Saturday, December 15, 2007

Found on eBay!

OK, so it's been a while since I had the standard preface on one of these posts... so, for those of you joining me recently here...

All photos in "Found on eBay" posts come from actual eBay auctions. Some of these items may still be available from the same seller, some may be available from a different seller, and some may not be available at all right now (the latter two is more likely than not the case, as I have a backlog of photos to share). No matter what the case may be, I am in no way trying to endorse any particular auction or seller, and make no promises about any auction on eBay.

I present these photos here as a form of archiving, so that anyone who wants to, say, find a photo of an Azrak-Hamway International Spider-Man Paratrooper toy on the card, they'll be able to do so (not that an AHI Spidey Paratrooper is one of today's items!).

As I promised last time around... here's some Marx Brothers stuff!


A Day At The Races was probably the first Marx Brothers movie I ever saw... most of the story takes place at a sanitarium that's in need of cash, and Groucho (playing Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush) is called upon to take over the sanitarium by the dowager placed (as almost always in a Marx Bros. picture) by Margaret Dumont. What they don't know is that Dr. Hackenbush is a horse doctor! Chico and Harpo basically play the same kind of characters they usually do, sometimes working against Groucho, sometimes working with him. The owner of the sanitarium, whose name I don't recall, as played by Maureen O'Sullivan (you'd know her best playing opposite Johnny Weissmuller's Tarzan as Jane), and looking absolutely gorgeous.


The most famous scene in this movie is probably the one where Groucho's at the track, wanting to place a bet, but Chico is a tout (disguised as a Tootsy-Frootsy Ice Cream vendor), who manages to sell Groucho a whole library of books, guides, etc. that leads Groucho to bet on a losing horse. There's also a rather embarassing musical number involving Harpo and the local black people... I say it's embarassing, because it's embarassing by modern standards. Honestly, it's nowhere near as stereotypical as most movies of the era, but it's still something that nobody could even consider trying to do these days!

Anyway, it's a very good movie... not the Marx's best, but it's still a damn good movie.


I've written before about "The Day the Earth Stood Still"... well, I did here...


So it's a good thing I only have two items found on eBay to share with you concerning that movie, eh?

(I wish someone made an inexpensive Gort figure, however)


We've all seen green plastic army soldiers... but have you ever seen them sold with a card that has the G.I. Combat logo on it before? This was the first (and so far, only) one I've ever seen! I wonder if DC's lawyers jumped on the manufacturer or not... I have no idea how recent it was.


I'll give you an idea of how long it's been since I started collecting these photos, and how much of a backlog I've got. See this picture? It's in my "Found on eBay Volume Two" folder on Flickr. I'm currently accumulating pictures for Volume 6... and I typically have about 600-750 photos in each volume!

Anyway, the reason I mention that is that just this past week, I saved another photo of this glass into Volume 6, and didn't realize I already had it! This is why I often have to go through my Flickr files and delete duplicate stuff...


Outside of action figures, there has never been much merchandising for Aquaman... no model kit from Aurora, for example. There was at least one Give-A-Show Projector strip, but that's about it. Above you see a 1980s Aquaman puzzle, released as part of the whole "Super Powers" product line that stretched over multiple manufacturers. It's a nice image, and I'd guess it's by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, who did so many illos like this for the DC Style Guide that licensors had to follow.


This, however, has to be the hardest Aquaman licensed product to find, period. I've only seen the Aquaman Aquarium on eBay once since I started collecting these pics, and I've never seen one in real life, either. Check out that cover image of Aquaman there... I don't know if it's the exact pic that was used on the upper left of Aquaman's comic book for so long, or a redrawing, or what... but it's an iconic pose, y'know?

And no, so far as I can tell, there was never at any time a Sub-Mariner aquarium kit. (I still have to wonder, however, why there's been so little manufacturing of aquarium accessories using Aquaman or Subby... there's Spongebob stuff all over Petco, though)


Here's another one of those toys I wish would be reissued these days... produced by the Colorforms people, I think this was like the Marvel Stand-Ups I mentioned in the last Comics Ad Gallery post, except you colored these yourself (I'm guessing with colored pencils). I suppose one could easily recreate this kind of thing themselves...


And I close today with this "How to Draw Superheroes" book that, for the bargain price of 99 cents, would teach you how to draw Superheroes!

I sometimes have to wonder if Filmation's artists had something like this to refer to? Or Hanna-Barbera's, even!


25 Days of Christmas Comics: Day 16!


And with nine days of these left to go, here's Mary Marvel 8, with a cover that's Christmasy... so much so that it almost looks like someone designed it to be a Christmas card!


Comic Ad Gallery!


This ad comes from Marvel's June, 1977 cover-dated books. I think I've written before about the power shields at the top of this ad... and since then, I still haven't seen a one of those turn up on eBay!

