Saturday, September 06, 2008

By the 10's: Captain Marvel Jr!

Time to start another "By the 10's," this time featuring that spin-off of the Big Red Cheese, Captain Marvel Jr.!


And what a cover to start off with! Issue 10 feature not only the titular character, but a very unhappy Hitler!


I'm pretty sure I ran the cover for Captain Marvel Jr. #20 as part of the "Cowboys and Indians" theme a while back, but here it is again!


I always enjoy a good "busting out of the cover" design, like this one from Captain Marvel Jr. 30!


I like the pun on this rather spooky cover for Captain Marvel Jr. 40!


As you can see by issue 50's cover, sooner or later, every superhero discovers his alter ego is wanted for a crime he (probably) didn't commit!


Issue 60 brings us Cap Jr. carrying a shield, not competely unlike Captain America, Jr. from the Amalgam comics!


Yes, on issue 70, Captain Marvel Jr. faces off with an anthropomorphic table and what I can only guess is some kind of gremlin.


I wonder what small planetoid with lots of craters has such dense cloud cover, as seen on issue 80's cover!


Pandora had nothing on Cap Jr. on the cover of issue 90, eh?


Nothing like completely humiliating your worst enemy by making them carry the bass drum celebrating the 100th issue of your title, eh?


I have nothing to say about issue 110's cover that doesn't make some kind of "jackass" pun.

Cap. Jr.'s own title ended eight issues later!

Check back for more 1-10's!


Movie of the Week: Godzilla Raids Again (Gigantis The Fire Monster)

Time for another Movie of the Week full-feature presentation, and this time around, it's the sequel to Godzilla, Godzilla Raids Again, also known as Gigantis, the Fire Monster! After watching the video (if you choose to do so), scroll down and check out the slideshow of posters, lobby cards and stills from this movie!

Oh, and you can expand this video to full-screen, too!

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Friday, September 05, 2008

Random Videos of Geekery: 1960s Hulk Cartoon!

Bet you thought I wouldn't post the conclusion of that Hulk 'toon, eh?

Cool Stuff: Hanna-Barbera collectibles, featuring Wacky Races and Yogi Bear!


Here's the first of a few Wacky Races items... this Dick Dastardly and Muttley car was produced by Corgi, and I don't recall if that's what Dick's car actually looked like in the cartoon...


Ah, I was right... THIS is what the Mean Machine looked like, as produced by Johnny Lightning! Very cool!


I had no idea that this Muttley clock existed... I've got a co-worker who's a huge Muttley fan, I probably should've pointed this item out to her when it was offered...


Or even this Muttley eraser!


This is one of those British hardback comics "annuals" that I wish had been distributed in the States, too..


I'm amazed that 1) I wasn't aware of this game when I was a kid, and 2) I didn't beg, whine, or otherwise try to cajole my parents into buying it for me.


A few more Hanna-Barbera storybooks here, apparently marketed as "Wonder Books."


Exactly what makes this camera a Yogi Bear camera? I know, I know, I probably asked that about the Huckleberry Hound camera, too...


A Yogi Bear canteen almost makes sense... a Yogi Bear picnic basket set would've made even more sense, though...


Yogi Bear Nose-Lite. Yep, Yogi's nose glows. Yes, really. Like Rudolph's.


Yogi Bear's Friends record, no doubt one of those that used imitators of the original voices for the recording...


Yogi Silly Soap! It's like Silly Putty, but it's really soap! I think this is only the second vintage Silly Soap I've ever posted!


Yogi Bear Tell-A-Tale book!


Another Yogi Bear Tell-A-Tale Book... and it's got the same title as the first one, too! Were they different editions of the same book, with different covers?

Next time, we'll at least start with the Lone Ranger!


Give-A-Show Fridays: Popeye and The Three Stooges

Starting the 1962 "Red" Give-A-Show set now, and after the "Adventure Time" set, I found I liked the results using YouTube and sound, so (at least until I get bored with it) I'll be creating YouTube videos for future Give-A-Show Fridays presentations... and adding some sound, too!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

Time to look at some more original comic art recently offered for sale! And let's start, as promised with some covers from Charlton's Hot Rods and Racing Cars!


Here's the cover for issue 91, art by Jack Keller...


And here's Keller's cover for issue 114! One of these days, I oughtta cover this title in a "By the 10's," if the Grand Comics Database ever gets enough covers available...


Next up, it's page 16 from Incredible Hulk 124, art by Herb Trimpe (kind of looks like maybe Sal Buscema inked it, doesn't it?).


Compare that page to page 6 of Hulk 236, this one art by Sal! Not that I'm trying to say one of them's better than the other, y'know...


Here's page 6 of Hulk 246, which mainly features Captain Marvel!


And we Hulk-inue with this page from Hulk Annual #7, by John Byrne!


And now a non-Hulk page! It's page 33 of The Hunger Dogs by Jack "King" Kirby! Yeah, it may not be as great as his earlier work, but it's still a very cool page!



Continuing the pinball-like bouncing around, here's pages 1 and 19 from Inferior Five #6, art by Mike Sekowsky! Wow, funny how different you can get when you go in alphabetical order, eh?


Next in line is page 19 from Invaders 29, art by Chic Stone!


It's back to Byrne again, with page 30 from Iron Fist 12!


And here's page 1 from Iron Fist 2!


And to give you just a taste of the next installment, here's page 18 from Iron Man 44, by Ross Andru...

...and there should be more Iron Man next time, hopefully with Shellheld himself featured!


By the 10's: Buzzy!

Buzzy was another of DC's attempts to capitalize on Archie's success... other than that, I don't know much about it!


Here's issue 10, and as you can see, the art style here is very cartoony!


Issue 20, and the art style's a bit more realistic (as far as comics go, anyway). I like the cover gag!


Another amusing cover gag on issue 30!


Issue 40...


Issue 50! By this time, there's a logo change... and I like the subtle plug for Superman (as though the title needed it) on the cover!


What a bizarre composition to the cover of issue 60...


And here's issue 70! Buzzy only lasted another 7 issues after this one, unlike the similar Binky, which went on and on...

Join me here again on Saturday for the next "By the 10's!"


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Slideshow: Star Wars Collectibles!

I don't save photos of too many Star Wars-related items, so you know what's here should be pretty much out of the ordinary... or at least, I hope it is!

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Castle of Frankenstein #25 Part 9!

And we wrap up our look at Castle of Frankenstein #25...


The mail column finishes up on page 60, with comments on Psycho and The Exorcist, corrections of comments on "Dimension Five" and "The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler," plus the Dracula gag!

Page 61 has a whole bunch of cheap and cheesy things offered for sale, most of which you can still find from Johnson Smith Company!


Pages 62 and 63 are back issue ads...


As well as pages 64 and 65!


Page 66 is "Gallery GHouls," where there were free ads run! The only possible names I recognize are "Miachel Amorose," which maybe be a misspelling of "Michael Ambrose," and I guess that's it!

Page 67, the inside back cover, is from either Son of Frankenstein or Ghost of Frankenstein.

And now we get to the full cover spread:


And that wraps up this issue! Next week, a new monster mag!