Saturday, June 07, 2008

Movie of the Week: Planet of the Apes!

Yes, the Movie of the Week this month (and the first Saturday in July) will be part of Planet of the Apes Month!

8mm box art

Plot summary liberally lifted from the excellent Wikipedia entry.


French poster

Astronauts Taylor, Landon, and Dodge are in deep hibernation when their spaceship (non-canonically known as Icarus) crash-lands in a lake on an unknown planet in the year 3978 A.D. following a 2006-year voyage at almost the speed of light (however due to time dilation the crew has aged only 18 months).


The astronauts awaken to find that their fourth companion and only female, Stewart, has died in space due to an air leak and their ship is sinking. They use an inflatable raft to reach shore. Once there, Dodge performs a soil test and pronounces the soil incapable of sustaining life. Taylor suggests they are on a planet in the constellation of Orion some 320 light years from Earth but admits he is not sure.


The three astronauts set off through the desert, finding first a single plant and then others.


They find an oasis at the edge of the desert where they decide to take a swim, ignoring strange 'scarecrows'. While they are swimming, someone steals their clothes. Pursuing the thieves, the astronauts find their clothes in shreds and the perpetrators — a group of mute, primitive humans — contentedly raiding a cornfield. But shortly, the astronauts and other humans are being pursued by gorillas on horseback.


Dodge is shot and killed during the pursuit, while Taylor and Landon are captured and taken back to Ape City; Taylor is shot in the throat, but survives due to the surgical efforts of two chimpanzee scientists, Zira and Galen.


Upon his recovery, Taylor is put in a cage with a woman, Nova, who was captured on the same hunt. Due to the throat injury, he has temporarily lost his ability to speak.


Taylor discovers that the apes, who can talk, are in control and are divided into a strict class system: the gorillas as police, military, and hunters; the orangutans as administrators, politicians and lawyers; and the chimpanzees as intellectuals and scientists. Humans, who cannot talk, are considered feral vermin and are hunted and used for scientific experimentation.


Zira and her fiancé, Cornelius, an archaeologist, take an interest in Taylor because of his lip movements. While Cornelius and Zira are talking to their boss, Dr. Zaius, Taylor writes in the dirt and attempts to call Cornelius and Zira's attention to it, but he becomes frustrated when they do not notice the writing. Zaius sees some letters on the dirt and realizes that Taylor possesses intelligence and hastily erases the letters with his cane. Taylor manages to steal paper and a pencil from Zira and convinces her and Cornelius that he is intelligent.


Zaius orders Taylor to be gelded (emasculated), but he makes an escape. Running through the ape city Taylor discovers the stuffed remains of astronaut Dodge on exhibit in a museum. He is recaptured and while hanging in a net stuns the crowd by speaking, shouting the famous line, "Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!"


He is put on trial to determine his origins (in a parody of the Scopes Monkey trial). During the trial, he is treated like a beast with little or no rights. During the trial Taylor talks about his comrades and explains that one was killed and the other lost.


At this point the court is directed to a group of humans that were captured at the same time as Taylor where he sees Landon, who has been lobotomized. Landon isn't seen again but the sequel Beneath the Planet of the Apes revealed that he was killed.


Later, Taylor is taken to see Dr. Zaius, who threatens to lobotomize him as well if he doesn't tell the "truth" about where he came from. But Cornelius and Zira execute a plan to free Taylor, who insists that Nova also be brought along. They flee to the Forbidden Zone, where, a year earlier, Cornelius had discovered a cave with artifacts of an advanced society. Dr. Zaius, along with a band of gorilla soldiers, manages to find them.



After a struggle, Taylor finds a talking human doll in the cave that proves that intelligent humans were on the planet long before the apes gained control.


Taylor and Nova are allowed to escape on horseback. Zaius lets them go without further confrontation, knowing that Taylor will find "his destiny." After they leave, Zaius has the soldiers blow up the cave to prevent future research.


Soon after his escape, in the final, iconic scene, Taylor discovers a damaged Statue of Liberty half-buried in the beach. He realizes that he has been on Earth all along, and that humanity must have destroyed its own civilization with war, thereby paving the way for the Planet of the Apes.

