Saturday, June 02, 2007

Genre Movie Image of the Day: Frankenstein!


I'm guessing that most of you will likely recognize the scene pictured above, but just in case...

This is from the first Universal Frankenstein movie. The Monster has escaped from Dr. Frankenstein's lab, and makes his way through the woods, coming upon this young girl, Maria, who's playing by herself by the river (or is it a lake?) by throwing flowers into the water and watching them float away. The Monster is touched by this game, and smiles as he watches the flowers in the water, but he's dismayed when Maria runs out of flowers to throw in the water... and in his simple mind, Maria is just like a flower, so he throws her in the water, expecting she'll float away as well... and tragically, she drowns, which makes the Monster more upset than ever!

The scene was parodied in Young Frankenstein, as I'm sure you also know!


Comic Book Cover of the Day!

Well, it's another "Cowboys and Indians" cover...

<no subject>

And it's also another Marvel Family cover! I said there were quite a few of 'em!

More to come...


Classic Collectible of the Day!


This is one of the most bizarre Monkees collectibles out there... the talking Monkees hand puppet! I've seen one or two of these over the years, and I still think it's weird... I could've bought into the idea of four different Monkees hand puppets, but putting all four of them on a single puppet?

Still, this is a pretty popular collectible!


Friday, June 01, 2007

More TV Shows I Wish I had...

Since I'm still on a break from transcribing, I figured I'd toss a few more of these out there:

The Jack Benny Show - I know some of these are on DVD (I've even bought a few from the Dollar Store), but I'd love to see a complete set of 'em! There were actually kind of two different series... one was more or less a sitcom format, while the other was a variety show format, but I think they both had the same name.

The Filmation DC Superhero Shows - I know a Superman and Batman set are due out... but where's Aquaman? And how about a set with the extras from Aquaman (you know, the JLA, Teen Titans, Atom, Hawkman, Flash, Green Lantern)? Actually, I've got the latter on (yes) a bootleg VHS tape, but it's admittedly poor quality. I suppose until DC settles things with the Siegel and Schuster estates, we'll never see a Superboy set, though.

Battlestar Galactica - The original series, another one that's been out, I just haven't bought it yet! I liked what I saw of the current series (well, at least the miniseries that spawned it), but I've never gotten around to watching the regular series.

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle - Another one that's been getting released, just haven't bought 'em!

Underdog - There's been some releases of this already, but I've seen a few rumors that there might be a new release coming... which would be good, as the ones I've checked out from the library re-edited the Underdog stories together, instead of leaving them in their original form!

Star Blazers - I was a huge fan of the Americanized version of Space Cruiser Yamato, and would love to see the entire series again!

Speed Racer - Kind of a cheat here, as I have the first two seasons, but there's nary a bit of extra features there!

Batman - Yes, the Adam West/Burt Ward series. I understand there's a whole issue of rights and Fox Vs. Warners battling on this, which has kept it from being released.

The Flash - A one-season wonder, I think it is on DVD, just don't have it yet!

Hanna-Barbera Superheroes - I know Space Ghost and Birdman are coming... but where's the love for Shazzan?

Super Friends - This one has been really mucked up by Warner's, with different series of Super Friends being released completely out of order. I do have "Challenge of the Super Friends" Volume 1, but missing all other releases.

Bruce Timm/Paul Dini DC Stuff - This should really go without saying... I have one of the Superman volumes that came out, but it's just a single disc.

OK, that's probably enough for tonight... back to work!


Genre Movie Image of the Day: Frankenstein!


OK, I'm pretty sure this still is from the original Frankenstein, with Karloff as the Monster and Colin Clive as Henry Frankenstein. This would be towards the end of the first movie, as the villagers have all gone out with torches and pitchforks to hunt down the Monster! Naturally, things go bad for the Monster at this point, as he drags Henry off to a windmill which is set afire... the Monster pitches Henry out the window (but he manages to "catch a ride" on a windmill vane to be dropped kind of softly onto the ground).

It's interesting, looking at this still compared to the previous ones, and seeing just how thin the Monster looks here compared to his later portrayals by other actors (and even Karloff himself!).


Comic Book Cover of the Day!

From the Cowboys and Indians files (again)...

<no subject>

Here's a nifty cover from Adventures Into the Unknown, one of those ACG comics that I've been becoming very fond of over the past several years... mainly because their covers lent themselves to so many themes, but usually did it in weird and wacky ways!

