Friday, October 24, 2008

Monster Mondays on Friday!


Let's see what goodies I have to show you in this bonus post!


Ah, here's a nice box of unopened monster rings... It appears you couldn't quite tell which ring was in which envelope, so you pays your dime, you takes your chances!


I wish I had a better photo of this game - heck, I wish I had the game! Famous Monsters seems to be a role-playing game (like D&D) featuring classic monsters!


It seems at least once a week, one of the many "Wear-A-Weirdo" head necklaces appears on eBay... I have no idea how many different ones there were!


Here's another one of those items I wish I could've bid on and won... check out the ten different iron-on transfers! If I had one of these, I'd scan each one at high resolution and print out my own transfers, so I wouldn't have to worry about them wearing out!


I think these very cool monster cards are from the "Old Maid" style game that's never offered often enough! Note that the card labeled "Teen-Age Werewolf" isn't from that movie... and the "Wolf Man" card uses the Curse of the Werewolf (I believe) while the Werewolf Card has the Wolf Man! And you'll note, too, that the Phantom of the Opera and Hunchback of Notre Dame cards aren't using Lon Chaney's interpretation of either one...

Still, I'd love to have these!


Monster from Green Hell!



Is that thing a giant killer caterpillar (like It Challenged The World), or what?


Here's a cool item... an 8mm movie with scenes from the giant squid sequence from my favorite Disney movie, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea!


Here's a fun book I think I may have seen as a child! I know one of my fellow bloggers has posted stuff out of it, too! Hmmm... "Norman Bridwell"... that's the creator of Clifford, The Big Red Dog! (Wow, something I learned by having a 4-year-old becomes helpful on this blog!)


I may have posted a photo of Ideal's Monster Lab before... but never one with all these views PLUS super-sizing available to let you look at the glory and spectacle that is this wonderful monster toy!


One of my fellow bloggers posted photos of this game, "Monster Madness," back in August...


Since I don't have this game in my meager collection, I envy him.


But wait... that green Frankenstein Monster? That's the same thing that's included in the Escape From Frankenstein game I do have!!! I wonder if the seller threw that in by accident, or if it really comes with the game?

I don't know of any blogger who's got these cool monster birthday cards with records... at least, none who've shared or shown them off yet!



Look cool as hell, don't they?


Ah, here's some vending machine monster rings... and with that, I'll close out this installment!



  1. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Monster from Green Hell had Giant Mutated Wasps (created by the U.S. Government by cruelly testing the effects of space radiation on Animals)

  2. Ah, thanks Manic Man!

  3. Hi Jon. I scored a copy of Monster Madness awhile back on Ebay and it didn't have the Frank.

  4. Thanks, Dex... that would pretty much confirm my suspicions that it was a mistake to include it!

  5. So I wonder who the Old Maid was in that Monster card set?

    I remember having that "Monster Jokes and Riddles" book. I got it from the Scholastic Book Club. I was real big into riddles back then. So much so that my brothers threatened to throw my riddle book out the window during car trips!


  6. No idea on the "Old Maid," Tony!


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