So, what can I say? This was the movie that started it all -- four sequels, two TV series, and hundreds of comics, books, toys, costumes and more!

Italian movie poster

I'm sure that you know the movie was based on Pierre Boulle's "Monkey Planet" (as it was called in the original French), although the novel is radically different from the movie -- you'd have to read it to see just how different it is! I'm not sure the novel would've worked all that well as a movie, myself.

Promo Newspaper

I'm sure you're also aware that it was Rod Serling, creator of the Twilight Zone, whose work on the script mad it what it was -- and I believe that Serling also came up with the idea of the Planet of the Apes being Earth in the future! OK, so Serling's script would've been impossible to film as it is, but it was his ending!


For many, the most impressive thing about the movie was the makeup. John Chambers created it, and for a long time, it really set the standard for movie makeup! You'll see more about this in a future posting, I'm sure.


But let's not overlook all the satiric elements of this movie... the plot summary mentions it's a parody of the Scopes monkey trial, but I don't think that it mentioned the three orangutans mimicking the "see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil" monkeys. There's a lot of societal commentary throughout all the movies, although some got a bit more heavy-handed than others.


But for all that, there is a definite charm to this movie, as well... when watching it, you just get caught up in what is happening. You first see the apes from Taylor's point of view, and it really helps you buy into the whole concept... you're not thinking, "There's Charlton Heston being chased by a bunch of people disguised as apes," you're thinking, "Taylor's being hunted by apes!"

Very cool Romanian poster!

And we can never neglect the masterful acting... Charlton Heston does - in my opinion - his best acting ever here as Taylor. Compare it to his portrayal of Moses in The Ten Commandments, and I think you'll agree. Taylor starts the movie out as being pessimistic, cynical, and doesn't seem to care about his fellow man... yet, by the end of the movie, he's absolutely fighting for man -- and it's an uncivilized man who's more animal than human! It could be reasonably argued that Taylor had to go through this odyssey to become human.

Spanish poster

Also noteworthy is Roddy McDowall as Cornelius (Roddy would also appear in three of the four sequels, as well as the TV series, making him the most-identified actor with the entire concept). Cornelius is distrustful of Taylor, questions Zira's decisions, but he's a good ape. Cornelius, too, grows as a person through the movie, although it's not as noticeable as Taylor.

Obviously posed publicity photo, this scene doesn't take place in the movie!

And then there's Natalie Trundy as Zira, Ape City's resident women's libber, if you will! She knows her mind, and isn't afraid to speak it!

Another posed photo

Compare that to Maurice Evans as Dr. Zaius, who prefers the status quo, and is willing to do whatever it takes to maintain it. Yes, Zaius knows what the score really is, he knows humans were the dominant species in the past, but he's absolutely convinced it would be the end of Ape civilization if the truth were to come out.

As this photo definitely shows, the excellent makeup allowed the actors to express emotions very well!

UK poster

Myself, I consider Planet of the Apes to be a true classic movie, without having to call it a classic sci-fi movie... it's a wonderful piece of cinema, and deserves to be celebrated!

Next week, naturally, the Movie of the Week will be Beneath the Planet of the Apes... and of course, there'll be plenty of Apes stuff between now and then, between all the other geekery!


Friday, June 06, 2008

Not That It's Geekery In Any Way...

...but I do occasionally make a post that's about what's going on in my life outside of this blog (yes, I do have a life outside of this blog!).

So, yesterday afternoon, I left work early because it was time for the monthly Family Night at the Head Start that my wife works at and my son Tristan attends. Since this Head Start is about a 45 minute drive from my work, I left work 45 minutes early.

First on the agenda was to get some gas in the car (ye gods, at Safeway, it was $4.15 for regular... after my 3 cent a gallon discount for using my club card), and then I was going to pick up our foster daughter at her daycare and head on south.

Well... as I was heading to the daycare after paying $30 for 7 gallons or so of gas, I stopped for traffic.

The guy in the white BMW who was a pretty far distance behind me didn't. At least, not until he hit my car.

Bizarrely, he got the worst of it. The only damage to my Subaru was that the bumper is bent out at the sides and has a sizeble crack in it, plus the exhaust pipe may be damaged. Well, that's all the damage I'm aware of. The car's at a collision repair place now to get an estimate done.

