Friday, November 02, 2007

Coming Attractions -- At Least, In My Life!

November is going to be a hugely busy month for me... here's a rundown of what's going on!

This Sunday, Nov. 4 - Family birthday party for November birthdays, which will be me and my niece, who's turning 4. Since my dad is recovering from surgery, we've decided to combine them together and have the party at my parent's house to make it easy on him.

Thursday, Oct. 8 - Payday, and one of two days off for me! I'm hoping to spend part of the day getting some maintenance done on the car -- at least an oil change, and perhaps a tune-up. The remainder of the day I should be able to get some stuff prepared in advance for this blog (I know my comics ad archive won't last forever!).

Friday, Oct. 9 - My actual birthday, and the second day off! Current plan is to drive down to Jessi's work at the Head Start to volunteer in our son's class for the morning, and then afterwards, I think he and I will go to lunch with Jessi, and then she'll go back to work while we go do something fun together!

Sunday, Oct. 11 - Portland Comic Book Show - our son's first comic book show, and my brother and possibly his wife will go down with us; although the women are planning on doing other shopping while the guys geek out.

Thursday, Oct. 15 - Unless something untoward happens, we're scheduled for family court on this day to officially adopt our son (after which I can finally refer to him by name in this thing)! We'll likely both take the entire day off (since I don't have any more days off, I'll either "call in sick" or just try to make up the time in advance and afterwards).

Sunday, Oct. 18 - The adoption party, assuming that the court date happens!

Of course, between all that is work and other stuff!


DC Comics Ads Gallery - January 1982 & 1979


So, if you've never seen this ad before, but you were familiar with the Marvel title US-1, you now know that the book was a toy tie-in!


Here was an interesting twist on the whole "get kids to sell our crap to try to earn fabulous prizes" thing -- they only promised a Star Wars watch; and Star Wars was HOT in late 1978! I wonder how many of those things found their way into the hands of kids?


To be honest, there aren't too many house ads in the queue as I continue with the comics ads, mainly because there wasn't much I cound find to say about 'em... and I don't have much to say about this one, either, except to say that comics have come a LONG way in their reproduction techniques since back then, eh? These days, that phot would've been rendered in full color, and would be sharp as anything!

Believe it or not, that's the only ads from January 1979 and 1982 that I was interested in sharing!

Next up, however, is January 1976, and I've got seven ads from that month's DC comics to share with you!


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Give-A-Show Friday!

This week's feature is from 1961, and it's slide #17 from the Blue set (each year, at least from what I've seen so far, Kenner would produce anywhere from 16 to 32 slides in a Green, Red, and Blue set... and there may have been more colors, and perhaps even more in each year's series!). It doesn't feature a licensed character, but is rather part of what I've seen referred to as "Kenner Kids". The title card and closing card were created by me for this:










Found on eBay - No Monsters Here!

Here's some Galactica toys -- well, licensed Galactica product, anyway -- produced by Larami/Toymark!






I'd imagine you'd really have to be a Galactica completist to want to purchase those, eh?


As I've written before, I have a great fondness for the Give-A-Show Projectors... in fact, I've actually started collecting them! I have one projector right now, and quite a few of the slides already! Too bad I can't seem to find a checklist online so I'll have an idea how far I am away from having a complete collection! Once I get all the slides I've bought on eBay, I'll post my own personal checklist!


These Green Hornet coloring books start out with fairly low starting prices...


But they do tend to go up fairly quickly!



I've been learning there's a LOT of Colorforms sets out there that feature characters of interest to me, so there'll be a number of them popping up in "found on eBay" posts!


There'll be quite a few puzzles coming up in these posts, too!


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Post-Countdown Roundup!

Wow, what a long night of posting last night!

In case you came into the Halloween Countdown late, you can check out the entire photo set I used this month in my Flickr Monster Toys group, which naturally is not just monster toys!

As I said last night, there will be more Monster-themed stuff coming up here, although I may give it a rest for another week!


Cover Gallery: At the Circus!

You don't see comics with circus-themed covers these days, do you? Here's a half-dozen Golden Age comics that did have them!







Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Countdown Finale Part 1!

Let's just get right into it, shall we?


Mexican Lobby Card for "Revenge of the Creature"


"Son of Kong"


"Taste the Blood of Dracula"


"Teenage Monster"


"The Fly"


"Valley of the Dinosaurs" (not to be mistaken with the 1970s Hanna-Barbera cartoon)

Halloween Countdown Finale Part 2!


"The Woman Who Wouldn't Die"


Remco Glow-In-The-Dark Dracula - Hey, something that's not a Godzilla toy, or a Mexican lobby card or movie poster! Woo-hoo!


Remco Mummy!


Remco Wolf Man!


Wolfman "Oil Can" Puzzle!


Yipes! Looks like a fun game!

Halloween Countdown Finale Part 3!


Yes, it's another 8mm box art!




It's so tempting, since it's rare that I'm finding 8mm movies on sale on eBay I haven't already saved photos of, to start working on creating faked-up 8mm box art for other movies for next year's countdown!


A bit of everything for this last hurrah, eh?


That is one amazing Frankenstein copper plaque, isn't it?

Halloween Countdown Finale Part 4!

Here's some more Aurora glow-in-the-dark kits...



And some more 8mm boxes...



This particular style seems to be a generic box, where the title would appear on the side!


I think Mark Evanier wrote a bit about this movie in his blog a few weeks ago...