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Pop Culture Safari!

Hey, John of the retired This Is Pop Culture has started his new blog, Pop Culture Safari... he's just put up a few teaser posts right now, but he promises daily postings starting January 4th or so.

(Here's your plug, John... I'll add your new blog to the linklist here in the next few days... but the Random Acts of Geekery are missing on your linklist? Bummer...)


Flashback: Godzilla #1 Comic They Never Made!

Originally posted February 12,2005

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Here we have the first issue of Godzilla...

Oh, what's that? There was already a Godzilla #1?

Oh, okay... you mean the Marvel series of the 1970s, which created a Marvelized Godzilla? Or do you mean the Dark Horse stuff?

Nope, this is none of those!

Never before seen, this is the cover to Dell's Godzilla #1, based on the original black-and-white movie made by Toho!

Strangely enough, Dell didn't include this in the regular Dell Movie Classics line, but instead gave him his own title, probably intended as a one-shot!

This adaptation -- done in a hurry, to cash in on the movie -- doesn't feature quite as good a likeness of the Big G on the inside pages as they managed on this painted cover (Also, this cover doesn't appear as any of the movie posters -- but resurfaced recently for use as for the box art for a model kit). Needless to say, Steve Martin (yes, that was his name), the American reporter, bears no resemblance to Raymond Burr whatsoever. If I had to guess, I'd say the unknown writer and artist of this book only had a copy of the Americanized script, with only a few badly-printed photos to use for reference... and that the cover was done after the interiors.

The comic's a fairly straightforward retelling of the movie's story, although obviously compressed for space!


Yep, this was the first of my "Comics They Never Made!" Remember, this book doesn't exist!


Not too long after this post appeared, Cover Stories, a weekly column, started appearing under my byline at World Famous Comics, and this was also used there, too, in Column #4!

I did a whole series of these Godzilla Movie Adaptation mock-ups... but I skipped Godzilla Vs. the Thing, mainly because I couldn't find a decent poster on the web to use for the basis of the artwork!

I always wanted to do some Gamera Comics They Never Made, too, as sort of an accompaniment to these... and maybe even Gamera and Mothra one-shots, but never got around to it. In the case of Gamera (or Gammera, if you prefer), it was mainly a matter of not finding source artwork on the web.

There were a lot of other Comics They Never Made that I wanted to do... and maybe in the coming weeks, I'll share some of those with you!


Coming Attractions!

So, this is the 1,924th post of this blog... and February 11th will be the blogoversary... three years of this blog!

I am hoping that I'll somehow manage to make enough posts that on February 11, 2008, I'll make post number 2,000!

How am I going to do this? Well, there's a couple of things I've got planned.

First of all, there will be the regular Monster Monday posts, as well as the Give-A-Show Fridays, plus the four or five Found on eBay posts, comic ad galleries, and some new comics cover galleries.

Since I've recently won some issues of Castle of Frankenstein, I'll do reviews of those issues as I get them and read them. I've also managed to get Susan Hitchcock's book about Frankenstein from the library (Susan, what happened to the review copy you promised me?), and once I've read that, I'll write up a review of it, too.

And finally, I'm planning to do some "flashback" posts. I'll go through the archives of this blog, and rerun them, with some updated information (where applicable) added, or maybe some new thoughts. I'll probably do one of these every two days.

I'll try to do a minimum of two posts each day, and some days there may be three. And like I said, I'm hoping to hit number 2,000 on February 11!

Those of you who've been here from the beginning, and those of us who've joined me here along the way... stick around! It'll be fun!


Friday, December 28, 2007

Give-A-Show Fridays: The Checklist to Date!

Have a bit of an update to the Checklist for you... if you're not interested in the checklist, scroll down for a double-feature Western Give-A-Show post, or past that for a Comic Ad gallery!

Notes: When Give-A-Show was first produced, the slides were printed on plastic and mounted on cardboard frames. These frames had a single color of ink printed on them with the character, story name, copyright date, and two pictures of the character. Through the 1960s, this was the format, and so I've taken to using the color and year to distinguish each release from the other.