And before you ask, about the only ACG stuff I've ever read is some Herbie stories, so I have no idea how good or bad the stories inside these books were (although I've heard them compared with some of the Charlton stuff).


Classic Collectible of the Day!


This Superman board game had very exciting box art, but the game board and pieces themselves sure were boring, weren't they? Almost as if the game was adapted to fit Superman from some other game somehow...


They got the car right!

There's a serious contender now for real-life (well, at least built for movies/tv) coolest car ever...

USA Today has an early look at the Mach V for the Speed Racer movie, and while I wish they had more pics of it from different angles, it looks like the cartoon car brought to life!



Thursday, May 31, 2007

TV Shows I Wish I Had Boxed DVD Sets Of...

One final post before I head off to bed...

I've been thinking a bit over the past few days of television shows that I've long been a fan of, some of which are still being shown, and others that aren't, and how many of them I wish I had boxed DVD full-series sets of (or at least, boxed full-season sets). So, here's a list of what comes to mind tonight, in no particular order!

Star Trek: The Original Series - Although this is out on DVD now, I'd love to see a "perfect set", which would feature both the original versions of the episodes as well as the remastered ones, plus all the interviews and stuff that Sci-Fi Channel showed with them when they were runnning a 90-minute format version, which included completely uncut episodes.

Star Trek: The Animated Series - Another one that is out now, I just haven't had the budget to buy it!

Time Tunnel - As formularized as this show was, I still have fond memories of it, and would love a complete series DVD set.

Land of the Giants - Probably my favorite Irwin Allen TV show. I honestly don't know if this or Time Tunnel are even available on DVD yet!

Planet of the Apes - Yes, the short-lived CBS series. I know this is available!

Return to the Planet of the Apes - This was a one-season Saturday AM animated series which I actually have a bootleg VHS tape of, but it'd be nice to see it in a higher quality format with some nice extras... Heck it would be nice to see this series revived and continued, because it was very cool, as each episode was a chapter in an ongoing saga!

The Twilight Zone - Do I even have to justify this choice?

Quantum Leap - Another of those shows that I started watching just before the final season... caught up on what was going on in reruns on USA! I know this is out.

Bewitched - I think some of the seasons have been released, but I'm not sure if they all were!

Mork and Mindy - I know that as the show progressed, it plain ran out of steam, but it'd be nice to revisit it once in a while!

Barney Miller - A show that I really became a fan of when it was in reruns... funny stuff!

The Prisoner - Actually, I used to have this... but sold the set I had when I was out of work.

Fantastic Four - The Hanna-Barbera version from the 1960s. Another show I've got on bootleg VHS, but is really deserving of a higher quality release.

The Beatles - The animated series was more or less cartoon music videos, but I still think it would be a cool DVD set to have!

The Monkees - One that's out, just not purchased!

OK, that's about all I have time for tonight... but I may well do this again sometime! Feel free to comment about what TV shows you wish you had on DVD, whether they're out on DVD already or not!


Comic Book Cover of the Day!

<no subject>

Wow, I have a lot of covers in my "Cowboys and Indians" file, don't I? And a lot of those feature the Marvels!


Classic Collectibles of the Day!


Here's some Superman puzzles that probably date from the 1940s.

It's kind of difficult these days to realize just how much marketing was done with the Man of Steel back in those days... unless you compare it to the Batman marketing that accompanied the Tim Burton Batman movie! But I'm getting off the track here.

I've owned a few Superman puzzles in my time, but nothing this old, by any means! I recall having a puzzle with Superman and Batman fighting some aliens (with art, unless I'm mistaken, by Neal Adams)... and there was a Mattel puzzle card game of some kind where you were trying to assemble a puzzle of Superman with art by Kirby, I think, and probably a few others...

But these days, most of the Superman puzzles are either based on Superman Returns, or (honestly) are really bad paintings that only vaguely look like Superman!

It would be nice to see some puzzles for kids featuring superheroes that had some decent line art to them, instead of all the painted-style stuff you mostly see (I even see these in the Dollar Store, mostly Fantastic Four, but a few other characters, too).


Genre Movie Image of the Day: The Frankenstein Monster!


Not sure who's portraying the Monster here, but I suspect it's either Glenn Strange or Lugosi, and I'm leaning towards Strange!

And by the way, isn't "Glenn Strange" just the perfect name for an actor portraying a monster?


By Now, You May Have Noticed...

