Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cool Stuff: Movie Collectibles!

Let's look at some cool stuff based on movies, shall we?


OK, maybe you don't consider this cool... I find it interesting, especially since the movie Dr. Doolittle was considered a flop when it was in the theatres, that there was so much merchandising on it. I'd imagine it's considered a success today, what with all the tv showings and video.

And I'd bet this coloring book went for a pretty penny, too!


Did you know there was an 8mm digest version made of At The Earth's Core? Now you do. Who does that guy in the lower left-hand corner remind me of? He looks like some character from a sci-fi movie or tv show I would've watched frequently.


Here's an action figure I've featured before in a "Monster Mondays" post at least once, when he was on the first release "Famous Monsters." Tomland later reissued the Fly as part of their Star Raiders action figure line, with a new name (they did the same with other figures in the line). Yes, this was supposed to make kids think they were part of the Star Wars line.


Next up is a lobby card from Jason and the Argonauts, my favorite Ray Harryhausen movie!


Here's a lobby card from Journey to the Seventh Planet... not very sci-fi, but with the babes in white bikinis, I'd imagine this lobby card got a lot of teenage boys in to see the movie!


Hmmm... this King Kong model kit (based on the Dino De Laurentis remake) should've been in my monster files!

Well, that may have been in the wrong place, but I know the next batch of photos aren't... next time, Cool Stuff will focus on some Marvel Superheroes merchandise!


Movie of the Week: Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Monster

OK, back to Godzilla movies this week, with "Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Monster"! Stick around after the movie for a slideshow of collectibles, won't you?

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Random Videos of Geekery: Superman the Animated Series - Speed Demons!

Friday, September 19, 2008

By the 10's: Blondie, part 1!

Time for another "By the 10's," and once again, I'm picking a title that jumped from one company to another... "Blondie"! Not much to say about these, so I think I'll just present the covers for ya... Oh, yes, there was an earlier Blondie comic, but that one didn't quite strike my fancy for some reason. Here's part one!

Issue 10 - King Comics

Issue 20 - Harvey Comics takes over!

Issue 30

Issue 40

Issue 50

Issue 60

Issue 70

Issue 80

Issue 90 - Blondie's perfume was tested on animals! Shocking!

Issue 100!

Issue 110 - that's awfully yellow snow there!

Issue 120

We'll pick up next time with issue 130 through the end of the run!

Give-A-Show Fridays: Woody Woodpecker & Roy Rogers

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Slideshow: Land of the Giants Collectibles!

Now for another slideshow, this time of Land of the Giants collectibles!

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Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

Man, did I make you guys wait for this or what?


Page 25 of Kamandi 36, by Kirby... most of the art I post here is available to view in larger sizes when you click it... this one really goes super-sized!

Hopefully, that'll fulfill your Kirby quota for a bit...


...because next up is page 4 from Lone Ranger 63 by Tom Gill. I believe this was a Gold Key issue, not a Dell issue, but I'm willing to admit I could be wrong!


And now we've got page 22 of Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes 242, by Jim Sherman! I always liked Sherman's work.


Here's the cover for Legion of Super-Heroes 320, and I'll be the first to admit the primary reason I saved this picture is because it's by Jim Aparo, who I don't get to post art by nearly often enough!


Hey, whaddayaknow, it's more Kirby! This would be page 30 from Machine Man 7, one of my favorite of Kirby's latter-day Marvel titles.


Wouldja believe I've got page 31 from the same issue, too?


Here's another 70s Marvel page... but definitely not Kirby! Page 11 from Marvel Feature 2 by Ross Andru showcases the coming of... The Defenders!


Page 16 from the same issue! This was one of those tales that took place in Rutland, VT, home of Tom Fagan, and centered around Halloween! And that is Roy Thomas and then-wife Jeannie there, too!


Bouncing backwards, here's page 4!


Hey, how long has it been since I showcased any Golden Age stuff? Here's page 24 from Master Comics 118, featuring Nyoka, the Jungle Girl by H.G. Kiefer. And here's the rest of the pages from that story...


Yep, you never know what you'll find in each day's posts on the Random Acts of Geekery, do you?

And wait until you see what comics pages I have for you next time I look at some Original Comic Art!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Movie Monsters #4, Part 2!

Time to dive back into Movie Monsters #4!

We start with pages 14 and 15, featuring ads for stuff that's highly collectible today!


Ah, those days before home video... 8mm digest versions of the Planet of the Apes movies would've been cool to have! These show up on eBay pretty frequently.

Same goes for the POTA model kits shown here -- in fact, there's at least one of these models offered for sale on eBay every time I look!

The Star Trek stuff isn't quite so popular... the model kits seem to get more interest than those books (the Star Trek collector's market could really use the boost this new Trek movie should generate). It's interesting that a quarter page is used to sell the single movie soundtrack on LP... I would've thought more soundtracks would've been available, but perhaps it was squeezed in there because it was an existing ad page that could be modified?

Next up, starting on page 16, is another pretty decent article, this one on the career of Lon Chaney, Jr!





This was another article that would've been worthy of being cover-featured, in my opinion -- A cover with a nice painting of the Wolf Man would've probably sold a few more issues, eh?

Next time, a few more ads, and then... The Loch Ness Monster?


Cool Stuff: Potpourri - Well, mostly Major Matt Mason!

Let's see what we find filed under "M," shall we?


Ah, the Mandrake the Magician Magic Kit! If that's not an appropriate bit of licensing, I don't know what is!


Last time I posted these pics, they were as part of a Major Matt Mason slideshow, so now you can look at them in more detail... here's Captain Lazer, who was later reused, if I recall correctly, as a Cylon -- or at least, parts of him were!


This Firebolt Space Cannon is, in a word, awesome... like something out of a late 60s/early 70s Godzilla movie!


The XRG Re-Entry Glider is pretty cool, too!


Every decent action figure line had to have a carrying case to store your figures in... here's Major Matt Mason's!


If you had Major Matt Mason as a kid, and only had one of the accessories, it seems that the Spacecrawler was it, doesn't it?


How many kids' minds were blown when they saw this wonderful gift set of Major Matt Mason stuff on the shelves of the toy department at Sears or Penneys?


Space Power Suit pak!


Space Station! I'm amazed this wasn't refitted for some other Mattel line in the 1970s!


It's just the box for the Talking Flying Major Matt Mason, but I had to save the photo!


Uni-Tred Space Hauler... man, Major Matt Mason had the coolest vehicles, didn't he?

A wider range of potpourri next time!