The BMW? Well, since his front bumper went below my back bumper, the front end of his car got pretty smashed in.

The worst of it is -- he didn't have insurance. And when the police arrived to get the accident report written up, he did get ticketed for that, you betcha. His excuse for why he hit me was that the two kids in his car were distracting him. The two kids seemed to be 9 and 12, from what I could see.

Really? A 9 and 12 year old in the car are too distracting to notice the line of cars stopped for the light that was at least a dozen or so cars long? He had plenty of time to see me, too... when I'd stopped and I saw him in the rear view mirror, he must've been at least a block or two behind me.

So far, I don't believe I was injured by the accident. My lower back does kind of ache on and off... but it tends to do that when I'm stressed out (because of, for example, HAVING MY CAR REAR-ENDED), and I noticed this morning my right shoulder is aching. So I may need to get checked out sometime.

Now, I'll admit that I'm kind of hoping that there's enough other damage done to my car that the insurance company will consider it totalled, because Jessi and I had been talking about selling it anyway and getting a used minivan to accommodate our growing family... and even if it's not totalled, we may end up not getting it fixed anyway, selling the car as junk, and using the insurance money combined with our savings to buy said used minivan. We'll just have to wait and see.

This won't affect postings on this blog -- I've actually been working furiously at getting way ahead on it, making posts for scheduled release! -- so no worries there!


Give-A-Show Projector List Update!

Just a few things added this time around... the 1962 Adventure Time set, a photo for the first Star Wars set, and one more Chad Valley set at the very end!

Notes: When Give-A-Show was first produced, the slides were printed on plastic and mounted on cardboard frames. These frames had a single color of ink printed on them with the character, story name, copyright date, and two pictures of the character. Through the 1960s, this was the format, and so I've taken to using the color and year to distinguish each release from the other.

1960 Red Slides
1-Popeye-Popeye To The Rescue
2-Three Stooges-Moon Man Moe
3-Yogi Bear-All At Sea
4-Woody Woodpecker-Go, Go, Goat!
5-Huckleberry Hound-Jinks' Surprise
6-Quick Draw McGraw-Two Heads are Better Than One
7-Oswald-Bug Game Hunter
8-Buffalo Bill-Sknis the Thieves
9-Wild Bill Hickock-Deadly Ambush
10-Kit Carson-Indian Attack
11-Maverick-Take a Gamble
12-Wyatt Earp-Gunman's Choice
13-Annie Oakley-Shoot-Out
14-Classics-Hansel & Gretel

1961 Blue Slides
1-Huckleberry Hound-The One That Got Away
2-Popeye-A Day at the Seashore
3-Woody Woodpecker-Geronimo!
4-Three Stooges-Go To the Dogs
5-Rocky and Bullwinkle-A Ball for Boris
6-Lassie-Urgent Message
7-Mighty Mouse-Canaveral Capers
8-Classics-Peter Pan Foils Captain Hook
9-Casper the Friendly Ghost-He Who Laughs Last…
10-Heckle and Jeckle-Rough Stuff
11-Andy Panda-Balooney Business
12-Baby Huey-Wreckless Driver
13-Kenner Kids-The Haunted Mine
14-Roy Rogers-Trigger Has a Close Call
15-Captain Kangaroo-Bunny's Crazy Crop
16-Bozo-Bozo Booms a Bum
17-Classics-The Wizard of Oz
18-Classics-Robin Hood Meets Little John
19-Classics-Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn
20-Classics-William Tell
21-N/A-Stowaway in Space
22-Aesop's Fable-The Lion and the Mouse
23-N/A-Deadly Boomerang
24-N/A-Union Drummer Boy
25-Classics-Treasure Island
26-Popeye-Big Top Bullseye
27-Woody Woodpecker-Whew!
28-Three Stooges-Where There's Smoke… There's Fire?
30-Rocky and Bullwinkle-Bully for Bullwinkle
31-Roy Rogers-Headache for the Horse Thieves
32-Bozo-Joy Ride for Jumbo

