Friday, February 22, 2008

Found on eBay: Spy Smasher, Star Trek!

Hey, it's a bonus "Found on eBay" post!


Spy Smasher, for the uninitiated, was a Fawcett Comics character of the 1940s who appeared with Captain Marvel in Whiz Comics, and as you can see above, there was a movie serial made based on the series! I only wish I'd had a chance to see it myself!

And now, some Star Trek stuff!


Hey, I remember seeing this in the stores when I was really into Star Trek, in the early to mid 1970s (not that I'm not into Trek these days... I was just much more into it back then). I wanted this book, which would let you make your own "action toys" punched out of the pages of the book...


This Star Trek belt buckle is pretty sweet... I think there's one available on eBay right now, too!


If you've been following the "Found on eBay" posts for a while, then yes, you're probably thinking, "Wow, just about everything popular in the 1970s had a breakfast set made with pictures of it, weren't there?"

And you'd be pretty much right!


To the left: A coloring and activity book. To the right: A Peter Pan book and record set, which may have originally been prepared for the Power Records imprint, but after "Star Trek: The Motion Picture," the photo got pasted over the original artwork, as seen above! I have no idea if the interior features movie Trek or classic Trek uniforms.


Colorforms were also very popular in the 1960s through the 1980s... but I think the height of its popularity was the 70s... and yes, if it was popular, there was a Colorforms set!


This would, of course, be the Dinky Toys Enterprise, which a lot of people falsely remember as being made by Corgi Toys! I tried to win an auction for one of these a month or two ago, but kept getting outbid... darn it!


And here's the Dinky Klingon Cruiser, in the package yet!


I think I used to have at least one of these Dr. Pepper Star Trek animated series glasses, because they look VERY familiar!

And finally... here's multiple views of the classic Star Trek lunchbox:


More Star Trek goodies next time!


Coming Distractions!

So, just to give you guys a head's up on what's going on...

Today Jessi and I signed the papers for the new house. In theory, we'll be closing on Wednesday, the 27th. Once the property transfer's been filed with the county, we'll get the keys... probably the 28th. We're hoping to move on the 29th... i.e., next Friday.

If that's what ends up happening, then this blog will probably go on a hiatus starting Thursday and lasting through Sunday. When I'm up and running here again will depend largely on how quickly we can get our internet working at the new house!

March 1st, we have tickets to see Bill "Here's Your Sign" Engvall at a local casino... I bought these tickets back in October, and we've been looking forward to it ever since... but depending on when the closing actually occurs, and when we actually get keys, we may end up not being able to go. My boss at work has offered to buy the tickets from me if we're not going to be able to make it. My sister has offered the same. This show has been sold out for weeks!

During this next five or six days, I'll try to keep the posting schedule I've established, and maybe even get a few bonus posts in, too! And after the short hiatus, I'll get back to the regular schedule, I'm sure!


Movie of the Week: The Marx Bros. in Monkey Business!

And here we have it, the last of the Marx Bros. movies to be featured in the "Movie of the Week!" Next week, I'll get into some more genre movies, okay?

And yes, I know, I skipped "A Night at the Opera" and "A Day At The Races" entirely... I'll eventually get to them, I promise! I just hadn't collected any photos from eBay relating to them yet!

Promotional piece for the VHS release

Most of what people remember from "Monkey Business" involves the Marxes as stowaways on a ship heading to the USA. And that's got a ot of memorable scenes, too!

Swedish poster

Honestly, it's been way, way too long since I've seen this movie to go into too much detail... Groucho's character gets involved with a gangster type (while trying to put the moves on the guy's wife!)...

...there's the constant evading of the ship's personnel, who know there are stowaways, but can't seem to find them...



But honestly, the plot doesn't really matter... what matters is how funny the Marxes are!


And trust me, they are funny... this movie never fails to make me laugh out loud when I watch it!


Here's one of my favorite scenes... the basic bit was one they'd developed back in their vaudeville days, and had used in film for a promotional piece... but it's just as funny here!


The entire movie appears to be on YouTube, in multiple parts, so you can see it that way... but I would definitely recommend just getting the DVD!

