Saturday, November 08, 2008

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

As promised, here's that Cardy-drawn Teen Titans backup story, from issue 36...








Next time... Kirby! Thor! And More! 'Nuff Said!


Movie of the Week: Battle in Outer Space!

Check this out:

It's a sceen from "Battle in Outer Space," this week's Movie of the Week, and doesn't it kind of remind you of the spaceship battles in Star Wars?

Anyway... Battle in Outer Space is a loose sequel to The Mysterians (1957), jumping ahead several years to 1965, when Etsuko Shiraishi and Dr. Adachi, among others, are now heavily involved in the Earth Defense Forces. Rather than have Mysterians return to Earth for this sequel, a new, more sinister race was created: the Natal, who wield powerful anti-gravity weapons.

At least, that's what Wikipedia says about the movie. I haven't seen either this or the Mysterians!

Here's a slideshow of stuff from the movie, though... sorry I don't have more!

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Give-A-Show Fridays: Mighty Mouse and Bullwinkle!

By the 10's: Batman, Part 2!


Continuing, here's Batman 110, the first cover in this By the 10's in which Batman suddenly has some inexplicable power! The sci-fi era of Batman was probably a necessary evil (it did keep the book going, after all)...


Batman 120 introduces the Whirley-Bats!


Batman 130... yes, aliens and giant hands...


Batman 140 brings us the first Batwoman cover appearance in this By the 10's, as well as a strange transformation!


Batman 150, and this time, Robin has powers but Batman doesn't!


Batman 160, with an alien crime boss!


Batman 170, and we're out of the sci-fi era and into the "New Look" era, although many sci-fi elements still seem to be showing up that perhaps would've better fit The Flash!


Batman 180, no sci-fi stuff at all, and a very moody cover, although kind of marred by the go-go checks.


Batman 190 - was this the Penguin's first appearance in the 1960s? It's certainly his first appearance in this By the 10's!


Batman 200, and another classic anniversary cover!


Cool Stuff: Spider-Man Stuff, Part 2!

Let's continue to look at some Spider-Man collectibles!


Here's another Spider-Man radio... around the time this was made, similar figural radios of Batman and Superman were produced, too. I wonder if a Hulk one was made?


Spider-Man Remco CSV helicopter toy! Man, no wonder Peter Parker was always broke... One of these days, I'll post a slideshow of all the Spider-Man vehicle toys I've got photos of.


Spider-Man "oil can" puzzle, guest-starring Captain America!


AHI Spider-Mobile!


Radio-Controlled AHI Spider-Mobile!


Remco Spider-Man Utility Belt, featuring NOTHING that Spider-Man actually had on his belt!


Spider-Man Web-Spinning Action Game! I've heard this game isn't as cool as it sounds...

And that's it for this time!


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Quickie Review: Cloverfield!

Wow... I just finished watching Cloverfield on DVD (courtesy of my local library), and I must say... this was so much better of a movie than the American Godzilla, it's not even funny!

Yes, I know, Cloverfield came out a looong time ago, and it's been out on DVD a looong time already, but let me tell you, if you like monster movies and you haven't seen this one yet -- do so!

I have to admit that when I first heard about this movie, I figured it wasn't worth seeing in the theaters, having been burned on the aforementioned American Godzilla, but it would've been awesome, I'm sure, to see it on the big screen (not that wife Jessi would've probably been able to handle the intensity of it).

I have a few things to wonder about it, though, and I'll put them in the first comment, so if you haven't seen it yet and don't want to be spoiled, DON'T LOOK!

Children's Book Theatre: MOTU - Skeletor's Flower of Power Part 2!

Continuing from last Sunday...


Ah, now the plot thickens! Next installment on Sunday!


Slideshow: Speed Racer Collectibles!

Most - if not all - of these are from countries other than the USA!

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thank You, America...

...for getting Obama elected. I know expectations are going to be exceptionally high for him, but I'm confident that there will be real change in this nation.