1961 Green Slides
1-Huckleberry Hound-Huck's Magic Show
2-Yogi Bear-Flying High
3-Quick Draw McGraw-The Cannoneer
4-Pixie & Dixie-Painting the Town
5-Ruff & Reddy-Ruff Gets Rough
6-Snooper & Blabber-The Bear Facts
7-Auggie Doggie-Daddy Rings the Bell
8-Flintstones-A New Twist
9-Snagglepuss-Soars to New Heights
10-Flintstones-Fred Bowls a Boomerang
11-Aggie Doggie-Daddy Builds a Beauty
12-Huckleberry Hound-Huck Uses His Head
13-Yogi Bear-Unfunny Honey
14-Quick Draw McGraw-Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…
15-Ruff & Reddy-Whale of a Time
16-Flintstones-Double Trouble

1962 Gold Slides – Adventure Time Set
This set was unusual in that it was released with two 45 rpm records with the audio on it – all the sound and usic were there, with no text on the slides themselves! When I get around to posting these (have to scan the slides and get the records ripped and converted into an embeddable format first), I'll set it up so you can play the audio file while you check out the slides!
1-Monkeys in Space
2-Dinosaur Fight
3-Fiercest Pirate
4-Mostest Horse in the World
5-Monster of the Ocean Deep
6-Greatest Athlete Who Ever Lived
7-182 Brave Men
8-Oldest Living Things on Earth
9-Giants and Midgets
10-Seeing Without Eyes
11-First at the Top of the World
12-The First Rocket
13-Brothers Who Invented the Airplane
14-Mountains of Flaming Rock
15-Finest Indian of Them All
16-Elephants Crossing the Alps

1962 Green Slides
1-Huckleberry Hound-Huck's Magic Show
2-Yogi Bear -Flying High
3-Quick Draw McGraw-The Cannoneer
4-Pixie and Dixie-Painting the Town
5-Ruff & Reddy-Ruff Gets Rough
6-Snooper and Blabber-The Bear Facts
7-Auggie Doggie-Daddy Rings the Bell
8-Flintstones-A New Twist
9-Snagglepuss-Soars to New Heights
10-Flintstones-Fred Bowls a Boomerang
11-Auggie Doggie-Daddy Builds a Beauty
12-Huckleberry Hound-Huck Uses His Head
13-Yogi Bear-Unfunny Honey
14-Quick Draw McGraw-Mirror, Mirror on theWall…
15-Ruff & Reddy-Whale of a Time
16-Flintstones-Double Trouble

1962 Red Slides
1-Popeye and Olive Oyl-Victory at Sea
2-Three Stooges-Monster Monkey Business
3-Kenner Kids-Dive into Danger
4-Rocky and Bullwinkle-The Astronut
5-Woody Woodpecker-Jetty Propulsion
6-Roy Rogers-Mark of the Big Cat
7-Kenner Kids-Everglades Adventure
8-Huckleberry Hound and Yogi Bear-Poor Picnic Pickin's
9-Mr. Magoo-Magoo Gets a Checkup
10-Classics-Aladdin's Lamp
11-Dick Tracy-Case of the Missing Masterpiece
12-Mr. Ed-A Hitchin' Ed's Plans
13-Fury-Adventure With an Outlaw Stallion
14-Deputy Dawg-Bait From Outer Space
15-Mighty Mouse-A Whale of a Job
16-Classics-The Boy Who Cried Wolf

1962 Silver Slides
I'm assuming that's what this one slide comes from… it seems to be the "Holy Grail" of Give-A-Show sets, only two have come up on eBay since I started collecting, and I got terribly outbid both times!
2-Rocky and Bullwinkle-Misguided Moosile

1963 Green Slides
1-The Flintstones-All'sWell That Ends Well
2-Huckleberry Hound-Smile, You're on TV!
3-Yogi Bear-Woodsman, Spare That Tree!
4-Jetsons-Rosie Gets Repaired
5-Quick Draw McGraw-Fastest Guitar in the West
6-Hokey Wolf-An Actor's Life
7-Touche Turtle-Blast Off For Balloon
8-Wally Gator-Wally Saves His Skin
9-Lippy Lion-The Dragon's Shadow
10-Auggie Doggie-Daddy Tries His Wings
11-Flintstones-Fred Thinks Big
12-Huckleberry Hound-The Right Caliber
13-Yogi Bear-His Kind of Hat
14-Jetsons-Elroy's Secret Weapon
15-Quick Draw McGraw-Gold Fever
16-The Flintstones-A Record Catch