1960 Red Slides
1-Popeye-Popeye To The Rescue
2-Three Stooges-Moon Man Moe
3-Yogi Bear-All At Sea
4-Woody Woodpecker-Go, Go, Goat!
5-Huckleberry Hound-Jinks' Surprise
6-Quick Draw McGraw-Two Heads are Better Than One
7-Oswald-Bug Game Hunter
8-Buffalo Bill-Sknis the Thieves
9-Wild Bill Hickock-Deadly Ambush
10-Kit Carson-Indian Attack
11-Maverick-Take a Gamble
12-Wyatt Earp-Gunman's Choice
13-Annie Oakley-Shoot-Out
14-Classics-Hansel & Gretel

1961 Blue Slides
1-Huckleberry Hound-The One That Got Away
2-Popeye-A Day at the Seashore
3-Woody Woodpecker-Geronimo!
4-Three Stooges-Go To the Dogs
5-Rocky and Bullwinkle-A Ball for Boris
6-Lassie-Urgent Message
7-Mighty Mouse-Canaveral Capers
8-Classics-Peter Pan Foils Captain Hook
9-Casper the Friendly Ghost-He Who Laughs Last…
10-Heckle and Jeckle-Rough Stuff
11-Andy Panda-Balooney Business
12-Baby Huey-Wreckless Driver
13-Kenner Kids-The Haunted Mine
14-Roy Rogers-Trigger Has a Close Call
15-Captain Kangaroo-Bunny's Crazy Crop
16-Bozo-Bozo Booms a Bum
17-Classics-The Wizard of Oz
18-Classics-Robin Hood Meets Little John
19-Classics-Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn
20-Classics-William Tell
21-N/A-Stowaway in Space
22-Aesop's Fable-The Lion and the Mouse
23-N/A-Deadly Boomerang
24-N/A-Union Drummer Boy
25-Classics-Treasure Island
26-Popeye-Big Top Bullseye
27-Woody Woodpecker-Whew!
28-Three Stooges-Where There's Smoke… There's Fire?
30-Rocky and Bullwinkle-Bully for Bullwinkle
31-Roy Rogers-Headache for the Horse Thieves
32-Bozo-Joy Ride for Jumbo

1961 Green Slides
1-Huckleberry Hound-Huck's Magic Show
2-Yogi Bear-Flying High
3-Quick Draw McGraw-The Cannoneer
4-Pixie & Dixie-Painting the Town
5-Ruff & Reddy-Ruff Gets Rough
6-Snooper & Blabber-The Bear Facts
7-Auggie Doggie-Daddy Rings the Bell
8-Flintstones-A New Twist
9-Snagglepuss-Soars to New Heights
10-Flintstones-Fred Bowls a Boomerang
11-Aggie Doggie-Daddy Builds a Beauty
12-Huckleberry Hound-Huck Uses His Head
13-Yogi Bear-Unfunny Honey
14-Quick Draw McGraw-Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…
15-Ruff & Reddy-Whale of a Time
16-Flintstones-Double Trouble

1962 Green Slides
1-Huckleberry Hound-Huck's Magic Show
2-Yogi Bear -Flying High
3-Quick Draw McGraw-The Cannoneer
4-Pixie and Dixie-Painting the Town
5-Ruff & Reddy-Ruff Gets Rough
6-Snooper and Blabber-The Bear Facts
7-Auggie Doggie-Daddy Rings the Bell
8-Flintstones-A New Twist
9-Snagglepuss-Soars to New Heights
10-Flintstones-Fred Bowls a Boomerang
11-Auggie Doggie-Daddy Builds a Beauty
12-Huckleberry Hound-Huck Uses His Head
13-Yogi Bear-Unfunny Honey
14-Quick Draw McGraw-Mirror, Mirror on theWall…
15-Ruff & Reddy-Whale of a Time
16-Flintstones-Double Trouble

1962 Red Slides
1-Popeye and Olive Oyl-Victory at Sea
2-Three Stooges-Monster Monkey Business
3-Kenner Kids-Dive into Danger
4-Rocky and Bullwinkle-The Astronut
5-Woody Woodpecker-Jetty Propulsion
6-Roy Rogers-Mark of the Big Cat
7-Kenner Kids-Everglades Adventure
8-Huckleberry Hound and Yogi Bear-Poor Picnic Pickin's
9-Mr. Magoo-Magoo Gets a Checkup
10-Classics-Aladdin's Lamp
11-Dick Tracy-Case of the Missing Masterpiece
12-Mr. Ed-A Hitchin' Ed's Plans
13-Fury-Adventure With an Outlaw Stallion
14-Deputy Dawg-Bait From Outer Space
15-Mighty Mouse-A Whale of a Job
16-Classics-The Boy Who Cried Wolf