...that I've made a slight change to the name of this blog... no longer "waffyjon's random thoughts," but instead, "Jon's Random Thoughts"!

Why did I make this change? Well... a few reasons. Probably the main one is that the "waffy" part just didn't fit the blog at all.

I don't remember if I've ever written about what the "waffy" part meant. It comes from the fan group for the tv show "Lois And Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," and it was through this group that I met my first wife, Barbara. In chatting about each episode, some were referred to as having a lot of "warm and fuzzy feelings" in them... internet people being the way they are, that got shortened to waff, and then it became adjectivized as "waffy."

When I met Barbara, she was going as "waffybarb" in IRC chats. When we discovered we had something between us, and planned to move in together and get married (of course, this meant my moving to Wisconsin), since she was going to take my name when we married, I figured I'd take part of her name for the internet... hence, I became "waffyjon."

I still use that for all my email addresses... but that identity just didn't seem to work for me any more here.

Actually, I've been tempted to "reboot" the blog and start over with an all-new name, and even a new URL for it... but I didn't want to risk losing some readers who might not be reading every day, and could miss the announcement! So the URL remains the same (waffyjon reference and all), but the title is different!


This Doesn't Really Surprise Me, But...

Your Score: Hiro Nakamura

You scored 54 Idealism, 83 Nonconformity, 41 Nerdiness

Congratulations, you're Hiro Nakamura! You're a high-minded idealist, a
huge nerd, and you enjoy being a unique and special person. Your combination
of positive personality traits makes you impossibly lovable, and your energy
and enthusiasm are absolutely infectious. Your dedication to any mission
you take on, in addition to your cheerful sense of humor, are qualities anyone
should be proud to have. Your best quality: Spunk
Your worst quality: You are too cute. Some people may not be able to handle it.

Link: The Heroes Personality Test written by freedomdegrees on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

I'd imagine most comics fans will pretty much score Hiro, although I saw that Bob Greenburger was Michah!


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

As Jon Complains About Work Stuff...

Skip this part if you don't like reading my work-related rants.

At the newspaper, we have two departments that create advertising... prepress, which is the department I'm in, creates live ads, while the spec department creates spec ads. Spec ads, if you aren't familiar, are ads created for potential customers who haven't committed to a contract yet... or sometimes are for existing customers who want a new look for their ads, or are looking for something specific.

(Brief aside here... honestly, I don't know why we need a separate department for this... it seems to me that the two designers who comprise the spec department should be absorbed into prepress, and then the combined workloads could be spread out a bit more... plus then the spec ads would be required to follow the same standards as prepress... but I digress).

Anyway, our sales reps have long had a problem understanding that when we're given a PDF of an ad, that asking us to make changes to it is a very bad idea. Often, when we try to make changes to a PDF, things will go wrong... graphics will vanish entirely, fonts aren't properly embedded so we can make text changes, or any of a number of other problems that most of you would neither care about or understand. We've tried to educate our sales reps (and by extension, our customers) that when we're given a PDF, it should be exactly the way the customer wants their ad to run, and they shouldn't ask us to make changes, but I don't think any of the reps keep track of what ads are ads we created, and what ads were sent to us.

What does this have to do with specs? Well, when spec ads are created, a PDF is created from the InDesign file and given to the rep who asked for the spec. When a spec ad goes live, we're supposed to be given the tracking number for the spec so we can pick up the layout and parts from that... but all too often, we're being given the PDF... and also being asked to make changes!

Today, I finally had enough of it... I sent an email to the entire sales department, and couched in very polite terms, informed them of what they're supposed to be doing here... and also touched on the whole editing of PDFs thing.

I suppose in some ways, I may be as responsible for this happening as anyone else... because when a PDF file absolutely has to be fixed by us, a new one can't be sent, it's usually given to me to fix... and damned if I don't have a 99 percent success rate in doing so!

Anyway... these are just the two biggest things that have got me all but convinced that some people are taking way too many doses of Stupid Pills lately...

But it's days like these that almost make me think that I should consider starting a third blog, a graphics blog... but I would need to find about five or six other people who were willing to be on the team for it, because honestly, I don't know how I keep up with this blog, let alone the new "foster parenting" blog!


Other Stuff...

Wow, lots of posting from me tonight!

That will likely not be the case over the next few days, though... there'll still be the Classic Collectibles, Comic Book Covers, and Genre Movie images, but the comments I make on those will likely be on the short side.