When "Movie of the Week" returns, I'll start with the Universal Frankensteins! I'll probably skip next weekend's scheduled posting due to movie, but the feature will return in two weeks!


Give-A-Show Fridays: Casper & Heckle and Jeckle!





Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Found on eBay: Spider-Toys!

Continuing with the Spider-Man collectibles...


I don't know if I have a better picture of this thing in my files, or not... yeah, it's a pretty awful picture (almost looks like someone took a picture of the screen, doesn't it, with the battery indicator showing). I should really grab a new, better photo next time I come across a listing for this Spidey hang-glider!

There was also a Hulk hangglider, too...


This Spidey pogo stick is definitely one of the oddest items I've come across, at least so far as Spider-Man toys go!


OK, so this is a bit odd, too... just what is it that makes this bike siren a Spider-Man siren, aside from the sticker on it?


I think back when I was buying and selling toys at toy shows, I had a pair of these skates, which I'd probably found at a garage sale or thrift store! I bet my son, Tristan, would love a pair of them now!!


Marx Toys' Sky Heroes, like the Spidey one above, don't show up on eBay too often! I just grabbed a pic of the Captain America one this past week (which will be some time before I get to posting it here), but I have yet to see a Superman or Batman one!


These slide puzzles show up pretty often -- both Spidey and Hulk versions -- although most of the time, the photos aren't of them solved!


Ah, here's another Spidey item my son would really dig... these switchplate covers pop up about once every month or two!


There have been View-Master sets for most of the major Marvel characters, even Doctor Strange! For a while, I thought they had to have been based on the 1960s cartoons, but since there wasn't a Doc Strange 'toon, I can only assume they were created especially for View-Master!


Yes, in the late 1970s, they'd pretty much put a picture of Spidey or the Hulk on anything and sell it to the kiddies... how many kids really need a key holder, like the Hulk one in this photo?


Ah, here's one of the cooler toys... one of the variations of the Spider-Man web-shooters! As you can see, these use spring-loaded darts with string attached. I'm guessing the plastic red and black "web wing" was there to keep it going straight when launched.


This Spider-Man wrist radio is pretty nifty, too, isn't it? I believe it was an AM radio... don't recall if you could put an earphone in it, though. I'd have to imagine that the batteries couldn't have lasted all that long in it.

Next time around... we continue with toys and collectibles that start with "S"-- including a bunch of Star Trek stuff!


Castle of Frankenstein #12: Pages 38-44

And we continue with my look at Castle of Frankenstein #12!


Page 38, as you can see, reviews the book "An Illustrated History of the Horror Film," which I'm not sure if I've ever read myself! Reviewer Dan Bates gives the tome a thumbs-up! Oh, that photo on the top half of the page? That's Karloff and Lugosi from "The Black Cat."

Page 39 begins a "Farewell to Basil Rathbone."


The Farewell continues on pages 40 and 41. At first, I was kind of surprised to see this kind of coverage for the then-recently deceased Rathbone, until I was reminded that he did play a Frankenstein in "Son of Frankenstein," and even leaving that aside, his long-running portrayal of Sherlock Holmes would've easily earned coverage of his passing a place in this magazine.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to read the article yet myself!


Page 42's advertisement for "An Illustrated History of the Horror Film" makes the review appear a bit self-serving, doesn't it? Castle of Frankenstein didn't seem to carry advertisements from anybody... it appears that all ads were for products available through them.

Page 43, aside from having half of it taken up with the "Monster from Green Hell" pressbook clipping, has latest film news... although most of it seems to be about London's Gothic Film Society, a group devoted to classic genre movies, and showing them locally.


The film news continues on page 44... films mentioned there are "The Torture Garden," "The Eliminator," "The House that Dripped Blood," and "The Sorcerers." Maybe it's just that I'm not up on the horror movies that were coming out in the late 60's, but "The House That Dripped Blood" is the only one of those I've neard of... and I haven't even seen that!

And we'll leave this installment of Castle of Frankenstein #12 here, and take up next week with page 45's "Future Fantasy Films" article!