1962 Silver Slides
2-Rocky and Bullwinkle-Misguided Moosile

1963 Green Slides
1-The Flintstones-All'sWell That Ends Well
2-Huckleberry Hound-Smile, You're on TV!
3-Yogi Bear-Woodsman, Spare That Tree!
4-Jetsons-Rosie Gets Repaired
5-Quick Draw McGraw-Fastest Guitar in the West
6-Hokey Wolf-An Actor's Life
7-Touche Turtle-Blast Off For Balloon
8-Wally Gator-Wally Saves His Skin
9-Lippy Lion-The Dragon's Shadow
10-Auggie Doggie-Daddy Tries His Wings
11-Flintstones-Fred Thinks Big
12-Huckleberry Hound-The Right Caliber
13-Yogi Bear-His Kind of Hat
14-Jetsons-Elroy's Secret Weapon
15-Quick Draw McGraw-Gold Fever
16-The Flintstones-A Record Catch

1963 Blue Sludes
1-The Flintstones and Pebbles-Fred Takes a Flyer
2-Popeye-Undersea Surprise
3-Mighty Mouse-Two Can Play At That Game
4-Rocky and Bullwinekle-To Catch a Moose
5-Alvin and the Chipmunks-Picnic Surprise
6-Roy Rogers-Trip Trap
7-Dennis the Menace-Where's Cowboy Bob?
9-Mr. Ed-Now Who's Talking?
10-Dick Tracy-The Robot Wrecker
11-Three Stooges-Billboard Butchers
12-Captain Kangaroo-Who Stopped the Clock?
13-Mr. Magoo-Class Reunion
14-Casper the Friendly Ghost-The Braggin' Dragon
15-Superman-Journey Into the Past
16-Whirlybirds-Air Fishing
17-Bozo the Clown-Chimp Chaser
18-The Gooney Bird-Gorilla Tamer
19-The Kenner Kids-Rambunctious Rhino
20-Alvin and the Chipmunks-Alvin's Big Catch
21-Dennis the Menace-A Trip to the Museum
22-Lassie-Lassie Gets a Reward
23-Captain Kangaroo-No Feathers for Bunny
24-Bozo the Clown-It Looks Like a Real Lion

1964 Red Slides
1-Popeye-Popeye Booms Back
2-Dick Tracy-A Real Pepper-Upper
3-Mr. Magoo-Out of Step
4-Alvin and the Chipmunks-Fractured Football
5-Clyde Crashcup-3-Speed Omission
6-Casper the Friendly Ghost-Panic Stop
7-Barney Google & Snuffy Smith-Board Stiff
8-Bozo the clown-High Dive
9-Fury-Firey Rescue
10-Mr. Ed-No Pool Like a New Pool
11-Mighty Mouse-Punch for Lunch
12-Three Stooges-Tanks, but No Tanks
13-Captain Kangaroo-Growing Pains
14-Lassie-Timmy's Bad Break
15-Dennis the Menace-Come On In
16-Huckleberry Hound & Yogi Bear-Wash-Up for Supper

1965 Red Slides
1-Flintstones-A Sneeze to Please
2-Yogi Bear-Rocket Riding Ranger
3-Huckleberry Hound-Barrel Peril
4-Magilla Gorilla-Hare Raising Robber
5-Peter Potamus-Brainless Buccaneer
6-Jetsons-Supersonic Sissy
7-Jonny Quest-Warehouse Rescue
8-Quick Draw McGraw-Clobbers a Robber
9-Yogi Bear-A Punch for a Lunch
10-Huckleberry Hound-BarnStorming
11-Flintstones and Hoppy-Mammoth Dilemma
12-Quick Draw McGraw-Out of the Frying Pan
13-Magilla Gorilla-Sled Snack
14-Peter Potamus-Watta Melon
15-Flintstones and Hoppy-Kitchen Concert
16-Yogi Bear-Yogi's Buzz Bomb

