Saturday, April 12, 2008

Coming Distractions...

Quasimodo's Monster Magazine issue 3 becomes the new weekly monster mag feature for a while! I've got a couple of issues of this, and as we go along, those will go between Castle of Frankensteins and whatever other monster mags I've picked up!

Marvel Super-Heroes Card Game cards! This version of "Old Maid" has some great Bronze Age art in it, and I've got high-res scans to share!

More Slideshows! I've got a few of those already prepared and ready to go!

Movie of the Week Will feature "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man" next weekend, followed by "Dracula," "Son of Dracula," and then we get into the two "House Of..." movies... and you can imagine what'll come up after that!

Found on eBay features will start with Escape From the Planet of The Apes, and then go on with Flash Gordon goodies, Flip-Its, and other cool stuff!

Plus, of course, the regular "Sunday Funnies" How-to-Draw lessons, Monster Mondays, Heroes World Catalog, "By the 10's" with the Incredible Hulk, and more!


Friday, April 11, 2008

eBay Update!

OK, you're probably getting tired of seeing posts like these... But of the 40 auctions I have closing on Sunday, only three of them have a bid at all, so you could easily grab these up cheap by clicking here... and honestly, I think there's some good stuff up there!


Slideshow: Puzzles!

This week's slideshow features puzzles! Most of 'em are for comics characters, but there's cartoons, movie, and TV show puzzles in there, too!

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.


Found on eBay!

Let's take a look at a few miscellaneous items Found on eBay!


Here's an old Dick Tracy camera... I've never quite understood the licensed camera thing... and I've seen cameras with all kinds of licensed characters, too! I mean, I could understand a Spider-Man camera (after all, Peter Parker's a photographer)... or even a Jimmy Olsen camera (not that that's likely)... but Dick Tracy? I guess someone figured it would sell cameras!


Here's an item that should've been posted in one of the DC items posts, except that by transposing two letters in the file name, it sorted wrong! I'm sure you guys have seen the Kryptonote Rocks ad that appeared in both DC and Marvel mags in the 1970s... here's what they looked like! Hmm... if you're buying these because you're a friend of Superman, shouldn't they have come in a lead box?


Yeah, I know, I posted this 8mm box art for an abbreviated version of Duck Soup when it was the movie of the week... but here it is again, in case you weren't here for it!

Next time around, Found on eBay looks at Escape From The Planet of the Apes stuff!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Found on eBay: More DC Character Merchandise!

Time for some more photos I grabbed off of interesting auctions on eBay! We're still looking at DC character stuff...


...beginning with this drawing desk. Yeah, it's basically a light table so you can trace the artwork provided. But I suppose it's better than what we used to do as kids in my old neighborhood... we'd take an actual comic with a drawing we wanted to copy, place a piece of white bond paper behind the page with a piece of carbon paper, and then trace it with a ballpoint pen, ruining the book for the most part (or at least, making it no better than "Good" condition).

But hey, so far as I know, none of us ever cut out the Marvel Value Stamps!


According to the seller who was offering it, this was a Green Lantern model sheet from Hanna-Barbera's Super Friends cartoon... probably Challenge of the Super Friends!


"Instant stained glass," eh? Well, looks to me like stickers that are printed on plastic! Would be nice to have one of these to put on the back window of my car, though!


One of the bad things about finding auctions for super-heroes pens on eBay (aside from them quickly being bid outside my budget) is that sellers don't seem to be able to get very good photos of them... at least, not from my viewpoint!


You don't see too many Flash items out there... especially ones from the 60s or 70s! So this Flash Super Friends pencil sharpener is a nice surprise! Is it just me, or does that art look like George Tuska's work, perhaps inked by Vince Colleta?


Here's a Shazam sharpener from the same series! I'm guessing that it's one of those standard plastic-and-razor-blade sharpeners that's inserted in basically a soft vinyl pocket that could be emptied, since these don't look like they're hard plastic!


On the one hand, Super Friends wrapping paper is a very cool idea... but what's up with the balloons and trucks presents and stuff there? It's almost like they had the design pasted up for the balloon wrap when the word came down, "You've got to get some Super Friends wrapping paper pasted up in half an hour... here's some clip art to use," and they just added it to what they were working on.

Now let's take a look at some neat custom-made Super Powers figures!


This Blue Beetle figure is very cool!


And the fact that there was a custom Booster Gold figure makes me believe the creator of these figures was a huge Justice League International fan!


Nice work on the Deathstroke figure here... but it doesn't really fit (in my mind) with the characters in the Super Powers line, you know?


This custom-made Wildcat is beautiful in its simplicity, eh?


This display for the Super Powers line has some very nice art on it, too, doesn't it?


The seller of these called them "Super Babies," but I'm sure you know as well as I do that they're Super Juniors! These appear to be party decorations of some kind. I knew they had designs for Super Juniors versions of Superman, Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman... but the Super Juniors Hawkman and Green Arrow blow my mind.