1963 Blue Sludes
1-The Flintstones and Pebbles-Fred Takes a Flyer
2-Popeye-Undersea Surprise
3-Mighty Mouse-Two Can Play At That Game
4-Rocky and Bullwinekle-To Catch a Moose
5-Alvin and the Chipmunks-Picnic Surprise
6-Roy Rogers-Trip Trap
7-Dennis the Menace-Where's Cowboy Bob?
9-Mr. Ed-Now Who's Talking?
10-Dick Tracy-The Robot Wrecker
11-Three Stooges-Billboard Butchers
12-Captain Kangaroo-Who Stopped the Clock?
13-Mr. Magoo-Class Reunion
14-Casper the Friendly Ghost-The Braggin' Dragon
15-Superman-Journey Into the Past
16-Whirlybirds-Air Fishing
17-Bozo the Clown-Chimp Chaser
18-The Gooney Bird-Gorilla Tamer
19-The Kenner Kids-Rambunctious Rhino
20-Alvin and the Chipmunks-Alvin's Big Catch
21-Dennis the Menace-A Trip to the Museum
22-Lassie-Lassie Gets a Reward
23-Captain Kangaroo-No Feathers for Bunny
24-Bozo the Clown-It Looks Like a Real Lion

Somewhere around here, Kenner also released some boxes of five slide sets per box. I only have a few photos of those, and can't reliably determine what was included in them, although it appears they may have duplicated slides available in the regular boxed sets.
Just because a character was pictured on the box, it doesn't seem to mean there's a frame of slides with that character on it!

While I'm here... let's look at the Super Show Projector!
This was one of those variations on the basic Give-A-Show set that showed Kenner was trying to expand the line... Sadly, I'm not sure when it was released, or which slides were in the set! It also came with rod puppet-style figures that you could project on the wall, so there had to be an opaque projector as part of this!

1964 Red Slides
1-Popeye-Popeye Booms Back
2-Dick Tracy-A Real Pepper-Upper
3-Mr. Magoo-Out of Step
4-Alvin and the Chipmunks-Fractured Football
5-Clyde Crashcup-3-Speed Omission
6-Casper the Friendly Ghost-Panic Stop
7-Barney Google & Snuffy Smith-Board Stiff
8-Bozo the clown-High Dive
9-Fury-Firey Rescue
10-Mr. Ed-No Pool Like a New Pool
11-Mighty Mouse-Punch for Lunch
12-Three Stooges-Tanks, but No Tanks
13-Captain Kangaroo-Growing Pains
14-Lassie-Timmy's Bad Break
15-Dennis the Menace-Come On In
16-Huckleberry Hound & Yogi Bear-Wash-Up for Supper

1965 Red Slides
1-Flintstones-A Sneeze to Please
2-Yogi Bear-Rocket Riding Ranger
3-Huckleberry Hound-Barrel Peril
4-Magilla Gorilla-Hare Raising Robber
5-Peter Potamus-Brainless Buccaneer
6-Jetsons-Supersonic Sissy
7-Jonny Quest-Warehouse Rescue
8-Quick Draw McGraw-Clobbers a Robber
9-Yogi Bear-A Punch for a Lunch
10-Huckleberry Hound-BarnStorming
11-Flintstones and Hoppy-Mammoth Dilemma
12-Quick Draw McGraw-Out of the Frying Pan
13-Magilla Gorilla-Sled Snack
14-Peter Potamus-Watta Melon
15-Flintstones and Hoppy-Kitchen Concert
16-Yogi Bear-Yogi's Buzz Bomb