Why is this? Well, today there arrived at Chez Knutson a new videotape for me to transcribe, with three separate interviews with Filmation head honcho Lou Schiemer, which appear (so far) to be for future BCI/Eclipse DVD releases (there's some other projects I'm doing transcriptions for, but can't talk about them now).

I've done 15 minutes of the first one, and assuming each part is about half an hour, that means I'm 1/6th done with 'em. I'm not sure what the turnaround time required on these might be, but if they're needed sooner than later, I'll probably need to put some time in this weekend on them.

I'll keep you posted!


Some TV Thoughts...

I'll try to keep these short, but no promises!

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip has already been cancelled, after being pre-empted for other shows for several weeks. The first of the remaining episodes aired last week, and somehow I almost think that Aaron Sorkin already knew it was being cancelled when that episode was made, as there's virtually none of the main three characters in it at all. We'll probably go ahead and watch the remaining episodes, but I'm already feeling a bit disconnected from it.

House had its season finale the other night, and Jessi and I watched it this evening. Honestly, this was probably the worst House episode of the season, and it's a shame to end the season on such a low note. Even I didn't find the medicine that convincing, and I'm not a medical person at all (Polite Dissent has a great critque of the medicine, check it out on the link list!). Even the interaction between the main characters wasn't up to par... and does anyone really believe that Cameron, Foreman, and Chase are gone for good?

Legion of Superheroes is probably all done with new episodes... I think the two-parter Sun Eater episodes were the last new ones, so we're waiting for fall on those, too.

The Closer, Monk, and Psych should have new episodes soon, thank goodness! This summer will also see the return of America's Got Talent, and hopefully there'll be less singers this time around.


Washer Woes

Remember about two months back, when I blogged about the washer and dryer that my parents bought us? They're energy-efficient LG models, and we've had them for about a month and a half. Well, the washer's already broken... the power button doesn't work any more (well, it did briefly tonight, when we pulled it away from the wall, just in case there was a problem with the outlet, so we did a quick load before it stopped working again... which did happen). It broke on Monday, and I called LG right away, and they gave me the number for a place in Tacoma that is supposed to fix it. Except that place won't come down to the Olympia area! So I called LG back today, and they can't find anyone else to fix it within a 20-mile radius, so they have to look into finding someone beyond that range...

...which their customer service reps (who ALWAYS answer the phone with, "How can I provide you with excellent customer service today?") aren't allowed to do themselves, so they've suposedly put in a call to some other department that's supposed to find someone beyond that range who will come here and fix it.

Now, what's really annoying about all this is that when Jessi and I were looking at washers and dryers at McKinney's, a local appliance dealership, they told us that LG doesn't have anyone who services their stuff in this area, and that the extended warranty on them actually gets a GE person to do the repair work (who does cover this area). We did tell that to my mom, but she still insisted on getting the LG set from Home Depot.

Parents, what are you going to do? We couldn't just tell her, "No thanks, we don't want a new washer and dryer."

Anyway, while we're waiting for LG to call back, Jessi contacted the Home Depot store the stuff was purchased at, and they claim that if LG can't get someone to come fix it, they'll replace it for free (who knows how long that'll take, though).

The moral of the story? Before buying any major appliance, check to see if the warranty is worth it... ask around to see if the manufacturer provides service in your area first!

So far as I'm concerned... when we buy a new washer and dryer after these are worn out beyond reasonable repair costs, we're not only going to buy locally, from McKinney's, but we'll probably buy a GE set.


Classic Collectible of the Day!

monkees game

Here's the Monkees board game... well the box for it, anyway! Pretty nice artwork on it, isn't it?


Comics Cover of the Day!

I think this is another of my "cowboys and indians" collection...

<no subject>

When I've collected covers for themes, I've always tried to avoid collecting "obvious" titles... like, for example, collecting mythological-based cover themes, I avoided titles like Wonder Woman and Thor, since by their very nature, there's a mythological element to them.

The same went for the "Cowboys and Indians" theme... but this cover, with the overlapping multiple panels, was just too cool to pass up!


Genre Movie Image of the Day: The Frankenstein Monster!


Here's Glenn Strange, I believe, as the Monster... from either House of Frankenstein or House of Dracula!


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Classic Collectible of the Day!

beatles game

Here's the Beatles Flip Your Wig game, which I've never personally laid eyes on. I do have a cool kitchen magnet with the box art, though!

