Saturday, September 29, 2007


Rab (whose blog can be found here) responded to my Beatles Coloring Book post:

Pages from that coloring book can be found here. can't believe there wasn't a Yellow Submarine one as well.

One can only imagine how cool that would've been.

He also responded to the DC Special post:

I remember having issue #1 and bitterly regretting that I lost it after reading it only a couple of times. I still feel that way decades later!And I also remember getting the last issue, #15, featuring Plastic Man...and being annoyed that it turned out to be a "silly" comedic strip instead of the more "serious" fare I preferred at the time. But in that case I eventually learned better...

Ah, yes, that Plastic Man issue... probably the most successful one of the series, because it did lead to yet another Plas revival. Too bad they didn't just do an all-reprint book!

While I'm posting about comments... Joe Cab let me know that... here's my Flickr set for old comic book ads

Joe's set is mostly Johnson-Smith type ads, but well worth checking out!


Found on eBay: Bozo Stuff!

I've got nothing to say about these... just enjoy the parade of Bozo stuff!





Found on eBay: B-Stuff!

For those of you who don't know, Big Jim was Mattel's contribution to the 1970s action figure market, to compete with GI Joe and the Mego line (especially Mego's Action Jackson, I suspect). Originally, Big Jim was marketed as being a sportsman/adventurer type, with accessories fitting that... but then came Big Jim's P.A.C.K., making Big Jim into more of a superhero type (including having his former arch-foe becoming a teammate). And there seems to have been another incarnation after that, with more of a sci-fi/spy thing going on!


This Sky Commander carrying case/playset is from the first series of Big Jim stuff...


And that's what it looks like opened up. In the future, there'll be some mega-huge Big Jim posts coming your way, and you'll see more of what I'm talking about!

Speaking of stuff there'll be more of in the future...


There will be more Bionic Woman/Six Million Dollar Man stuff coming... but that could be months away!


Wow, this is really turning into a "I'll have more of this kind of stuff later" post... this Banana Splits View-Master set is sort of a preview of the Banana Splits collectibles posts as well as View-Master posts that'll be coming up!


On the other hand, I haven't been putting a lot of effort into tracking down pics on eBay of bootleg toys. There are one or two others, but that's about it so far!


I'm not sure how many other Bugs Bunny items I'll have!


Adventures on eBay!

So, I haven't put up any new auctions on eBay since the abysmal results of the record albums from a few weeks ago... but I have been bidding on a few things!

Remember that 1970s DC Superheroes sleeping bag? Won it, at my opening bid! Hoo-hah! I know it was shipped on the 26th, via Parcel Post, so it could be another week or more before it arrives. Once it does, I'll try to get some real good photos taken to share!

Two auctions have been one since then, both for stuff for my son, who is a huge fan of the Little Bear cartoons on Noggin: The first is a lot of Little Bear books, and the second is a talking stuffed Little Bear. I know the books shipped on Friday, but I haven't heard anything about the stuffed Little Bear yet.

I've got bids in on two auctions right now I'm sure I'll be outbid on... a vintage Popeye Jack-In-The-Box and a vintage Batman toy from the 1960s... and I've already been outbid on two other auctions (one for a bunch of 1970s Superhero Slurpee cups, the other for all the Georgie the Ghost books) beyond what I'm willing or able to spend.

With all the alerts I've set up for the "Found on eBay" posts, I'd imagine I'll end up putting bids in on other stuff, too!


Friday, September 28, 2007

Found on eBay - Fab Four Edition!

Yes, the usual stuff applies here... I'm not the one selling these items, I don't know if they're still available, and if they are, how reliable the seller is. I just know that I found the pix on eBay, and thought you guys would find them interesting, too!


I am consumed by desire to get a copy of this book and see just what kind of pictures they have inside it... and how closely they kept the drawings looking like the Beatles! (Strangely, I haven't found a Yellow Submarine coloring book yet; nor do I know if they ever made one... but it would've been a natural).


Speaking of the Yellow Submarine... this is one of those toys I really, really, wish I had. It's just one of the coolest pieces of Beatle memorabilia, IMHO!


These Beatles Remco dolls, on the other hand? If I win the lottery some day and manage to collect all the Megos and GI Joe and Captain Action stuff, maybe I'll look into getting a set of these. I just don't find them that interesting, you know?


These model kits are something else I'd love to get a set of... assuming I could find someone to hire to assemble and paint 'em for me! (Paint brushes and I don't get along well in the real world)


Once upon a time, I owned a Yellow Submarine puzzle... I don't recall if this was the puzzle I owned or not, but this one is cool!

Next time on "Found on eBay" - Mattel's Big Jim!


Cover Gallery: DC Special Series 1-10!


Great first issue to lead off this series... obviously, Carmine had his choice of characters to include on the cover; why else would he have fit his favorite Detective Chimp on there?


I swear, I've seen the house ad for this book more than any other DC house ad, ever!


It's so funny how DC was trying to play lip service to the Women's Lib movement... and yet, it's "Girls" the super-ladies are referred to as!


Great cover on #4, isn't it?


Issue 5 is another of those great artist-themed issues! I love those!


One of these days, I've got to get a copy of this issue and read this story!


Issue #7 reprinted Strange Sports Stories from the Brave and the Bold issues (and possibly from some of the DC sci-fi books)! Good stuff!


Yes, sometimes DC Special was the Showcase of reprint titles, as the subsequent "Wanted" series spun off from this will attest!


Issue #9 has more Strange Sports Stories, as you can see!


I know I used to have a copy of issue 10 here... but I don't recall it being anything special, to be honest.


Schoolhouse Rock: Interjections!

With Subtitles, so you can sing along!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

DC July, 1978 & 1977 & 1976 Ads


Yeah, I'm sure this kid's toy gave Johnny Bench a tough time...


