Saturday, September 27, 2008

Slideshow: Godzilla Toys!

Just in case you didn't get enough Godzilla before, here's a slideshow of Godzilla toys and other collectibles!

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Movie of the Week: Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero!

Time for another "Movie of the Week" Video presentation, this week it's "Monster Zero," aka "Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero" or "Invasion of the Astro-Monsters"! After the movie, scroll down for a slideshow of collectibles!

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If you miss the old-style "Movie of the Week," I'm sure that format will be returning in November, after the Halloween Countdown!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

By the 10's: Korak, Son of Tarzan!

Time for another By the 10's, and this time we're looking at Korak, Son of Tarzan, which spun off of Gold Key's Tarzan book (naturally), went to DC when Tarzan did, and then changed title before it was finally cancelled!

Issue 10

Issue 20

Issue 30


Issue 50, and by this time, DC's got Korak (as well as Tarzan). Why did DC take over this title, instead of just letting it fade away? Word has it that Korak actually outsold Gold Key's Tarzan book!

Korak 60... or should I say, Tarzan Family 60? DC didn't exactly have the success they'd hoped for with Tarzan, or any of the other ERB properties... which is why eventually it went to Marvel (who restarted Tarzan with #1).


Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

Let's see, I promised more Marvel Team-Up pages this time, didn't I?


Page 1 from Marvel Team-Up 15, by Ross Andru!


Page 14 from the same issue!


Page 30!


Page 32!


Page 32 from Marvel Team-Up 22, by Sal Buscema!


The cover to Marvel Team-Up 35, by Gil Kane!


Hey, I'm back-tracking here... this is page 12 from Marvel Team-Up 7, by Andru!


Here's page 15!


Page 17!


Page 19!


Page 28!


Page 19 of Marvel Team-Up 9, by Andru!


Page 28!

Wow, that's a lot of Marvel Team-Up pages! Let's tone things down a bit, shall we?


Here's page 7 from My Love #9, by Gene Colan!


More Ross Andru art here... page 2 from Not Brand Ecch #1!


And page 3!


Page 4!


Next is page 30 from Not Brand Ecch #2, by Marie Severin!

And I think that's a good place to break off... next time, we get some Kirby stuff back in the rotation!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Movie Monsters #4, Part 3!

Taking up where we left off, we're on to page 24 of this Atlas/Seaboard magazine!


Now, that ad on page 24 should ring a few bells... I remember seeing this book offered in a similar ad in many comics of the 1970s, myself. However, I can't help but think that the book "Very Special People" ended up being purchased more by people who wanted to check out the photos of the "freaks" and not so much to understand the more human side of their lives. Or maybe I'm wrong.

The t-shirt ad on page 25 has a number of cool shirts offered... I especially like the Superman S-Shield (naturally) and the Groucho one. A lot of those shirts, however, could never have been advertised in Code-Approved publications, eh?

I do have to smile seeing the portion saying they'll make a t-shirt from any photo or slide you send 'em -- ah, the days before home computers, eh? Of course, these days, anyone with a computer and color printer (and necessary graphic software) can make their own shirts!

Next up, The Loch Ness Monster!


Featuring a very cool illustration by Walt Simonson, this article purports to be Keith Morris' take of his assignment to go to Scotland and investigate the Loch Ness Monster!


(those two grey boxes there? I'm thinking they were supposed to originally be two of the famous or infamous photos that were supposed to be of Nessie, but they couldn't be found by presstime)


The article is obviously a complete sham, a work of fiction. There's no way Goodman was going to send anyone to Scotland to research an article, and my best guess is that the Simonson picture was available, and the article was written to accompany it.

Page 31 features an ad for Pacific Comics, who were only in the business of selling comics back then, not publishing them (as they did for an all-too-short period of time).

Next time... some more cool ads (some might think they're the best part of the magazine)... and Disney?!? In a Monster Magazine?


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cool Stuff: Marvel Merchandise!

Let's start out by looking at some activity and coloring books featuring Marvel Super-Heroes this time...


I have no idea for sure when this activity book came out... well, the "Marvel Books" imprint would indicate early 80s.


The presence of HERBIE on this coloring book should tell you when this came out, eh?


The Hulk at the Circus coloring book... man, I tell you, either this is the lamest Hulk coloring book ever conceived, or it's got to be the most brilliant. Without having the book to look at, I have no idea. Is there a reason the Hulk's at the circus that fits with the green-skinned purple-pants version of the Hulk who called all deer "Bambi"?


The Secret Wars Coloring and Activity books are probably the only place that the Mattel vehicles from the action figure line were ever used in stories!


Getting away from the coloring books, here's a late 1960s Fantastic Four puzzle that looks pretty cool... I'm guessing it was drawn by Joe Sinnott!


This Marvel Super-Heroes Puzzle came out in the very early 1980s, and I used to have it!


Here's Remco's Hulk Utility Belt... it's the second time I've shown this photo, and I still have no idea why someone thought this was a good idea from a marketing viewpoint.

Here's some Power Records to look at:



Some of these (well, the ones that are original stories) can be pretty lame, but they're all fairly fun to listen too. It's too bad there's no legally available CD of the Power Records stuff...


That is one cool Marvel Super-Heroes sleeping bag. Not quite as cool as the DC Superheroes one I have, but pretty cool!


I wonder how many other characters have had their likenesses in sticker form adhered to this exact same sparkle gun? The card art is the best part of this toy, if you ask me.


This Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four board game shows up fairly often online... I've been trying to decide if I ever owned a copy of this game, or if it was a Fantastic Four game that had HERBIE in it.

Next time around... the Secret Wars coloring book was just an appetizer... next time, we look at some of the Secret Wars toys!


Random Videos of Geekery: The Adventures of Superman - The Haunted Lighthouse!

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Drawing Nearer...


...yes, in a little over a week, October will be here, and so will the Halloween Countdown! If you have a blog and are planning daily postings for Halloween this year, please let me know at waffyjon at comcast dot net or leave a comment here with your blog's URL so I can add you to the blogroll! I've already contacted all the blogs I had listed for 2007's countdown (at least, those that had email links available) to see if they're participating, too! And fair warning -- once October 1st gets here, I'll be deleting the 2007 listing from the side, so if you want the Random Geeks who check this blog out to know about your blog, ya may just want to go for it again!

Hey, Professor Ravensdeath!

Been wanting to thank you for the links from your blog, Monster Rally to the Monster Mondays posts and the like for a while now, but your blog isn't set up for comments, so far as I can tell!

By the 10's: Blondie, part 2!

Continuing and concluding from last time around...

Issue 130

Issue 140

Issue 150

Issue 160

Issue 170, as King Comics comes back to publish a handful of issues...

Issue 180 - Charlton takes over!

Issue 190

Issue 200!

Issue 210

Issue 220

And two issues later, Charlton gave up the ghost on Blondie, and nobody else picked up on it from that (kind of surprising, I expected a Gold Key/Whitman run, y'know?). Oh, there was another issue... L-2 or something like that, with a King Comics masthead, but with Charlton's artist on it... but other than that, nothing in the US until a one-shot by Blackthorne!