Obviously, I have no clue how the game is played... kind of surprising nobody's tried to produce a replica edition of it, isn't it?


Comics Cover of the Day!

Another from the "Cowboys and Indians" file...

<no subject>

...this time, Captain Marvel himself gets to wear the headdress! Heck, he even becomes an indian chief, if the cover is to be believed.

So, both Cap and Junior got their covers with indian headgear... I guess Mary didn't ever manage it, did she? At least, I don't have a cover with her in my files.


Genre Movie Image of the Day: The Frankenstein Monster!

(fixed! Thanks for the heads up, Scott!)


I could very well be wrong, but I suspect it's Lon Chaney, Jr. as the Monster here, and this could well be from Ghost of Frankenstein!


A Few Updates!

Apparently, Flickr (which is my image hosting service) is running late in recovering from their scheduled downtime, so while I wait, let's see if I can remember some of the stuff I wanted to mention last night but forgot!

Been trying to get used to my revised work schedule... I was working a noon to ten pm shift for a while (with a two hour lunch break), but now I'm back to my normal ten am to 7 pm shift (with one hour lunch). This means I can't go to the library before work, but fortunately they're open until 8, so on nights like tonight, when I finish on time, I can still stop in there, drop off the books I've read and DVDs I've watched, and pick up new stuff.

Of course, I'm still feeling tired from this long weekend (as you know if you've been reading the new blog)!

What's kind of strange is that I actually asked my boss if, once we get our foster child, I can change my schedule to 9 am to 6 pm (with some later nights if we're busy) so I'll have time with the child during the week... as if I don't have a hard enough time changing my schedule already!


Monday, May 28, 2007

Quick Notes, Then Off to Bed!

Getting up at six am in the morning, so I can see the kids we've been watching this weekend off to their daycare (read Jessi's and my other blog for details), so I need to wrap up tonight's activities quickly!

I note that Charles Nelson Reilly passed away very recently, which was a surprise to me, given that I thought he'd passed away some years ago (honestly, I did!).

I also note that my buddy Tony Isabella's having some health issues going on that's curtailed his internet activities for the most part, and I wish him a speedy recovery.

I don't recall if I mentioned it here or in the other blog that my mother had an accident in the home Saturday night, and hit her head. Today she was brought back to the emergency room because she'd been feeling very queasy all day, but it turned out that it was a side-effect of the original medication prescribed, and they gave her a new prescription (I hope my parents' health insurance is better than I remember it being!).

I hope everyone reading this (well, the three dozen or so regular readers that apparently are reading this, which is quite a bit down from what I'd previously been getting reports of... but I think the former tracking system was picking up multiple visits on the same day from the same persons) had a great three-day weekend, if you're living somewhere that celebrates Memorial Day!

And now I'm off to bed! I thought I had a few more things to note here, but can't think of 'em!


Classic Collectible of the Day!


Here's the Davy Showbiz Baby... and I think it's probably a toss-up between him and the Mickey one as to which most closely resembled the real-life Monkee!


Comic Book Cover of the Day!

<no subject>

Another one from the "cowboys and indians" file... I've never read this story, so I don't know how tieing the JSA'ers to the stagecoach can keep them out of action... heck, at least Green Lantern could ring up some knives to cut the ropes!


Classic Genre Image of the Day: House of Frankenstein!


Here's a picture from, I believe, "House of Frankenstein." The early part of the picture was a short piece when an evil scientist (played by Karloff) escaped from the police and took on the identity of a man who ran a travelling road show of horrors, including Dracula's skeleton. The hunchbacked assistant (whose name escapes me right now) was responsible for reviving Drac when he pulled the stake out of the ribcage, and basically Drac was destroyed here by not paying attention to the time of night, and got caught in the sunrise.

The scientist and his hunchback also meet up with some gypsies, and rescue a cute dancer whom they take with them, before they arrive in the infamous village (which may have been named Frankenstein at this point, for all I know). The scientist wants Dr. Frankenstein's notes, and searches the castle, finding the Monster and the Wolf Man.

The Monster (Bela Lugosi) and the Wolfman were frozen after Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (when they were presumed dead after the dam was blown and the castle flooded). The scientist thaws both creatures, and since it's no longer a full moon, the Wolf Man turns into Larry Talbot (Lon Chaney, Jr.), who still wants a cure for his werewolfism. The scientist promises to cure him with Frankenstein's notes, as well as fix the Monster's brain problems and cure his assistant's hunchbacked condition.