1966 Blue Slides
1-Superman-Race Against Danger
2-Three Stooges-Aqua-Nuts
3-Popeye-One Track Mind
4-Mighty Mouse-Good Noose
5-Lassie-Lassie the Game Warden
6-Secret Squirrel-Shrink in the Drink
7-Mr. Magoo-Abused Car Lot
8-Fury-Fireman Fury
9-Alvin and the Chipmunks-Moon Munks
10-Captain Kangaroo-Acrobunny
11-Roy Rogers-Nellybelle to the Rescue
12-Rocky and Bullwinkle-Alley Antics
13-Bozo-Shoe In
14-Casper the Friendly Ghost-A Frosty Friend
15-Heckle and Jeckle-Double Play
16-Stingray-Stingray's Secret Weapon

1967 Blue Slides
1-Frankenstein Jr-Frankie, Jr Saves a Satellite
2-Yogi Bear-Crunches a Lunch
3-Huckleberry Hound-Hot Puck Huck
4-Flintstones-The Purloined Sirloin
5-Magilla Gorilla-Drive-In Ape Wash
6-Secret Squirrel-Smells a Rat
7-Atom Ant-Supermarket Showdown
8-Quick Draw McGraw-Female Felon
9-Space Ghost-Puny Pirates
10-Dino Boy-Whale of a Tail
11-The Impossibles-The Formless Foe
12-Space Kidettes-Frozen Assets
13-Precious Pupp-The Fortuitus Flue
14-Maw & Paw Rugg-All Tire(d) Out
15-Hokey Wolf-Art Thief Grief

1968 Red Slides
1-Superman-Asphault Ambush
2-Lone Ranger-Tunnel of Terror
3-Three Stoogets-Firehouse Frenzy
4-Captain Kangaroo-Mower Mayhem
5-Off to See the Wizard-Enchanted River
6-Lassie-Anchor Man
7-Casper-Postal Poltergeist
8-Spider-Man-The Frustrated Phantom
9-Fantastic Four-Vicious Vine
10-Rocky and Bullwinkle-Slingshot Sleuth
11-Gentle Been-Midnight Fright
12-Bozo the Clown-Salty Solution
13-Popeye-Deep Sea Dilemma
14-Thor-Melt the Monster
15-King Kong-Erroneous Eruption
16-Aquaman-All Clammed Up

1969 Gold Slides

2-Yogi Bear-Unplanned Vacation
5-Moboy Dick-Now That's Using Your Tail

1970 Blue Slides
1-Archie-Dead End
2-Dudley Do-Right-Bear Facts
3-Bugs Bunny-Stare Case
4-Captain Kangaroo-The Retriever
5-Tom & Jerry-Build a Better Cat-Trap
6-Casper-Nothing to Crow About
7-Mr. Magoo-Camera Bug
8-George of the Jungle-Bungleberry Picker
9-Sabrina, The Teen-Age Witch-Sand-Witch for Lunch
10-Apollo 11 Moonflight-First Man on the Moon
11-Superman-Tower of Power
12-Rocky and Bullwinkle-Hard Luck
13-Lassie-Perilous Precipice
14-Bozo the Clown-Dumbell
15-Popeye-Up a Tree
16-Flintstones-Oil That Glitters Is Not Gold

Sometime after 1970, Kenner decided to change how their Give-A-Show slides were listed. Since I haven't collected many post-1970 sets so far, I'm not sure if color is still a designator (the 1974 slides I have use blue printing, while the 1976 slides have kind of a purplish printing on them). The frame also has the corners beveled, which I presume made them easier to insert in the projectors.

1974 006 Slides (blue)
91-01-Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids-Tomato Catch-Up Part 1
91-02-Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids-Tomato Catch-Up Part 2
92-01-Scooby Doo-Seize and Freeze Part 1
92-02-Scooby Doo-Seize and Freeze Part 2
93-01-Josie and the Pussycats-Candy Landing Part 1
93-02-Josie and the Pussycats-Candy Landing Part 2
94-01-Speed Buggy-Speed Trap Part 1 (mislabeled as "Speed Buggs")
94-02-Speed Buggy-Speed Trap Part 2 (mislabeled as "Speed Buggs")
95-01-Charlotte's Web-Some Pig Part 1
95-02-Charlotte's Web-Some Pig Part 2
96-00-Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch-Hat Whack
97-00-Star Trek-Space Cowboy
98-00-Archie-Ladder Splatter
99-00-Goober and the Ghost Chasers-Giving up the Ghost
01-00-Robin Hood-Hood-Winked
60-00-Bugs Bunny-Wabbitt to the Wescue

