Saturday, May 03, 2008

By the 10's: Amazing Spider-Man 110-200!

As I said before, Spidey came all-too-close to jumping the shark at the early part of his second 200 issues...


And it's villains like the Gibbon that are the reason why, here seen on the cover of issue 110! Yes, this was the era of the Rocket Racer and all those other laughable Spidey villains... I think that maybe Hammerhead was the only villain created during this time who's lasted at all... Kingpin was before 100, wasn't he?


Amazing Spider-Man 120 featured this Spidey-Hulk battle... I wonder about the timing... did this issue come out before Marvel Team-Up #1? Because if sales were really good on this issue, it might've inspired that later title...


Speak of the devil, here's good ol' Hammerhead himself, along with those bad 70s ideas, the Spider-Mobile and the guy behind the whole clone thing... the Jackal.


Issue 140 features the Grizzly... but at least we've got Gil Kane art on the cover to make up for it!


A great Gil Kane cover adorns Amazing Spider-Man 150... and hey, it's classic Spidey villains, too!


Yes, that's the Spider-Mobile attacking Spidey on the cover of issue 160... and if you don't know who the guy who planned this is, you're not a true Marvelmaniac, effendi!


On Amazing Spider-Man 170, we've got Doctor Faustus appearing... but I think he was put to better use in Captain America. But that's just my opinion!


Issue #180 here... how many Spidey sagas have been touted as "The most sensational Spidey-saga of all," anyway?


Issue 190, and the Man-Wolf returns! Well, not that he'd been featured here so far, but you know what I mean. The Man-Wolf was one of those ideas that was fostered by the frustration Marvel felt with the Comics Code forbidding supernatural types, and how to get around it. Morbius was a similar thing.


The cover for Amazing Spider-Man #200 should've been absolutely awesome... but you know, for me, it just feels kind of flat. And that's probably why this will wrap up the Amazing Spider-Man... by the 10's!

Next time... who knows?


Sunday Funnies: How to Draw Tintin!


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Give-A-Show Fridays Double-Feature: Lassie and Bullwinkle!

I've really got to re-scan these two one of these days!





Next week, we'll wrap up the 1961 "Blue" Give-A-Show slide set, with Roy Rogers and Bozo the Clown!


Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

OK, the promised Kirby stuff is in the post after this, so if that's all you're looking for, just scroll your way on down... but you might miss some cool stuff by other artists!


This is a very awesome painted cover by Pat Boyette for Charlton's "Korg: 10,000 BC" comic book... and if you're familiar with Hanna-Barbera's Korg series, you're probably wondering what the heck is going on here! Well, while H-B tried to make Korg historically accurate, obviously Charlton had no such concerns! Man, just in the covers I've seen, there's fire-breathing dragons, sci-fi elements... just way beyond pre-history!


Here's a page from Lois Lane 62, page 24, by Kurt Schaffenberger! Kurt's long been one of my favorite Superman family artists -- especially his Lois Lane and Supergirl stuff! This isn't the best possible page Kurt ever did... but it's one I found offered for sale!


Hey, what's this Lone Ranger animation cel (from the Filmation series) doing in the midst of all the comics art? Obviously, I put this scan in the wrong Flickr folder! I should've included this in yesterday's Lone Ranger post!


Heh, heh... anybody who didn't check out this entire post, and instead scrolled to the "Kirby's Gods" post below is missing out on this Kirby page from Machine Man 2! That's page 14, to be precise. Sure, Machine Man's missing from this page, but it's still Kirby!


Mike Ploog was one of the best of Marvel's horror artists of the 1970s... as you can see from the cover to Marvel Spotlight 4! Too bad his career didn't last all that long, because I think he was awesome.


Next up is page 28 from Marvel Team-Up #9, by Ross Andru. I've always liked Andru's stuff, but man, he couldn't draw Iron Man's helmet at all at certain angles, could he? Still some great stuff on this page, though!


I'm guessing that most of you have seen this art by Kirby for the back cover of Marvel Treasury Edition 11 -- probably when it appeared in "Pop Culture Safari" -- but it's always worth a second look, isn't it! And this may be when the scrollers realized, "Hey! There is Kirby stuff in this post, too!"

OK, so I figure nobody's really scrolling past this post...


Here's a page you can really get a super-sized look at... by John Buscema, it's page 48 from Marvel Treasury Edition 28, AKA the Superman/Spider-Man book! I've got a few other pages from this (or the other Supes/Spidey book) that'll be coming up in the future!


Mike Sekowsky's cover for The Metal Men 3... nope, this wasn't the "New, Hunted Metal Men" issue... although it kind of looks like it could've been, eh?


And to wrap up this post, here's the cover for Mighty Marvel Western 17, by John Severin! I love those Marvel westerns, and you'll see lots more Marvel western pages in the future here.


Cool Stuff: Kirby's Gods!

I certainly can't say anything about these that they don't already say for themselves, can I?







Good stuff, Maynard!


Slideshow: Puppets!

How's about another slideshow? This one features the all the puppets and puppet-like items I've come across colllecting "Found on eBay" photos!

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cool Stuff: Lone Ranger Collectibles!

You won't see me presenting too many Lone Ranger collectibles... just because I think there's so many out there, it doesn't make too much sense for me to set up a search for "Lone Ranger," so I just collect any images that show up in my other searches!


The extremely stylized artwork on this Lone Ranger Frametray Puzzle makes me think that perhaps it is actually a TV toy... based on the very unique 1960s Lone Ranger cartoon!


I'm sure it was a successful item... but I just don't understand why someone felt it was appropriate to do a Lone Ranger Paint Box!

There, told you I don't collect many Lone Ranger collectible photos!

Next time around, I think "Cool Stuff" will focus on Marx toys!


Cool Stuff: TV Collectibles!

Wow, it's been a while since I've had some of these to show you...


I wonder how JoAnn Worley felt about how svelte she was depicted in this Laugh-In Paper Doll book... or if she was even aware of it?


Laugh-In playing cards! I would love to have a set of these!

On to another TV collectible...


Didja know that AHI produced some Lost in Space robot toys? Now you do! These tend to show up pretty often on eBay!