Those mini-standups, I haven't seen either... but I do recall a long time ago, back when I was doing dealer's tables at comics and toy shows, I had a few packs of the DC ones (which I wish I still had today). Those were packaged three or four per pack, as I recall.

The two books at the bottom? Well, the Comix one I think I looked through a copy of, a long time ago, and decided it wasn't what I was interested in... and I don't think I've seen the Brunner book.


From Marvel's August 1977 books, here's an ad from Gandolf Productions, one of the many companies that was trying for a piece of the Johnson-Smith Company pie. And as you can see, this ad features most of the same kind of stuff that JSC would offer, but without the color!


From that same month, here's a bunch of t-shirts that I really, really wish would be reissued today! I'd definitely go for at least the Cap and FF ones!

I believe that the Thor shirt, interestingly enough, features art that was also offered as an iron-on transfer packed free by the Mead Company in their note paper back then!


Two years later, in Marvel's August, 1979 books, we find this book ad! Now, the paperback books at the top, which reprint six issues of each title, I don't know if anyone misses, since these are much easier to read in Masterworks volumes these days (or in Essentials, if you don't miss the color).

And the bottom books, the Marvel Indexes, were reissued in comic-book size by Marvel themselves, but I think the originals had much cooler covers.

In the middle, though are the Marvel Novels of the 1970s, and I think it would be very cool if these novels were reissued, perhaps in anthologies.


25 Days of Christmas Comics: Day 15!


From Hot Wheels 6 comes today's cover, which is definitely NOT in the true holiday spirit, eh?


Friday, December 14, 2007

Just In Case You're Curious...

...the eBay auction for the ridiculously overpriced Marvel Tales issue I wrote about here is still up and running, despite my best efforts to gently let the seller know they are sadly mistaken.

I suppose that's better than the last time I tried to help a seller out who had mislisted a comic book item... that person responded back to me, claiming that I was trying to rip them off or something!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Found on eBay!


"You Can't Cheat an Honest Man" teamed up W.C. Fields with Edgar Bergen (with his dummies, Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd) to make a very funny movie, which I haven't seen in way too long a time! Fields and Charlie had a "feud" going on the Chase and Sanborn Show (aka Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Show), and every time Fields appeared on the show, there'd be a slew of insults flying between them.

As I said, it's been far too long since I've seen this movie, so I don't recall how much that "rivalry" ended up in the movie.


Going from Charlie to Captain America now... I'm sure most of you have seen the Captain America serial, but for those who haven't: Captain America's costume is simplified from the comics -- gone are the folded-down boottops, gone are the white sleeves, even the gloves were changed (hmm, I wonder if the designer of the Mego Cap's costume was more familiar with this serial than the comics?). Even Cap's secret identity was altered... he was a district attorney or something like that, not even named Steve Rogers... and at the end of the serial, he gives up the identity, revealing it to the entire cast!

I think either Roy Thomas or Steve Englehart wrote some great Cap stories explaining why this was all the case in the Marvel Universe version of the serial.


Here's a poster for Captain Midnight, another serial, although this was based on a radio show, not a comic (although Fawcett had a Cap Midnight comic). Sadly, I've never seen this serial, so I can't say anything about it!


And this is the last serial poster for this posting... if you're looking at this wondering what the heck is going on, it's because Commando Cody was actually the latest version of Rocketman! I have no clue why his costume is pictured so completely wrong here.


So, here's Cragstan's Flying Saucer toy... longtime readers of this blog know that Cragstan produced a LOT of different tintoys that were battery operated... this one's pretty cool, eh?


This is another Cragstan item, Friendship 7... I think I posted a photo of the package a long time back!


This "Future Car," on the other hand, I haven't posted pictures of yet... I think this is my favorite Cragstan item to date! Looks like some of the concept cars of the late 50s/early 60s.

And now, a short parade of Cragstan Robots:


This is Mr. Atomic...


Followed by Mr. Robot (a lot of "Mr." robots, aren't there?)


This robot was probably a later Cragstan item... and it's named Robby!

Next time on "Found on eBay," we'll begin with a look at some lobby cards from one of my favorite Marx Brothers movies!


25 Days of Christmas Comics: Day 14!


Today's Christmas comics cover demonstrates that DC's heroes don't have a monopoly on helping Santa... here, Linda Turner, AKA the Black Cat, does her part!


Give-A-Show Friday: Quick Draw McGraw in "Two Heads are Better Than One"

This is slide frame #6 from the 1960 Red Give-A-Show set!










When non-comics fans try to sell comics on ebay...

Check out this auction someone's listed for Marvel Tales #110, mistaking it for Amazing Spider-Man #110. You won't believe the assumptions made!

