Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

Starting off with something a bit off-beat, at least for this blog...


It's page 1 from Blackhawk 210, by Chuck Cuidera! This could be the first Blackhawk appearance of any kind in this blog!


Next up, we're back to the Brave and the Bold again (because I wasn't consistent with my abbreviation of the title)! Here's page 30 from B&B 34, by Joe Kubert, natch!


Next is page 5 from B&B 21, also by Kubert!


Page 2 from B&B 42... also by Kubert! Wow, what a lot of B&B Kubert pages today!


Page 3 from the same issue!


Page 4! Sheesh, how many pages of this story do I have in my files?


Page 26 from The Brave and the Bold 47... this is Carmine Infantino's work, obviously!


Page 27! This and the previous page, I just realized, are from Strange Sports Stories!


Cover from Brave and the Bold 80, by Neal Adams!

And that's it (unless I've got other files that are really badly named) for my Brave and the Bold pages in this volume of Original Comic Art! Next time around, we'll start with a page from the short-lived 1970s Atlas Comics!

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