I may have shown this Superman Thingmaker mold (the seller thought the one next to it was a Batman mold, but I think it's just bats) in a different photo... if so, here it is again!


Whoever pasted this up really blew the perspective completely... but it's still an awesome trash can, isn't it?


Wonder Twin Powers... Activate!


Wow, the pose this jointed Wonder Woman is in while it's in the package is pretty disturbing, isn't it? I wonder how many guys bought this and kept it in the package just because of the rather sexual position Diana was packaged in? Or am I just getting weird tonight (well, weirder than usual).


The other item in this photo... not the bracelet (which obviously dates from the 1980s or later) appears to be a hand mirror... kind of odd to make it so Wonder Woman's facing away from you when you use it, hmmmm?


Super Friends cel.... or turnaround model sheet? The seller says it's the former, but I'm thinking it's the latter.


Wonder Woman Yo-Yo! I'll bet they didn't have enough imagination to package it with golden string, though...


Remember that Aquaman Japanese model I showed you a bunch of days ago? Here's an assembled Wonder Woman one!

And that wraps up the DC character merchandise for this volume of "Found on eBay!" I'm off to bed!


Give-A-Show Fridays Double-Feature!

This week, it's "Deadly Boomerang" and "Union Drummer Boy"!


Wow, what an exciting tale! Next it's Civil War drama with "Union Drummer Boy"!


Next week, it's "Treasure Island" and Popeye!


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Heroes World Catalog #1, Page 23!

Well, I'm all done with posting Castle of Frankenstein #12 (see the post below), but we're still not done with Heroes World Catalog #1!


We're up to page 23 (and the reason I've started doing one page a week is to help spread it out a bit longer, since I have no other issues of this catalog)... and it's all-Mego again!


Mego did a few different 12" Batman figures... here's the first one above...


While here's the Magnetic Batman advertised, also with "Fly-Away Action" (which, as I think I've written before, means there's a string included which attaches somehow).


And here's the Magnetic Robin! Although as you can see, Robin's insignia has fallen off!


And just to be complete, here's the earlier Robin in the same scale!


But perhaps the most valuable Mego item offered in the entire catalog would be this set of Kiss action figures, wanted by Kiss fans AND Mego fans! These don't pop up all that often, although I did see a few packaged ones in the past month or two!


Castle of Frankenstein #12 - Page 60 through the end!

Going to wrap up the Castle of Frankenstein #12 coverage with this post! It may be a while before the next monster mag review starts, though...


So, here's pages 60 and 61! On page 60, the Stan Lee interview continues... Stan talks about what Roy Thomas' contributions were to working "Marvel-Style" with Kirby, what the credits (especially layouts) meant in the comics, Stan talks about how much he holds Kirby in esteem, the Marvel Super-Heroes cartoons, Jonny Quest, Marvel's readership, the Batman TV show...

And it's interrupted on page 61 with a full-page ad for 8mm horror films! Offered are Son of Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Creature Walks Among Us, Revenge of the Creature, Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, One Million BC (the original), the Mummy, The Mummy's Tomb, Abbott and Costello Go to Mars (Rocket and Roll), Dr. Cyclops, The Deadly Mantis, Tarantula, Dracula, It Came From Outer Space, War of the Planets, 20,000 Miles From Earth, Metropolis, and Your Unviersal Studios, a behind-the-scenes tour! All these were avaialble for $3.98 (or $5.95 for the 200-ft version), plus only 25 cents for postage on the $5.95 versions (or for Super 8 versions, add 60 cents for the $5.95 version or 25 cents for the $3.98 version). Man, those were the days, eh?


On page 63, the Stan Lee interview concludes! Stan talks about the Avengers tv series, the growth of Marvel, Tower Comics (and their perceived imitation of Marvel), EC Comics, letters from the readers, Tales of Asgard, and how the stories are created for the books, among other things!

Then, on page 64, it's more 8mm movies offered, for the same prices! Offered are Chamber of Horror, Highlights of Horror, The Vampire Bat, Midnight at the Wax Museum, Dinosaurus, The Werewolf, Frankenstein's Daughter, Master of Terror, Revenge of Frankenstein, Curse of the Demon, The Giant Claw, the Blob, The Mad Magician (in 3D!), The Adventures of Captain Marvel, Batmen of Africa, My Son the Vampire, Nosferatu, and First Men in the Moon! The Mad Magician and Captain Marvel had separate, higher, pricing... but well worth it!


Pages 65 and 66 are the two-page spread for back issues... what bargain prices were offered there! Only $1 each or 5 for $4 for most of them, except for issues one and six, as well as the Journal of Frankenstein one-shot ($3 each)! You can't find these for those prices today!


Pages 67 and 68 offer a two-page spread of a scene from 1933's "Tarzan the Fearless" starring Buster Crabbe!


And finally, the outside back cover, with a still from Fantastic Voyage!

And that's it... the entirety of this issue! Next time around... well, like I said, it'll be a while before the next time around, because I have to scan another monster mag... and that means getting my scanner connected one of these days!