Friday, October 05, 2007

Halloween Countdown: October 6!


That Dracula mask bears a resemblance to Christopher Lee, doesn't it... or is it more like Peter Cushing?


This one is similar, but different in a number of ways! They're both kind of neat, although I've personally never thought a vampire mask was necessary... fake fangs, slick the hair back, pale up the skin a bit...


But there obviously are enough people who don't think that's the case to justify a lot of different Dracula/vampire masks on the market, eh?


Now for non-mask stuff... the above Dracula puzzle was manufactured by Jaymar in the 1960s. From that I've been able to tell, Jaymar pretty much produced puzzles, mostly of licensed characters (I think they had the Disney puzzle license before it went to Whitman/Golden Books). They produced a number of monster puzzles... one each for Dracula, Frankenstein Monster, and the Wolf Man... and each puzzle guest-starred at least one of the others, like the Monster appearing here!


Add this Dracula Yard Light to the list of things I'd love to have... (sigh) one of these days, after my wife and I buy a house and our son is old enough, I would love to do a haunted house for Halloween...


And wrapping up today's Halloween countdown post, and also providing a coming attraction to tomorrow's post, here's a rather unusual-looking Frankenstein Monster mask -- obviously intended to remind one of the Jack Pierce styled makeup, yet different enough to avoid paying any licensing fee!


Found on eBay: Captain America Stuff!

Cap may be "dead" in the current Marvel comics, but he's alive and well in the hearts of his fans... and here's some interesting Cap merchandise to look at!


Kind of hard to tell from this small picture, but it looks like the box art is by Kirby to me! Or someone swiping Kirby, anyway.


There's another one of those coloring books that I'd like to at least look through some day, just to see what the interiors are like!


This Captain America die-cast toy looks an awful lot like one of the Batttlestar Galactica die-cast toys I've also collected a pic of... albiet with a different paint job! (And no, the Galactica toy doesn't look like anything from the show, either).


This is of more recent vintage than I usually like to post here, but the graphics are just too cool not to share!


I wish I had a bigger pic of this puzzle... the art style looks very familiar, but I can't place it! Plus, I think I used to have this puzzle, too! Almost looks like Byrne inked by either Sinnott or Rubenstein...


And here's another of those utility belts for a character who never had a utility belt, stocked with stuff the character's never been known to carry!


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Coming Up and Going On!

OK, here's a non-picture post for a change of pace!

I'm still collecting pictures for the Halloween Countdown posts... call me crazy, but I think I'll be able to continue posting the same number of pictures each day that match up with the date of the post -- although I'd imagine I'll break up into two posts once I get to the 10th, so there's no more than 10 pics per day's post.

And yes, I'll still have some other "found on eBay" posts here and there, too, as well as the regularly-appearing comics ads and comics covers!

Other stuff going on in my life? Well... we're nearing the final state for adopting our child... next week we have an appearance in family court, and apparently in November, we'll be legally adopting him -- and once we do, I'll be able to refer to him by name finally!

Got two freelance transcription gigs I'm trying to squeeze in... I'm hoping to work on one of them tonight, and get back to work on the other tomorrow or Saturday. Unfortunately, Saturday's my niece's birthday party, so I think that day'll probably be a wash.


Halloween Countdown: October 5!


This coffin bank should look familiar... it's a variation on the classic skeleton hand bank!


I told you there'd be another Creature mask in the countdown!


They should've made more wind-up monster figures like this... or at least more people should be selling them on eBay!


It is very cool that someone was offering this item on eBay! I loved all those ads in the back of the Warren books for stuff like this (and a lot of the same merchandise was advertised in the Marvel black and whites, too).


These are the worst-looking Dracula teeth I've ever seen... and they whistle, too? Who associated Dracula with whistling?


DC June 1976 Ads!


Gotta love that Jack Davis (I'm pretty sure that's his work) art on this ad!


I find this PSA particuarly interesting, given that Jessi and I have a foster child now (whom we'll be adopting in another month or so).


Sometimes I really think DC should reissue these tabloid collections... except they'd probably end up costing $15-$20 or more!


Amazingly, this contest didn't seem to result in as many cut-up comics as the Marvel Value Stamps did!


At least two of the items in this ad will be shown in photographic form in a future "Found on eBay" post!


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Halloween Countdown: October 5!


These Burger King Universal Monsters toys are probably the best happy meal-type toys, ever!


Never heard of this thing before... but it looks like it could've been fun!


This caveman mask is one of those Don Post classics we used to always see advertised in the Warren and Marvel black-and-white books, among other places! These days, the only caveman mask I think you'll find in the stores is based on the Geico cavemen!


Now, why can't I find stuff like this in vending machines these days?


We will be seeing more Creature masks as we go on!


Found on eBay: More Bullwinkle!


I have no idea how good or bad this game was... or of the game had a thing to do with Bullwinkle other than the graphics used.


One of these days, someone really needs to collect all the Give-A-Show slides, scan them at a decent resolution, and post them on the net (then again, maybe someone has already).

I'll have more of these in the near future!


If you ask me, the coolest part about these bendies is the back of the card, where you can order t-shirts!


The Moon Men don't show up on the licensed stuff too much, do they?



Look, there's Cloyd and Gidney again!


This bank from 1973 is probably the worst likeness of Bullwinkle I've seen on any licensed product!


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

On the Halloween Countdowns...

Thanks to the Secret Fun Blog, here's the current list of blogs that are participating in the Halloween Countdown:

Branded in the 80s
John Rozum
Plastic Pumpkins
Drunken Severed Head
Senses Working Overtime
Distinctly Jamacan
All Eyes and Ears
Wonderful Wonderblog

If you know of any others that are participating, let me know in the comments, okay?


Found on eBay: Bullwinkle Toys!

Here's some cool Bullwinkle items recently listed in eBay!



I'm afraid I have no idea why someone thought Bullwinkle tops were a good idea.


I like the clock/bank concept, though!


Just what makes this a Bullwinkle construction set, aside from the card?



The more frame tray puzzles and coloring books I see on eBay, the more I'm convinced children of the 60s and 70s like myself had no idea how good we had it.


And more Bullwinkle stuff is coming!


Halloween Countdown: October 3!

Continuing the Halloween Countdown...


The AHI Monsters are often confused for Mego figures... especially since the packaging so resembled the Megos! But the Remco monsters were better sculpts. Still, the AHI monsters are the ones that have been recently reissued!


Speaking of AHI, here's their Kong bendy figure! Nice card art, isn't it?


And here's the first monster mask in the countdown... it's an Angry Ape Mask!

All of these items have been at least recently offered on eBay!


Cover Gallery: The Other DC Special Series 1-10!