1974 612 Slides (red)
602-01-Valley of the Dinosaurs-Escape from Danger Part 1
602-02-Valley of the Dinosarus-Escape from Danger Part 2
603-01-Speed Buggy-Fire Drill Part 1
603-02-Speed Buggy-Fire Drill Part 2
604-01-Scooby Doo-Jungle Bungle Part 1
604-02-Scooby Doo-Jungle Bungle Part 2
605-01-Hong Kong Phooey-Sooper Scooper Part 1
605-02-Hong Kong Phooey-Sooper Scooper Part 2
606-00-Korg 70,000 B.C.-Peril on the Mountain
607-00-Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch-Tunnel Funnel
608-00-Addams Family-Creepy Campers
609-00-Bugs Bunny-Airborne Elmer
610-00-Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids-Rebuilt Racer
611-01-Star Trek-Project Iceberg Part 1
611-02-Star Trek-Project Iceberg Part 2
612-00-The U.S. of Archie-Boston Tea Party

1976 868 Slides (purple)
606-02-Land of the Lost-Grumpy's Rescue Part 2
606-01-Land of the Lost-Grumpy's Rescue Part 1
608-02-Shazam-Cliff Hanger Part 2
607-00-Far Out Space Nuts-Lunch Launch
608-01-Shazam-Cliff Hanger Part 1
610-02-Scooby-Doo-Mustery Train Part 2
609-00-Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids-Hole in One
610-01-Scooby-Doo-Mystery Train Part 1 (missing0
611-00-Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm-Scary Staircase
612-00-Josie and the Pussycats-A Feather in Her Cap
613-00-Great Grape Ape-Snow Foolin
615-00-Hong Kong Phooey-Clothesline Catapult
616-00-Speed Buggy-Sky High Scramble
619-00-Bugs Bunny-Fishing Frenzy
620-00-Harlem Globetrotters-Super Stuff

Notes: Either in 1977 or 1978, Kenner changed the slides again. Gone were the cardboard frames; instead, the entire slide strip was a single piece of plastic with solid black print for frames. I'm beginning to suspect that this was a contributing factor to fewer 1970s slides being available for collectors today!

1978 Slides
Black-1-16-Star Wars-Scene 1-16

Give-A-Show Friday: Western Double Feature!

First up, it's Wild Bill Hickock in "Deadly Ambush"!



Wow, that was exciting! Next up is Kit Carson in "Indian Attack"!



Next week on Give-A-Show Friday: Maverick, plus Wyatt Earp!


Comic Ad Gallery - With Bonus Pics!

Time for another gallery of ads from comics... with a bonus! Starting now (assuming I remember), any ad I share here where I actually have a photo of the product or products being sold, I'll include that, too!


Take this Micronauts ad from the August, 1979 Marvel comics... here's what the toys really look like!


I think they looked more impressive in the comic ad, don't you?


Naturally, as soon as I decide I'll run product pictures with the ads, here comes this ad for the Mighty Marvel Comiccon from the September, 1975 Marvels, and I don't have a photo of any of this stuff!


From the November, 1973 Marvels comes this ad for the Spidey coin... which was later joined by Conan and Hulk coins! And here they are!


I only wish I had a better set of photos for them!


From that same month comes this ad for iron-on transfers. Now, I don't have pics of these transfers, but I thought you'd at least like a closer look at some of them!


At least, these were the four I wanted most from this ad when I was a kid (and still do, as an adult!).


From the November, 1976 Marvels come the coolest back-to school supplies ever, offered by Mead! I used to have some of these, but sadly don't any more.

But I do have photos of the notebook paper that came with iron-ons of Spider-Man, The Hulk, Captain America, and Thor!



Cool, eh?


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Found on eBay!

Time for a quick installment...


Here's the Dingaling Skyway Highway... hey, wait a minute! That "Dingaling" robot looks a bit like a Zeroid knockoff, doesn't it? Well, okay, not really... and it is pretty cool looking, eh?