1966 Blue Slides
1-Superman-Race Against Danger
2-Three Stooges-Aqua-Nuts
3-Popeye-One Track Mind
4-Mighty Mouse-Good Noose
5-Lassie-Lassie the Game Warden
6-Secret Squirrel-Shrink in the Drink
7-Mr. Magoo-Abused Car Lot
8-Fury-Fireman Fury
9-Alvin and the Chipmunks-Moon Munks
10-Captain Kangaroo-Acrobunny
11-Roy Rogers-Nellybelle to the Rescue
12-Rocky and Bullwinkle-Alley Antics
13-Bozo-Shoe In
14-Casper the Friendly Ghost-A Frosty Friend
15-Heckle and Jeckle-Double Play
16-Stingray-Stingray's Secret Weapon

1967 Blue Slides
1-Frankenstein Jr-Frankie, Jr Saves a Satellite
2-Yogi Bear-Crunches a Lunch
3-Huckleberry Hound-Hot Puck Huck
4-Flintstones-The Purloined Sirloin
5-Magilla Gorilla-Drive-In Ape Wash
6-Secret Squirrel-Smells a Rat
7-Atom Ant-Supermarket Showdown
8-Quick Draw McGraw-Female Felon
9-Space Ghost-Puny Pirates
10-Dino Boy-Whale of a Tail
11-The Impossibles-The Formless Foe
12-Space Kidettes-Frozen Assets
13-Precious Pupp-The Fortuitus Flue
14-Maw & Paw Rugg-All Tire(d) Out
15-Hokey Wolf-Art Thief Grief

1968 Red Slides
1-Superman-Asphault Ambush
2-Lone Ranger-Tunnel of Terror
3-Three Stoogets-Firehouse Frenzy
4-Captain Kangaroo-Mower Mayhem
5-Off to See the Wizard-Enchanted River
6-Lassie-Anchor Man
7-Casper-Postal Poltergeist
8-Spider-Man-The Frustrated Phantom
9-Fantastic Four-Vicious Vine
10-Rocky and Bullwinkle-Slingshot Sleuth
11-Gentle Been-Midnight Fright
12-Bozo the Clown-Salty Solution
13-Popeye-Deep Sea Dilemma
14-Thor-Melt the Monster
15-King Kong-Erroneous Eruption
16-Aquaman-All Clammed Up

1969 Gold Slides
2-Yogi Bear-Unplanned Vacation
5-Moby Dick-Now That's Using Your Tail

There was a variation on this one, made available through Sears, which included extra slides! Obviously, I haven't any idea what those are!

1970 Blue Slides
1-Archie-Dead End
2-Dudley Do-Right-Bear Facts
3-Bugs Bunny-Stare Case
4-Captain Kangaroo-The Retriever
5-Tom & Jerry-Build a Better Cat-Trap
6-Casper-Nothing to Crow About
7-Mr. Magoo-Camera Bug
8-George of the Jungle-Bungleberry Picker
9-Sabrina, The Teen-Age Witch-Sand-Witch for Lunch
10-Apollo 11 Moonflight-First Man on the Moon
11-Superman-Tower of Power
12-Rocky and Bullwinkle-Hard Luck
13-Lassie-Perilous Precipice
14-Bozo the Clown-Dumbell
15-Popeye-Up a Tree
16-Flintstones-Oil That Glitters Is Not Gold

Sometime after 1970, Kenner decided to change how their Give-A-Show slides were labeled. There were still colors to designate the different series (you'll see this in the 1972 sets below), but a longer number system was in place… for example, 006-441-01 was the first side in one set, but other sets that same year also started with 006. I'm not sure what the "006" stood for, because it was also used for 1974 releases! The frame also has the corners beveled, which I presume made them easier to insert in the projectors.

1972 006 Slides (green)
441-01 – Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch – Working for Peanuts Part 1
441-02 – Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch – Working for Peanuts Part 2
442-01 – Harlem Globetrotters – Winging It Part 1
442-02 – Harlem Globetrotters – Winging It Part 2
443-01 – Sabrina – Bitter Lesson Part 1
443-02 – Sabrina – Bitter Lesson Part 2
444-01 – Scooby Doo – Going Ape Part 1
444-02 – Scooby Doo – Going Ape Part 2
445-01 – Bugs Bunny – Out of a Rut Part 1
445-01 – Bugs Bunny – Out of a Rut Part 2
446 – Funky Phantom – Chickenman
447 – Archie – Oil… Boil… Toil!
448 – Josie & the Pussycats – Sound Thinking
449 – Deputy Dawg – A Real Catch
450 – Lassie – Screeching Halt
451 – Captain Kangaroo – The Hat Trick

I believe there was a set released in 1972 featuring Josie & The Pussycats whose numbering would fit in between these two sets.
And this is probably the set!

