Saturday, October 25, 2008

Children's Book Theatre: Creature From The Black Lagoon Part 6!


Last time we featured a digest version of "The Revenge of the Creature" from this book, so you know what comes next...


But there's still more... next time, for the wrap-up, "The Making of the Creature"!



  1. Anonymous4:02 AM

    It seams a little odd to me how they did this book. It's a Childerns (well, atlest like) story book of the film. When it has completed it's short version of the film, it then goes into talking to the reader about the next film, and then quickly tells that story, AND then does the next.. First, they could have done the next two as different books, OR just carried on the story (even if it was cut down).. i wonder why the bit of fusse about being the next film and then saying 'in this film' etc.. that just seams very odd and out of place to me

  2. I'm guessing they didn't expect they'd be doing separate books of the sequels (as they ended up doing with some of the Frankenstein movies).


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