Sometimes, looking at these NCG/Heroes World ads, I almost wonder if there was a race to see just how quickly one of those could be drawn!


Hey, it's another of those Sky Heroes ads! Except this was just for the Sky Heroes!

And Marx made 'em... hmm... do I have an eBay search set up for Marx toys yet?



Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Found on eBay: More Batman Stuff!

It's probably safe to say that at least a large percentage of the pics I've been saving from eBay are of Batman-related merchandise... and here's some more of it!

As always, there's no guarantee these items are available now, or if they are, if the seller is reputable.


I really wish I had a bigger, better photo of this Batman mealware set... it's hard to pinpoint what era it came from, but it looks like it's based on Jerry Robinson art.


What's a set of Batman memorabilia pictures without some Batmobile toys?


This Batman Playset was a surprise... apparently, there were a number of "playsets" produced in the 1970s that basically were all cardboard, with flat cardboard pieces of the characters. I know I used to have the Marvel World set (I know it's been in one of the comics ads posts), but I didn't remember ever seeing this Batman one before!


Similar to the playset is this press-out book... and if the inset pic is to be believed, someone should really consider getting some high-quality scans of this thing made to be shared, as the papercrafters would love it, I'm sure! Plus, I'm guessing it'll never, ever be reissued in any form.


This Batman racing set was oh, so tempting to bid on... of course, there's no way I could afford it! Besides, look at the cars -- it's pretty funky how big Batman and the Joker are compared to their cards, eh?


Yes, that's the Robin Super Jr. squeaky toy.


This set of Batman silverware would go nicely with the Batman dining set, eh?


And then here's the Remco Batman Utility Belt... Bat-Cuffs & Bat-Communicator? Check. Batarang and Batrope? Completely missing. How could Remco possibly get this Utility Belt as wrong as the other utility belts they produced based on superheroes who didn't wear utility belts?

And finally, here's some Batman 1960s coloring books:



Yes, that's Eclipso on the cover of that second comic!


TV Season Openers...

OK, I haven't had a chance to see Heroes, Chuck, Journeyman, or Bionic Woman yet... but I did see House and this week's Biggest Loser episodes.

I liked the House season opener... it was all House, Cuddy, and Wilson, as the latter two convinced House that he needs a team to operate at peak efficiency. There was a lot of good character stuff going on in this episode, and as I said, I liked it. I'm pretty sure the cute female doc who told him about Cuddy's memo is going to be a "permanent" member of his new team!

Biggest Loser this week was a surprise... first surprise was that it was another two-hour episode! I wonder if that's going to be the case for the entire season. Seems a bit like overkill!

Another surprise was that the depleted Red Team kicked butt in this week's weigh-in, keeping them safe, while the Blue Team pretty much self-destructed when they lost the weigh-in, and the "old guy" who was team captain and chose who got to be on the team with him got voted off! I guess no good deed does go unpunished, eh?


Disney TV Comics!

I rarely post anything Disney related in this blog.... here's three comic book covers from my TV Comics folder that were all based on the Disney show!





Ernie Kovacs Videos!

Just because the man was a comedy genius.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Found on eBay! Batman Edition!

Usual disclaimers apply... these items may no longer be available from the original seller, it's been at least a week since I found some of these, etc. etc.

I really haven't gone into why I decided to do this, though, have I? So, briefly, before the photos: All the "classic collectibles" posts I've done in the past used photos that were scanned from various books I checked out of the library. Some of those books are out of print, some are still in print... but one thing they all have in common is that they aren't complete... heck, it'd be impossible for them to be complete, because more and more collectibles get discovered every day that weren't known of before.

eBay is the world's most popular system for selling collectibles these days, and it occurred to me that there are photos of collectibles that are being used for those auction listings that, once the auction is done, those photos will eventually disappear forever!

And I think that's a shame. So, at least while Flickr exists, the photos I collect will be available for anyone to look at on the net!

(and if anyone wants to put together a site that matches up the ads of products from the comics with photos of the actual items, let me know, okay?)

On to the Batman collectibles!


This is one of the Ben Cooper Batman costumes... you'll note that not only did they feel compelled to add the word "Batman" to the insignia, they also added that same insignia on the mask! Thank goodness today's Halloween costumes don't follow that trend.


This figure is missing a hand... but it sure reminds me of the Energized Spider-Man... yet I didn't know there was an "Energized Batman" out there! I have no idea of the scale of this toy, nor do I know if the Batarang and "rope" can be extended out any more than it's shown.


This flying Batcopter toy is pretty cool... I think my brother Jeff used to have one of them! There were a bunch of toys like this on the market at the same time... even a Star Trek one, believe it or not! As you can see, there's a weighted base around which the helicopter revolves, attached by a thin rod. The control panel lets you change the rotation and the height, and there'd be obstacles to avoid and targets to "catch" with the copter.


This is a very interesting coloring book variation... the pages appear to be all coated so you can wipe them clean, and instead of just black lines to color inside, the lines are the color you're supposed to fill them in with!


Nice 1960s Batman puzzle here... anyone have an idea who's supposed to be the woman driving that boat? I can't recognize her at all. I'd also like to point out the presence of a Whirly-Bat on this puzzle, something you don't often see in merchandising!


Batman desk or table lamp there, missing the shade. I don't remember seeing an ad for one of these anywhere, but I'd guess the shade would be covered with Batman, Robin, and other characters!


Now, these I have seen... but not for a long time! The Batman one seems to be the most common, from what I've seen!


This Batman nightlight would, I think, inspire more nightmares than anything else!

More Batman stuff next time!


Monday, September 24, 2007

DC September 1976 Ads!

Nothing to say about these, other than enjoy!








(give me a break... it's taken three tries to get this entry done at all!)