1972 006 Slides (purple) – Scooby Doo Set #574 (?)
470-01 – Scooby Doo – Hazardous Hideout Part 1
470-02 – Scooby Doo – Hazardous Hideout Part 2
471-01 – Josie & the Pussycats – Moonrock Part 1
471-02 – Josie & the Pussycats – Moonrock Part 2
472-01 – Sabrina – Magic Marker Part 1
472-02 – Sabrina – Magic Marker Part 2
473-01 – Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan – Two Scents Worth Part 1
473-02 – Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan – Two Scents Worth Part 2
474 – Harlem Globetrotters – Dandy Dunker
475 – Roman Holidays – Wash Out
476 – The Houndcats – One Track Mind
477 – Sealab 2020 – Nothing to Sneeze At
478 – Archie – Upstart Golfcart
479 – Bugs Bunny – Sappy Sailor
480 – Funky Phantom – Heavy Hero
481 – Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids – Smash Hit

1973 — Six Million Dollar Man Set #35109
Note: This may have been the first set produced without cardboard frames! It's also possible this set may have been originally released in 1973 with standard cardboard frames, and then released again when the cardboard frames were on their way out, and that's the copy I have.
850-002-01 – Suspense in San Francisco
850-002-02 – Timber Tosser
850-002-03 – Deep Blue Dynamite
850-002-04 – Rapids Transit
850-002-05 – Captive Cablecar
850-002-06 – Everglades Emergency
850-002-07 – Camper Calamity
850-002-08 - Marooned
850-002-09 – Carrier Crisis
850-002-10 – Bionic Basketball
850-002-11 – Rhino Rodeo
850-002-12 – Hazardous Highway
850-002-13 – Steve Foils a Flood
850-002-14 – Race to the Bridge
850-002-15 – Airport Acrobat
850-002-16 – Drawbridge Dilemma

(The Bionic Woman Give-A-Show set I have yet to acquire!)

1974 006 Slides (blue)
91-01-Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids-Tomato Catch-Up Part 1
91-02-Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids-Tomato Catch-Up Part 2
92-01-Scooby Doo-Seize and Freeze Part 1
92-02-Scooby Doo-Seize and Freeze Part 2
93-01-Josie and the Pussycats-Candy Landing Part 1
93-02-Josie and the Pussycats-Candy Landing Part 2
94-01-Speed Buggy-Speed Trap Part 1 (mislabeled as "Speed Buggs")
94-02-Speed Buggy-Speed Trap Part 2 (mislabeled as "Speed Buggs")
95-01-Charlotte's Web-Some Pig Part 1
95-02-Charlotte's Web-Some Pig Part 2
96-00-Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch-Hat Whack
97-00-Star Trek-Space Cowboy
98-00-Archie-Ladder Splatter
99-00-Goober and the Ghost Chasers-Giving up the Ghost
01-00-Robin Hood-Hood-Winked
60-00-Bugs Bunny-Wabbitt to the Wescue

1974 612 Slides (red)
602-01-Valley of the Dinosaurs-Escape from Danger Part 1
602-02-Valley of the Dinosarus-Escape from Danger Part 2
603-01-Speed Buggy-Fire Drill Part 1
603-02-Speed Buggy-Fire Drill Part 2
604-01-Scooby Doo-Jungle Bungle Part 1
604-02-Scooby Doo-Jungle Bungle Part 2
605-01-Hong Kong Phooey-Sooper Scooper Part 1
605-02-Hong Kong Phooey-Sooper Scooper Part 2
606-00-Korg 70,000 B.C.-Peril on the Mountain
607-00-Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch-Tunnel Funnel
608-00-Addams Family-Creepy Campers
609-00-Bugs Bunny-Airborne Elmer
610-00-Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids-Rebuilt Racer
611-01-Star Trek-Project Iceberg Part 1
611-02-Star Trek-Project Iceberg Part 2
612-00-The U.S. of Archie-Boston Tea Party