Of course the scientist starts focusing entirely on the Monster, not paying attention to the full moon at all, so Larry gets hairy and runs amok. By this point, the gypsy chick's fallen in love with Larry (the hunchback is upset at this, as he'd been carrying a torch for her since he laid eyes on her).

The gypsy chick does Larry in this time around, and the Monster meets his end in this picture when he picks up the scientist and tries to escape the mob by walking into quicksand. I think the Monster killed the hunchback.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mid-Memorial Day Weekend Report!

Going to try to keep this short, as I still should write an entry in the "Building Our Family" blog on the day, as well, focusing more on the kids...

Our big event of the day was a barbeque, which we'd been planning for several weeks. We invited my entire family, my co-workers, and a bunch of Jessi's friends, too.

Remember when I posted about a barbeque last summer, in which one person insisted on trying to get the bird we had at the time to allow itself to be held? That guy? Well, it was him and his family who were the only ones to show up. So that was him and his wife, his wife's parents (who are always the perfect guests), his daughter, and his wife's sister and her current boyfriend and his daughter.

Quite a small group compared to who was invited! Why did this happen? Well, a lot of it had to do with a misunderstanding between Jessi and I a few weeks back... we knew we were going to be licensed foster parents soon, and thought if we had a child placed with us, having a bunch of people over might be overwhelming... so I thought she'd said that we shouldn't mention anything until it got closer to the day, so we'd know if we needed to cancel it, while she thought she'd told me that we needed to let people know it might have to be cancelled, but to tell them anyway.

I'm not sure which of us remembered it correctly.

Anyway... so far as my family went, my brother and his wife had other plans, as did one of my sisters and her family... and then last night, my mom had a small accident at home, and so she and my dad stayed home, and so did my other sister and her kids.

I've got no idea why none of my coworkers showed up. Perhaps it was just an error in judgement to plan a barbeque this particular weekend (or maybe having it the day before Memorial Day was the issue, since apparently lots of other people had the same idea).

I'd bought 20 frozen hamburger patties, an equal number of hot dogs, four packages of bratwurst (with either five or six brats each) and two packages of chicken sausages (which also had either five or six in each package), plus buns for all of that, plus a couple of pounds of chicken breasts that had been marinating for a day or two. We'd also bought some small steaks.

I cooked a dozen burgers, six or eight dogs, one package of brats, one package of chicken sausage, and six pieces of chicken... and there were some leftovers from that (although, honestly, one would've thought that we'd have had more leftovers than that). With the stuff that I didn't cook... well, we could still have another barbeque! I do think we might just start inviting smaller groups over each weekend just so we can cook up this stuff and get it eaten, since we don't normally eat that kind of thing!


Comic Book Cover of the Day!

<no subject>

Despite the cover claiming that Captain Marvel Junior's on the warpath, it sure looks peaceful here, as he sits in on a powwow apparently in the middle of a city park, as evidenced by the skyscrapers in the background!

And yes, Captain Marvel Junior 20 is from my "cowboys and indians" file!


Classic Genre Movie Image of the Day: The Frankenstein Monster!


Here's Bela Lugosi as the Monster, presumably from Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. As I said before, in the previous entry, "Ghost of Frankenstein," in which Lon Chaney, Jr. played the Monster, Ygor (played by Lugosi) had his brain transplanted into the Monster (at first he was happy about being in the new, more powerful form, but then he quickly went blind... something that was apparently ignored in Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man as well as the House Of... and Abbott and Costello Meet... entries).

This kind of ended up making sense with Lugosi playing the Monster here (I think Glenn Strange played the monster in the latter three movies, although I could be mistaken about one of them). Karloff had enough of playing the Monster (I don't recall off the top of my head if he was the Monster in Son Of... or not... but the IMDB lists him as the Monster in Son, so there you go!).

By the way... in case you don't read the comments, the other day's post had a comment from the creator of a new Monster-themed blog, Monster Sightings, Susan Tyler Hitchcock, which is sort of a tie-in with a book she's written that is coming out soon, Frankenstein: A Cultural History, which I hope to latch onto a copy of (hey Susan, in case you're reading this post, if you want to throw a copy my way for review purposes, I'd be happy to plug it again when it comes out!).


Classic Collectible of the Day!


At least this one looks a bit more like Mickey Dolenz than the Peter and Mike dolls!