Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cover Gallery: Cowboys and Indians!




Yeah, I thought I had more of these left to post, too...


Halloween Countdown: October 14!


Yes, it's more 8mm movie madness... and this is another of those pix that's really of a magnet of the 8mm box art!


Every time I see a poster or lobby card or still from "The Monster That Challenged the World," I find myself thinking that I had to have seen this movie sometime... but then I realize it's just because I've seen images from it so often!


Lots of mummy movies in my 8mm box art photo collection... here's the one that started it all!


And this is one of the sequels... and that reminds me that since the pic I have is of the magnet, with "sample" on it, the next time a copy comes up for sale I should copy the photo to my computer!


Not being a huge Mummy movie fan, I have no idea what order these should really be in...


I think I do have a pic of the Plan 9 From Outer Space box art without "sample" on it.


What would a Halloween Countdown which includes 8mm box art from horror movies without including Psycho, one of the most frightening movies of all time?


I'm pretty sure that "Return of the Vampire" is one of those movies Lugosi made after he wasn't able to get work at the major studios anymore... basically playing Dracula, but not playing Dracula.


This box art almost looks like it belongs to Mighty Joe Young more than Son of Kong!


I think this is just a compelling image... I'm not sure exactly why.


And this is a very non-compelling piece of box art...


It's hard to tell from this photo, but "Trial of Frankenstein" is an extended clip from "Ghost of Frankenstein."


You know, if the Acts of Geekery weren't so random, I would've posted the box art for "The Amazing Colossal Man" before "War of the Colossal Beast"!


I'm not at all sure I recognize this one!


Friday, October 12, 2007

Halloween Countdown: October 13!


See what I was talking about yesterday? The Monster on this box isn't Karloff, I'm pretty sure. Also, as you can see this is indeed another 8mm short cut down from a full-length movie!

Of course, the home video market just completely killed the 8mm industry... and there's hardly any up on eBay at any time.


And here's from a different release of Bride of Frankenstein. I'm not sure which of those two was released first!


And here's the first of many, many Mummy movies you'll see in 8mm format!


And here's the Deadly Mantis... although to be honest, the auction I got this pic from wasn't an auction for an 8mm movie of the Deadly Mantis, but instead was a magnet of the cover for the 8mm Deadly Mantis release! I'm hoping to find the regular box art without the word "sample" on it one of these days.


I'm sure most of you are aware that King Kong Vs. Godzilla originally was intended to be a Frankenstein sequel... so it was no surprise that a Japanese Frankenstein movie was finally done, and the above box art is from that! The giant creature there was the result of the heart of the Frankenstein Monster being exposed to radiation after the Axis decided to move it from Germany to Hiroshima, Japan.

There was a sequel, "War of the Gargantuas," although I don't believe the American version says anything about its connection to "Frankenstein Conquers the World."


This one's a two-fer! Of course to the left is the classic Frankenstein, but on the right is a generic box! I've seen generic box art for sci-fi movies, too... obviously, I prefer box art that's custom to the movie!


Here's another Frankenstein movie not by Universal... it's one of the Hammer movies. I have to admit that I don't think I've ever seen any of the Hammer Frankensteins! But I've probably got most of 'em covered in 8mm movie boxes!


This is another pic I need to find a sharper version of. For all I know, I may have it, it's just not in the stream yet!


This is a bit better quality, but still is in need of a better picture!


I don't recall if I've ever seen The Giant Claw... but I do know I just uploaded to Flickr tonight a picture of this same box art, but of a better condition box!


And here's Godzilla Vs. The Thing... and the Thing, of course, is Mothra. Of course, neither monster is accurately represented here!


Man, it's just major Frankenstein stuff tonight, isn't it? It wasn't planned that way (hence "Random Acts of Geekery" -- emphasis on Random). You'll notice that the Wolf Man and Dracula are not pictured on this box art at all! I'd guess that the movie here doesn't have either of those monsters, a pretty easy feat since the full-length movie pretty much has each of the three in their own separate story.