1976 868 Slides (purple)
606-02-Land of the Lost-Grumpy's Rescue Part 2
606-01-Land of the Lost-Grumpy's Rescue Part 1
608-02-Shazam-Cliff Hanger Part 2
607-00-Far Out Space Nuts-Lunch Launch
608-01-Shazam-Cliff Hanger Part 1
609-00-Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids-Hole in One
610-02-Scooby-Doo-Mystery Train Part 2
610-01-Scooby-Doo-Mystery Train Part 1 (missing0
611-00-Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm-Scary Staircase
612-00-Josie and the Pussycats-A Feather in Her Cap
613-00-Great Grape Ape-Snow Foolin
615-00-Hong Kong Phooey-Clothesline Catapult
616-00-Speed Buggy-Sky High Scramble
619-00-Bugs Bunny-Fishing Frenzy
620-00-Harlem Globetrotters-Super Stuff

(a 1976 set I don't seem to have yet)

Notes: Either in 1977 or 1978, Kenner changed the slides again – perhaps completely! As noted with the Six Million Dollar Man set (and perhaps it was only for sets that had all a single character or license on them, starting in 1973 – I don't have the Bionic Woman set, but I'd guess the same thing was going on there). Gone were the cardboard frames; instead, the entire slide strip was a single piece of plastic with solid black print for frames. I'm beginning to suspect that this was a contributing factor to fewer 1970s slides being available for collectors today!

1978 Star Wars Slides
Black-1-16-Star Wars-Scene 1-16

Kenner also did at least an Empire Strikes Back Give-A-Show set…
And from "Return of the Jedi," an Ewoks one:

There are a few other sets I know of, but don't have yet and don't know when they came out. Here's one of them:

And here's another!

That latter set may have been from the 1980s, because my newest set is this one:
It's dated 1981, and uses the last projector style, as you can see, with film strips. Here's the slides this came with:
461-001-01 - Scooby Doo in "The Flying Ghost"
461-001-02 - Scooby Doo in "His Mummy's Worth"
461-001-03 - Scooby Doo in "Close Encounters of the Scooby Kind" Part 1
461-001-04 - Scooby Doo in "Close Encounters of the Scooby Kind" Part 2
461-001-05 - Scooby Doo in "The Peppermint Phantom"
461-001-06 - Scooby Doo in "Tall Tail"
461-001-07 - Scooby Doo in "Statue of Scooby"
461-001-08 - Scooby Doo in "Super Bowl Scooby"
461-001-09 - Scooby Doo in "The Surfboard Phantom" Part 1
461-001-10 - Scooby Doo in "The Surfboard Phantom" Part 2
461-001-11 - Yogi Bear in "Vital Signs"
461-001-12 - Yogi Bear in "Scared Skier"
461-001-13 - Yogi Bear in "Sunken Lunch"
461-001-14 - Yogi Bear in "Polka Dot Panic"
461-001-15 - The Flintstones in "The Amazing Rubble Bubble"
461-001-16 - The Flintstones in "Double Dilemma"

I'm kind of amazed to see that they were still making them in the early 80s, although the packaging seems to indicate they were marketing them for the real young kiddies!

Also, just to be complete, in the United Kingdom and Australia, Chad Valley had the license to produce Give-A-Show Projectors. Some of their sets were mostly the same as the US ones, but they also had some sets that were entirely original to them!



Why, oh, why, did Kenner not produce this set in the USA?

Yes, Chad Valley did a full set of Stingray, while the US collectors had a single frame of slides!





This set, based on the Planet of the Apes TV show, is another one I don't have any evidence it was produced in the US, too… and that's a shame, because I always thought that the Planet of the Apes would've been a very successful Give-A-Show set here! Sadly, this set went for about 10 times my maximum possible bid!


Fortuna seems to be another company that had a license to produce something similar.

Now, if you're as interested in Give-A-Show Projectors from Kenner, Chad Valley, and similar stuff from those and other companies, look for news here sometime of the new Give-A-Show Blog! A UK Random Acts reader and I will be co-authoring this one (and I know you're reading this... shoot me an email, I lost your address when I got my new computer!)!