Duck Soup is one of my favorite Marx Brothers movies... although I understand that when it was originally released, it didn't do quite as well as they'd hoped it would...


...but it's hiliarious, and a brilliant satire of war and the causes of war. Methinks that there's a number of people in Washington D.C. who really should be required to watch Duck Soup at least once a year, just to help them keep perspective!


Now, here's the real Zeroid knock-offs, courtesy of Durham Toys! I've got to figure that these were very cheap compared to Ideal's Zeroid line (heck, these don't even have the "capsule" thingies with the fold-down door/ramp), and frankly, I was amazed to come across the auction for this one with it still on the card!


Durham didn't just do knock-offs of Zeroids, either... it looks to me like this Wild Bill Hickock figure they produced was intended to fit in with Marx Toys' Best of the West line!


And here's an entirely different Durham robot toy... one that doesn't appear to be a knock-off of anything!


And here's another of those Movies That Jon Hasn't Seen Yet, But Wants To... Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers! I've seen clips of it, but never seen the movie itself...


You long-time readers may recall my talking about Filmation's Flash Gordon TV series, which I did some work for the DVD release? Here's the Mattel action figures that came out at the same time... Well, some of 'em, anyway!


This serial I'm pretty sure I've seen, but it's been a long, long time, and I could use a refresher viewing!

Next on "Found on eBay," I'll start with some Forbidden Planet!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Old Order Changeth!

Well, okay... maybe that's not the best title for this entry.

Basically, I've done a little bit of tweaking here... updated the linklist, removing some links that are pretty much dead, and adding a new linklist for the 2007 Halloween Countdown participating websites (I know I don't have them all). I've also removed the AdSense stuff from the blog, because... well, it wasn't netting me any cash, so why include it?

I still wish I knew how to tweak the layout, though... when I look at the blog, there always appears to be this wasted space on the left side! But I guess that's just because the column witdth for entries and the extras is fixed, so if your browser window is wider, there's extra space on either side...


Happy Boxing Day!


Boxing Day is a UK tradition, also observed in Canada. I'm not a boxing fan myself, but I figured hey, why cut you guys off completely cold turkey from a comic cover per day when there was a cover ready-made for this holiday!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Found on eBay: DC Superheroes Items!

So, I've got a bit of a break mid-morning here, so I thought I'd go ahead and do a quick "Found on eBay" post for those of you who may take a break from holiday festivities and do some blog reading!


This blanket was listed by the seller as being a Super Friends blanket, but I suspect that's because it has Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman on it. It's a pretty nice blanket, and would've made a nice companion piece to my DC superheroes sleeping bag, but I think I forgot to put a bid on it before it closed, sadly...


This Super Jrs. sleeping bag is another item I fully intended to put a bid on... I even added it to my watchlist on eBay... and then forgot to put a bid on it at all. This was from a short period when I was experimenting with waiting until an auction was nearly over before placing a bid, in an attempt to avoid being sniped. Instead, I just plain forgot to bid at all!

These days, I only put stuff on my watchlist if I'm curious to see what the final price is, and if I'm going to bid, I put my maximum bid in there right away.


These days, it's probably hard to believe, but stamp collecting used to be a pretty popular hobby... so much so that items like this one were put out in an attempt to get some crossover going between the comics collectors and stamp collectors! Nice art on these sets, too.


I wish the seller of this item had included decent photos of the stencils... because otherwise, this is basically just sidewalk chalk!


Obviously, when the Wonder Woman TV show was on, Wonder Woman licensing increased... I think before the show, it was rare to have Wonder Woman by herself on any licensed product, it was all relating to Super Friends or the JLA (for the most part... I am, of course, aware of the Ideal Wonder Woman Super Queen).


Been a while since I posted a coloring book here, hasn't it? And I think this is the first WW coloring book I've ever posted!


In the 1970s or so, Corgi had the license to produce cars based on the DC characters... later, Mattel got the license for Marvel cars (which were part of their Hot Wheels line). I'm not sure how well this one did!


I'm not sure how they managed to produce a Wonder Woman costume without being tempted to put a picture of Wonder Woman on it! It's not bad, considering how skimpy the real costume is... it's actually pretty recognizeable!


Monday, December 24, 2007