to beat them.

Me? I don't like to just make a deadline... I prefer to completely blow it out of the water. I guess in that way, I'm kind of like Scotty on Star Trek (except that I don't say it'll take me four times longer to do something than I think it will). And I don't sacrifice quality when I do this, either; nor do I sacrifice creativity.

I can't work any other way. I give my best, day in and day out, unless it's just humanly impossible to do so (and even then, the most I'll sacrifice is creativity... never speed or quality... because if I have to sacrifice quality, it's because there's just too much to do in too little time).

And yes, I shouldn't expect that everyone else should be doing the same thing. It's completely unreasonable. I know the level of my knowledge of the software exceeds that of my co-workers. I know that most people consider themselves lucky to make a deadline, and beating it is out of the question.

But it still frustrates me.

Anyway, that's my vent... thanks for reading!


TV Comic of the Day!


Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch! Although I think this only lasted one season, I remember liking it.

I seem to recall reading within the last year or two that this show was more or less made up on the spot when H-B were pitching new shows to CBS. I think they were pitching one show that was never made, and were starting to pitch it when the person they were pitching to said they wanted something with bears (or something like that). Joe or Bill, whoever was pitching, immediately put down the stuff they were pitching, and made up the Hair Bear Bunch right off the top of his head, sold it, and when he left the pitch session, tried his best to remember everything he promised about the show for developing it at the studio.


Cool Retro Toys of the Day!


Yes, as promised, the second page of the GI Joe spread in the 1964 Sears Wish Book!

More Joe tomorrow! And maybe I'll even have a few more childhood Joe memories to share then!


Monday, March 12, 2007

R.I.P. Arnold Drake

As reported all over the place, Arnold Drake has passed away. Sadly, he did not live to see the forthcoming Deadman movie (which he was really looking forward to), but at least he would've had the chance to see the Doom Patrol appear on Teen Titans.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Drake, but I've read a lot of his books.

Speaking of the DP on TT, here's a YouTube video someone made by assembling footage from the Titans episode "Homecoming" that guested the DP. Pretty cool stuff!


Cool Retro-Toys of the Day!


Today, we jump forward to 1964, with the debut of GI Joe! Joe had a two-page spread in the '64 Wish Book, so here's the left side (the right will come tomorrow, trust me!).

I was a big GI Joe fan when I was a kid... of course, I was only 2 when he debuted, but since the collectible toy market didn't really exist by the time I was 6 or 7, one could actually find GI Joe's at garage sales! For a quarter, even!

Heck, you can't even buy modern 12 inch figures for a quarter at a garage sale these days.

My next door neighbor always had more Joes than I ever did... his parents spoiled their kids rotten (his older brother also had more comics than I ever did, as well as a complete set of all the Slurpee comic book cups).

Now, those quarter Joes? Most of 'em were naked. But fortunately, since I was in to puppetry at this same time, I learned how to sew, and I actually made clothes for any Joes that were missing them.

Actually, most of my Joes were recostumed eventually as superheroes! I must've been aware of Captain Action at some point, to give me the idea to do this. Sadly, there is no photographic evidence of any of my superhero-costumed Joes.


TV Comic of the Day!


This may well be one of the hardest TV comics to find... at least of the ones published by Gold Key, as the Green Hornet fans want 'em (hey, the GH Captain Action costume is the hardest of those to find, isn't it?).


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Videos of the Day!

Let's see what's still around on YouTube that I've been planning on posting...

3rd Fantastic Four animated series opening

Vintage Lucky Charms Frosty O's Commercial for Springys – I used to have these!


Weekend Wrap-Up!

So, today ended up being a quiet, lazy day at home... Jessi did a bit of painting, and we both watched a lot of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Voyager episodes that had piled up on the DVR.

Once Jessi went to bed, I finished reading The Essential Defenders Vol. 2, and have contined to watch The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Volume 2 (I think I've just finished watching the 6th episode, which is 1/6th of the total package, and will start on the next disc!


Cool Retro Toy of the Day!


We're still on the 1962 Sears Wish Book, and still with the space toys! This one looks like the same basic kind of toy that we'd see for years to come... just with different trappings. The "space ship" here was basically a helicopter that just flew in circles, while you had a control to raise or lower it, and there'd be accessories that you would try to catch with the ship.

In the 1970s, my brother had a helicopter version of this same basic toy!


TV Comic of the Day!


I wonder if, in the wake of the announcements of a Get Smart! movie, more of these comics will be turning up on eBay all of a sudden? I know when I put my Get Smart! novels up a year or so back, only one of 'em sold (and that at starting price).


If you've been enjoying the retro-toy posts...

Here's some books you'll really like!

It's from these books that I've been getting fodder for the retro toy posts... and these books have much more info on the toys and stuff than I've been providing!


Oh, Almost Forgot...

My Mac's monitor finally gave up the ghost today... when Jessi and I got back from spending the afternoon and early evening with my brother Jeff and his wife, Kristi (we saw Wild Hogs, which we found to be very entertaining and funny!), I went to my home office to check my email, and saw that all the monitor showed was a very thin white line, horizontal.

I knew the monitor's days were numbered... there'd been a few glitches occuring that weren't affecting my ability to see what was on the screen, but I did figure it wasn't a good sign.

Fortunately, I still had that flat screen from Jessi's previous Dell computer. I unplugged the old monitor and disposed of it, then moved the flat screen over, restarted the Mac with extensions off, and then started it up again (this allowed the computer to detect the monitor, and automatically adjust to what it was capable of).

Unfortunately, this monitor can't handle the resolution my old monitor could (and I think it's slightly smaller, too), so now I can't have my windows for email and the web as far apart as they were! But I guess I can live with it (sure opens up a lot of space on the desk, though!).


And Now For Something I Know I'll Really Like...

Having already changed my computer's clock (and my Superman watch) to the new Daylight Savings Time, and having watched that Groucho DVD I mentioned below, I'm watching The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle Vol. 2, also checked out from my local library.

I figure this'll take me at least a week to watch... and I have another checked-out DVD to watch after that, Jack Benny in To Be Or Not To Be!