We are fortunate to live in historic times, I think.

Castle of Frankenstein #9, Part 1!

And we're back to Castle of Frankenstein again... but there won't be as much monster content to look at, as you can imagine!


This issue of Castle of Frankenstein had a November, 1966 cover date, and as you can see, the cover feature is on the Batman tv series!


The inside front cover features this still from "Reptile," which I believe was a Hammer movie.


Page 3 - the first of the non-slick pages - features "Ygor Hyde" and this still from "Plague of the Zombies."


Page 4, and we have this Batman still that I'm sure you've seen many, many times!


And with page 5, we're at the Table of Contents! Credits are Charles Foster Kane, Publisher; Calvin T. Beck, Executive Editor; Helen Beck, Associate Publisher; Bhob Stewart, Editor and Design; Mike Parry, European Editor; William K. Everson, Consulting Editor; Contributing Editors are Joe Dante Jr., Robert C. Roman, Lin Carter, Larry Ivie, Chris Steinbruner, Ken Beale, Alan Dodd, Jim Harmon, Harry Nodler, Barry Brown, Larry Hama, Victor Wiscovitch, John Benson, Richard Bojarski, and J. Ramsey Campbell. As always, a number of these names went on to bigger things after Cof!


Page 6 brings us the Frankenstein Movie Guide! Movies mentioned are Queen of Blood ("comes as something of a disappointment"), The 10th Victim ("highly imaginative"), Who Killed Teddy Bear? ("idiotic plotting"), Planet of the Vampires ("beautifully photographed... excellent special fx"), Die, Monster, Die! ("mediocre updating of Lovecraft"), Master of Horror ("poorly written English-dubbed dialogue"), Master of Terror ("reissue of Universal's 4-D Man"), Agent for H.A.R.M. ("fair imitation of Bond"), Blood Bath ("mediocre beatnik-vampire tale"), The Great Spy Chase ("spy comedy... weakest entry in this vein"), Tarzan and the Valley of Gold ("gets the right Burroughs flavor"), War-Gods of the Deep ("passable because of fine underwater photography"), Crazy Paradise ("little to offer"), King Kong Vs. Godzilla (reissue, "waste of time and money" - I wouldn't say that, myself!), Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine ("see it for parody of Pit and the Pendulum"), Juliet of the Spirits ("incredible flight of imagination"), Film ("subjective camera gimmick seems at times like the idea of a college freshman film student"), Bunny Lake is Missing ("clumsy performance reveals ending too early"), Space Flight ("good plot... is thrown away"), and Alphaville ("thought-provoking SF adventure").


Page 7 features this still from Plaent of the Vampires!

Next time around... the CoF Interview: Boris Karloff!


Random Videos of Geekery: Batman Filmation Episode!

This month, for no apparent reason, the Random Videos of Geekery will be episodes of Filmation's Batman! Here's an episode with Catwoman:

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

Time to look at some more original comic art recently offered for sale!


First up is page 5 of Superman Family 202, by Win Mortimer!


Next is an impressive cover for Superman Family 216 by Bob Oksner!


We're back to Win Mortimer here, with page 4 from Superman Family 222!


Here's page 5!


Next up is page 27 from the second meeting of Superman and Spider-Man, art by John Buscema!


Here's page 57!


Next up, it's a Jack Kirby page, page #2 from Super Powers #2!


And we're back to Superman Family, with Neal Adams' cover for issue 183!


Here's page 11 from Super-Villain Team-Up #13, by Keith Giffen - probably some of his earliest comics work!


Next is page 14 from Super-Villain Team-Up #3, by George Evans!


More John Buscema now, with the cover for Marvel's Tarzan #8!


Here's page 30 from Marvel's Tarzan #10, also by John Buscema!


Next up, a page from Teen Titans #14, by Nick Cardy!

Next time around: A complete Teen Titans back-up story by Nick Cardy!