Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cool Stuff: Shogun Warriors!

Honestly, every time I get to the Shogun Warriors section of each volume of cool stuff photos, I think, "This has to be the last of 'em."

And then I get into another volume, and there's more! And I know I haven't covered all the stuff yet!


Here's a Raydeen Shogun Warriors coloring book! I have no idea how many different coloring books they did of the characters...

shogun_combatra_die shogun_combatra_diecast

Die-Cast Combatra!


Daimos - in the big size, like all good Shogun Warrior toys should be (unless you don't have room to store the three foot tall dudes)!


Daimos in Spanish box!


Daimos again, just in case you aren't sick of Daimos yet!


Danguard die-cast!


Dragun big-size!


Dragun die-cast!


Dragun model kit by Monogram!


Dragun puzzle!


Big Gaiking!

shogun_gaiking_die shogun_gaiking_diecast

Die-Cast Gaiking!


Gaiking Monogram model!


Gaiking Japanese release!




Godzilla! Yes, Mattel made a Godzilla Shogun Warrior!

More next time around!


  1. Anonymous2:06 AM

    i was never too sure what to think of Shogun Warriors.. Mattel deciding to take a bunch of different japanese toys, mostly from Anime and Sentai shows, and release them in a completely new format as a way to sell them... and as you show, some of the characters are now more well known then others.. seeing Godzilla (and i think there were a number of well known ones like Mazinger) released as part of that range make it seam worst to me..

  2. Aaaahhhh! I can't tell you how much I miss my giant Raydeen action figure. I used to spend hours making him shoot his winged chest missiles at my giant Godzilla. The battles were mighty and glorious!

  3. Manic Man - I think grouping 'em together was brilliant on Mattel's part... although I think perhaps one failing was their not identifying any of them as being the bad guys... which kind of left it to us kids to decide who fought who (my brothers and I pitted ours against each other in a battle for supremacy).

    Reis - I know what you mean... I had one of the shooting fist Shoguns, and mine was the only one with a weapon that could topple one of my brothers' Shoguns!

  4. Just saw two of the Monogram models complete and sealed at a large regional flea market show on Sunday. They wanted $17 each. This post makes me wish I had picked them up. The Shogun Warriors are some of my favorite items from the 70's. All that I have left is the complete comic book series.

  5. Chris, maybe you should've offered $25 for the pair? Things like this happen to geeks like us all the time, but you never know what kind of offer might be accepted!

  6. Anonymous8:58 AM

    The Shogun Warriors were such a wonderful part of my childhood. I remember thinking they were sort of a second-rate Ultraman at the time, but I still loved those massive battles the giant toys were capable of. I never understood the wheels on their feet though. Raydeen remains my favorite. He looked like an eagle when you laid him down.

  7. Glad I could bring back some fond memories, Brian!


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