Of course, since I have emailed the seller and tried to gently let them know of their error, the auction could well be down by the time you click the link.

edit - In case it gets changed, here's a screen shot I grabbed... click for a larger view:

original 1976 spiderman1.jpg


25 Days of Christmas Comics: Day 13!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Comics Advertisement Gallery!


I seem to recall posting a version of this ad, which was in the May, 1977 Marvels, but don't know for certain. There's all kinds of interesting stuff here, you know?

Take those puzzles... a nice range of Marvel characters represented there, and I think I may have photos of most of 'em for future Found on eBay posts!

Then there's the comic book savers, which for all I know are just three-ring binders with sheet protectors in them... but at least it came with the stickers, eh? I've not seen anything like these on eBay so far.

Same goes for those Marvel mood rings... definitely a product of the 1970s, but as yet, I haven't seen a single one on eBay!


Speaking of stickers, from the June, 1975 Marvel books comes this ad, which is one of those items that I have absolutely wanted to be reissued for years. I don't think I've come across any of these on eBay yet, but you never know...


From the August, 1975 Marvels, here's a rare ad... why is it rare? Because every single item shown here can be purchased on eBay just about any time. At the top are the Aurora Comic Scenes reissues of the Marvel 1960s models, which are all cool as hell. Below those are the Megos, which are the most famous super-hero figures ever... and yes, you can find these all the time on eBay. And finally, the statues at the bottom were manufactured by Marx Toys, and they are reissues of 1960s statues, and both versions are offered up almost continually!


You won't see any of these in my "Found on eBay" posts, because I suspect there are enough GI Joe books and websites out there covering GI Joe that I don't need to collect photos.

Mike Power, the Atomic Man -- as you probably guessed -- was Hasbro's attempt to grab a piece of the Six Million Dollar Man pie. If I'm not mistaken, I think Mike Power even came out before Kenner's first Steve Austin figure! Hasbro was in full "Adventure Team" mode at this point, which they did to revitalize the line (sales were slumping due to anti-military feelings, prompted by the Vietnam war... the Adventure Team concept moved it away from military). I think Hasbro's Bulletman came out about this time, as did The Intruder. And unless I'm misremembering, all the GI Joe figures at this time were issued on cards with a bubble, instead of the boxes most of us long-time Joe fans remember.


25 Days of Christmas Comics: Day 12!


Comic Cavalcade is always good for finding seasonal comics covers... here's issue 9, and maybe it's just me, but this is a bit creepy, isn't it? I mean, Flash, GL, and Wonder Woman are doing something really nice by delivering presents to this child, who is presumably poor or something. I guess they provided the tree as well as the gifts, but did they have to open the window wide to deliver these, letting what little warmth there might be inside the place go outside, and giving the child pneumonia?


Monday, December 10, 2007

Found on eBay! Marx, Bond, Batman, Buck and Bullwinkle!


Anyone who's been reading this blog for more than a few months know that I'm a huge fan of the Marx Brothers, and especially Groucho... and it should come as no surprise that there'll be the occasional Marx Brothers item showing up on these Found on eBay posts!

Like the lobby card above for "The Big Store," one of the last pictures the Marxes did, and one of the few Marx movies that I have yet to see! I think this was after At the Circus and before Go West, but I could well be wrong, and don't feel like looking it up right now!


This is either the coolest or the silliest hand puppet ever offered on eBay. I can't decide which. Nice likeness of Connery, either way.


Yes, it's a Batman item, way out of order. Why? Because I mistyped the file name, and so it alphabetized wrong. This is another AHI Batman item, and of course those "walkie talkies" supposedly work based on the same principle of tin can and string "telephones."


I just had to laugh when I came across this item... these disc pistols had been best known as "Star Trek Tracer Guns" in the late 60s and early 70s... there was also a nonlicensed version, too... but I'd never heard of a Buck Rogers version, tying into the two-year-long TV series.


I wish I knew what Jay Ward thought about all the crappy products that licensors sold as Bullwinkle toys... this "musicalmonica" looks more like a lute than anything else, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if this was also sold as a licensed toy based on "The Mighty Hercules"!


This Bullwinkle glass looks creepily off-model to me!


This Bullwinkle Sticker Fun Book is also off-model, but not as creepy as the glass is! I'm guessing the same people did the art here that did the Dell comics.


I can't imagine how anybody was inspired to create this game... a Bullwinkle board game? Yes, absolutely. A supermarket board game? Yeah, I could see that. But combining them together? Wouldn't ever occur to me.

Also note Boris and Natasha's skin color... which is, of course, supposed to be white.


This wallet would've been a 1970s item, based on the logo (which matches the Gold Key comics of the 70s). I'm amazed how many licensed character wallets I've seen on eBay!


Something about this watch bugs me... and yet there's something appealing about it, too!


I want these... and I've never seen them before I came across this auction. Wish I decided to bid on 'em at the time.

Next up on "Found on eBay," I'll start things off with a drunk and a dummy!