Saturday, August 23, 2008

By the 10's: Jumbo Comics, Part 2!

Continuing to look at Jumbo Comics, by the 10's...


OK, is it just me, or do any of you think there's something seriously wrong with Sheena's neck and head position on the cover for issue 110?


Issue 120, and that's one MASSIVE arrowhead there, isn't it? And where does Sheena keep her arrows, anyway? I don't think I've seen a single quiver!


No quiver on issue 130's cover...


Or on issue 140's cover, either. Where the heck is she keeping those arrows, anyway? Her hair???


Issue 150, and by this time, the colors on the cover are really looking good, aren't they? The art isn't bad, either.


Issue 160, and the last issue of this by the 10's, and Sheena's gone from fighting gorillas to rescuing them!

Next, on by the 10's... well, join us and find out, won't you?

Movie of the Week: Godzilla, King of the Monsters

Doing things a bit different for this week's Movie of the Week... Thanks to AOL Video, I am able to embed the entire movie of Godzilla, King of the Monsters for you to watch, although it is a bit small... If you want to watch it larger, once the commercial ends, click the button on the lower right corner of the screen to get a fullscreen view! And once you've watched the movie, check out the slideshow below of Godzilla movie collectibles!

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

OK, obviously, this is the movie that started it all for Godzilla and Toho, and it's a very different movie than the later ones in the series! Godzilla's a complete force of nature here.

It was obviously successful, although the original US distributor didn't pick up on the sequel film, which is why it was released in the states originally as "Gigantis, The Fire Monster" (also known as "Godzilla Raids Again").

Next week, the Movie of the Week moves on to Rodan!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome to the Newest Random Blogs of Geekery!

I hope you regular readers check the blogroll on the left side of this blog, because there's a lot of great blogs out there that I read daily, and I hope you do, too!

Recently added to the list are:

Big Glee! The Albert Bryan Bigley Archives - this is artistt Al Bigley's blog. Apparently, Al's been a fan of the Random Acts of Geekery for a while, and he sent me an email the other day alerting me to the blog. We've traded links, natch!

Geek Orthodox - I don't even recall now how I found out about this blog, but it's at least as geeky as this one, perhaps even moreso -- since I don't post stuff relating to D&D here! Good stuff!

Eleclectorama - Another great Geek blog run by one of my readers here! I just finished reading through the entire archives, and there's great stuff to check out there!

Sadly, there are some blogs that seem to be defunct, or nearly so... I won't mention names now, but if there continues to be a lack of updating them, I may have to cast them off the Random Blogs of Geekery.

On a related note -- October is coming, and with it the 2008 Halloween Countdown! You can see a list of blogs that participated in it last year, and if you're planning to do something for it in your own blog, make sure you let me and the other blogs know, so you can be added to the list!

What is the Halloween Countdown? Well, it kind of varies from blog to blog, but basically, you commit to posting something Halloween-themed every day from October 1 to the 31st. For blogs that are mostly monster-related stuff, this usually just means stepping up the posting rate. For the Random Acts of Geekery, naturally, it will be more like Planet of the Apes Month was -- at least one Halloween-related posting every day, plus all the other geeky goodies you've come to expect from me!

ToyRiffic! - Just discovered this blog today, all about cool toys of the past and present!


Cool Stuff: Battlestar Galactica Collectibles!

Time to look at some cool stuff produced when Battlestar Galactica was on the air! A lot of Mattel stuff to look at...


Like this Mint on Card Commander Adama figure!


Man, I'd love to get a copy of this book... apparently there were a couple of different Galactica activity books!


Here's an interesting set of "holographic" Galactica belt buckles!



Cylon costume! I'll bet the mask didn't have a red eye that moved back and forth, though.


Mint on Card Cylon! These were also sold in a gold variation.


Mint in Box Cylon Raider! Unfortunately, they didn't do any vehicles in scale with the action figures...


Mint on Card Daggit! I used to have one of these, but the Daggit I wanted was the plush one...

Here's some loose Galactica toy lots...





I think I wrote a long time back that I think one of the failings of the toy line was that so little of it was of the same scale, limiting playability! I'd bet that if you could buy a Viper for your Starbuck or Apollo figures, instead of the mini version, they would've sold better... but then, with the series only lasting one season, the line was doomed anyway...


Battlestar Galatica board game!


Here's a Galactica ID kit, one of the kind of cheap and cheesy items that, these days, would be found at a dollar store!


Here's another of those Galactica activity books!


Mint on Card Imperius Leader, whom we never saw that well on the show!


Galactica Party Masks - Colonial Pilot...


Cylon Centurion!


Battlestar Galactica Puzzle!


Colonial Scarab toy... based on nothing that ever appeared on the show!


Galactica Soundtrack album!


Mint on Card Starbuck!


Stellar Probe! This, like the Scarab, was designed so that you could combine pieces from other vehicles to make new vehicles... not sure why they thought that was appealing for this toy line!


Ah, there's that plush Daggit! One of the few Galactica toys I really wanted.


Galactica Stungun (which looked nothing like the ones on the show) and storybook!


Galactica tablecover!


And with this Viper Launch station, we wrap up this installment of Cool Stuff with Galactica merchandise!

Next time around, we'll start looking at some Hanna-Barbera stuff!


By the 10's: Jumbo Comics!

Time to do another Fiction House By the 10's!


If you've read anything about Fiction House comics, you're probably expecting stuff on this cover that you just aren't seeing! And what you are seeing here is some really baaaaaad perspective! Seriously, was the spear added at the last minute???


Now, issue 20's cover is all about the standard Fiction House stuff, isn't it? It's Sheena, Queen of the Jungle!


And as you can see from issue 30 onward, the Jumbo Comics Sheena covers don't really have that much variety... I mean, how many variations can one come up with, really, before it's a matter of swapping out the animal endangering Sheena, or the native tribe or big game hunter menacing her or someone else?


A very eye-catching cover on issue 40, but man, doesn't anyone in the jungle practice their spear-throwing techniques?


Fighting a giant condor armed just with a small wooden club? Man, Sheena's got cojones.


You'll notice by issue 60, there's no real consistent look to Sheena. You'll also note that when fighting enraged gorillas, Sheena needs a knife!


Nice artwork on Sheena on issue 70's cover, but the black panther doesn't look quite so good. I guess if you're going to draw Jungle Queens, you need to be able to draw babes and beasts!


Either Sheena's fighting another black panther on issue 80's cover, or she's been fighting the same black panther between these issues!


Forget Sheena's pose in the tree, ready to fire the arrow... look and think instead about two things: 1) The person she's aiming at is the only thing holding the potential victim above the crocodiles (or are those alligators?), so shooting him isn't a great idea. 2) The guy holding the victim up must be incredibly strong, and so much the fishing pole and fishing line!!!


A rather unusual cover for Jumbo 100... headlights but no legs!

More next time around!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

Let's see what's next in line from recent comic book art offered for sale...


The seller of this piece said it's page 3 from Flash 219, by Neal Adams! But it's actually page 3 of the Green Lantern back-up story in that issue.


Next up is this Flash Gordon page by Albert Giolitti, and my guess would be it's a Gold Key issue, since Giolitti did a lot of work for Gold Key (especially their Star Trek comic).

And we'll finish this installment off with a bunch of pages from the Fly #5, with art by Bill Vigoda, from the second story in that issue!


Skipping a few pages (I think... looking at these pages, I think the seller mis-labeled which page was which!)


Bonus page!


Page 25 of this issue, by the Simon Studio, teaches you some judo!