And then there's Konga... a fun movie so long as you don't expect much out of it!

More 8mm box art tomorrow!


Quick Note... I can welcome the Monster Rally blog to the link list! Monster Rally is one of the many blogs who's involved with the Halloween Countdown, but so far it's the first to actually add the Random Acts of Geekery to their linklist! So to return the favor, I've added them to mine!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Found on eBay: DC Super-Hero Merchandise!

Here's some interesting DC Super-Hero items I've found on eBay...



Two things about these:

1) If I'd only gotten these when I was a kid, I might be more into houseplants than I am these days (which is to say, I don't care for them unless they're herbs and the like I can use for cooking)

2) Despite the fact that Aquaman was the co-star with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, it's amazing how many products excluded the Sea King and put Captain Marvel in his place!


I've never understood the appeal of puffy stickers, myself. All of the artwork on these appears to be by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, from the DC Style Guide.


If you've ever wanted a Super Friends coloring book, I believe you can do a search right now and find at least one copy for auction!



The top pic is of erasers, while the bottom is for pencil sharpeners... but you know what? The same company not only manufactured both of them, but they also produced flashlights and the like... and not only of DC characters (all under "Super Friends") and Marvel characters, too! You'll probably recognize the style when the others come up here.


I just saved this pic because it's such an odd set of stuff to be included in a single lot on eBay!


And finally... here's a Super Friends towel which not only includes Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog, but DC heroes who didn't appear on the cartoon until after those three were replaced by the Wonder Twins!


Halloween Countdown: October 12!


Have I ever posted one of these Jaymar monster puzzles before? I don't recall (sheesh, and it's only 1/3 of the way through the month!). There are three of them that I can find so far... and each has at least two monsters on them... the one named on the box, and one other. Here you see the Frankenstein one with the Wolf Man appearing... all three will be on this countdown sometime or another!

The battling Monster and Wolf Man figures appear to be taken from a still of Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, IMHO.


Obviously, though, Jaymar wasn't the only producer of monster puzzles! These are pretty nice, too!


I really dig this velvet coloring poster featuring Godzilla and many of the other monsters from the movies. That's kind of unusual for a licensed Godzilla product of the 1970s-1980s in the USA!


Ah, here's the Remco 8' Mummy figure, and you can see on the box art what I was referring to the other day about the clutching mechanism!


Hah, I'd forgotten about this photo... you can see here the Wolf Man, Frankenstein and Mummy puzzles from Jaymar, and since I know there was a Dracula one, that means there were at least four of them! Note the Mummy one hasn't got a guest-star monster!


The other day I posted a picture of some Aurora superhero model magnets... here's the monster ones the same seller makes!

And now, for a few loose AHI World's Greatest Super Monsters!





This book and record set pictured above is one of the famous Power Records sets of the 1970s. Power Records was a division of Peter Pan Records, and they did quite a few book and record sets... there were some based on DC and Marvel super-hero comics, a quartet based on Planet of the Apes, some Star Trek, Six Million Dollar Man and many others... and of course, there were some Monster ones, too! But even the 45 book and record sets were based on Marvel comics... this one probably adapted the first issue of Marvel's Monster of Frankenstein!

I wish someone would do a reissue of all of those things... perhaps on a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, which could have the pictures coordinated with the soundtrack.


I'm wrapping up today's post with a couple of 8mm movie boxes... the above one, of course, for Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Castle Films was probably the most famous of the 8mm home movie publishers, and it appears there were two or three different versions of box art for many of their releases! The above one came from a series of releases in which the same lower portion of artwork was used for all the Frankenstein movies, no matter who played the Monster! You'll see more of these later on... heck, there'll be one tomorrow!


I'm not sure which movie this "Battle of the Giants" short was cut down from... maybe One Million B.C. or When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth!

More 8mm movie boxes tomorrow!