Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Tribute to My Followers!

I decided that, just because I felt like it, I'd create a post that was a tribute to the (so far) 19 people who are following this blog (not to say that I think they're the only ones reading it, but they are the only ones who clicked the "follow this blog" link on the left side)!

First up, there's Muzza -- I don't know anything about Muzza... how long Muzza's been following, if Muzza's male or female, Muzza's never commented that I'm aware of... but I salute you!

Next up is Mike Durett, who (like Muzza) hasn't commented that I recall. Mike has couple of funny blogs, but I'll point you at his main one, Mike Durrett Confidential. I salute you!

Number three is Maria Fleutte DeGuzman, aka The Big Life! Maria's a self-described working class artist, and you can check out her own blog at The Big Life! I salute you!

Next up is Bubba Shelby, who has spoken up a bit here and there! Bubba's been having some issues with Blogger lately, but hopefully he'll be resuming regular posts at Toyriffic soon! I salute you!

Seattle Sailor's commented but one time, I believe... Check out his blog at Because I Say So, won't you? Seattle Sailor, I salute you!

AllHallowSteve is a major Halloween and horror movie fan, and his site, Halloween Addict came to my attention during last fall's Halloween Countdown! I salute you!

Next up, we have Adi Wood, and you can imagine what his blog, Drummer Warrior is about, but check it out anyway! I salute you!

Gilligan -- aside from having an island named after him -- is a major pop culture geek, and his site, Retrospace, is a reflectipon of that! I salute you!

Next, we have The Groovy Agent, and his own blog, Diversions of the Groovy Kind, which mainly focuses on 1970s comics, with scans of complete issues to peruse! While I'm not sure how I feel about that (I suppose I feel better about those comics that aren't likely to ever be reprinted than those that have been), the site's worth checking out just to glom on to his logo!

Plaidstallions, of course, is best known for The Plaid Stallions Blog, but did you know he's also started a TV sitcom blog, Sitcom Diablo?

Next, we have Steven A, who seems a bit obsessed with pumpkins, as his blog names, Plastic Pumpkins and Pumpkin Pictures would seem to indicate, but they're about way more than pumpkins!

Samauri Frog's got three blogs, but my favorite of his has to be Eletronic Cerebrectomy! I especially enjoy his weekly "Throwdown" post on Friday.

Lifesaver follows the Random Acts, but apparently doesn't have a blog of his or her own! But I salute you anyway!

Vivir En Tucson's blog, Vivir En Tucson is all in Spanish... but you can read it in interesting English by clicking here, if I've done this correctly.

Azathoth has two great blogs, both well worth checking out.. this one and this one -- sadly, either has been updated since Christmas Eve 2008...

Jamdin's been a reader of the Random Acts for a looooong time! Check out his blog at Moongem Comics!

ILozZoc runs the blog The League of Tana Tea Drinkers, which is not just a Mummy blog... but I suspect that when I announce some of the new blogs I'm going to be working on, he'll find one of them of special interest!

Xenius Jones has three blogs... and it's hard for me to categorize them! Just check them out here, here, and here!

And last, but certainly not least, is Rick, whose blog Plastic Man Platitudes I've contributed an item or two to here and there... Somtimes I think Rick and I are in a race to see who can keep the most blogs running, because among his other blogs, he's got On My Mind,, Millie the Model, Let's Rap With Cap, Mail it to Team-Up, and The Comic Book Letterheads Museum, and that's not all of 'em!

Followers, I salute you all!

Movie of the Week: Frankenstein's Daughter!




By the 10's: Sensation Comics!

Sensation started out as an anthology featuring Wonder Woman, but as you'll see, it veered off of that before it was cancelled!

Issue 10

Issue 20

Issue 30

Issue 40

Issue 50

Issue 60

Issue 70

Issue 80

Issue 90

Issue 100

Issue 110, and Wonder Woman's gone... and before much longer, so was this title!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

Something completely different from all the Iron Man pages I've been posting...


Page 2 from Jerry Lewis 113, by Bob Oksner!


Page 5!


Page 3 from issue 115, also Oksner!


Page 6!


Page 7!


Page 8!

And different again...


It's page 2 from Journey into Mystery 63, by Jack Kirby!


Here's another Kirby page, this is page 9 from Journey Into Mystery 68!


Page 1 from Journey Into Mystery 80, another Kirby page!


Yes, it's Kirby again! Page 14 from Journey Into Mystery 89!


Page 18 from Journey Into Mystery 104, by Larry Lieber!

More Kirby Journey into Mystery pages next time!

Cool Stuff: Potpourri!

Ready for a real mixed-bag of stuff?


How's this for a starter? You probably knew Remco had made superhero utility belts... but a Mickey Mouse one? Interestingly, it doesn't seem to use anything that the other utility belts used!


Robinson Crusoe on Mars poster! Click to super-size!

Next up is some Rocketeer movie stuff, which I've included here because I loved the movie of the Rocketeer!


Hey, I said this was going to be a real mixed bag!

rollashow_magoo.JPG rollashow_quickdraw.JPG

Here's a few Tru-Vue "Rollashow" film cartridges... kind of surprising to see the Quick Draw McGraw one, given that Kenner had the Hanna-Barbera license sewed up - or so I thought!


I have no idea why this Fiddlesticks set features Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and the Hulk on the box!


Here's a vending card - wish I could show you the stickers themselves, but I'm guessing they're the same as the poses you see here!

Next time around: The focus gets a bit narrower, as the Shogun Warriors make another appearance!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quasimodo's Monster Magazine #5, Part 6!


Page 68 of Quasimodo's Monster Magazine #5 starts off part two of an article on Space: 1999. This part of the article reiterates the set-up of the sci-fi series.


The first part of the article was a run-through of the first five episodes of the series. This part talks about the plots of episodes 6 through... well, the article is erratic about numbering them, but I'd imagine they pretty much run through the rest of the first season (which had yet to debut, apparently, on American TV).



I was never a fan of the series myself... I tried to give it a shot, I really liked the designs of the Eagle spacecraft... but I found too many episodes felt like rewrites of Star Trek episodes (in fact, I even decided to do my own Star Trek episode rewritten as Space: 1999 episode as a fan-fiction story to share with the ST club I belonged to at the time. I think I used the plot of the first Romulan episode in my rewrite... oddly enough, nobody seemed to pick up on it until I mentioned it). But I know there are fans of the show, and I wasn't going to skip this article because of my own tastes (heck, if I'd done that, I wouldn't have presented the Stepford Wives article last week!).

Next time around, Quasimodo's Monster Mag gets back to the horror movie genre with "The Lorre Story," and there may be a few other pages as well in part 7, with part 8 being the wrap-up!

By the 10's: Strange Adventures, Part 3!

And now, the wrap-up!

Issue 210, and we've definitely gotten away from sci-fi with Deadman, a classic series!


Issue 220 - Deadman's run is over, and we're into reprints, cover-featuring Adam Strange! These were the issues I used to have, and loved to read over and over again!

Issue 230 - Gigantic Strange Adventures, full of classic DC sci-fi reprints? How could anyone pass this up?

Issue 240 - Recognize this reworking of an earlier cover?

And that wraps up Strange Adventures!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

The Iron Man art parade continues!


Page 19 from Iron Man 53, by George Tuska!


Page 1 from Iron Man 85, by Herb Trimpe and Marie Severin!


Page 2 from the same issue!


The cover for Iron Man 98, by Dave Cockrum!

Hey, the Iron Man parade is over... for now, anyway! Let's move on! Here's a bunch of pages from Archie Comics' Adventures of the Jaguar, issue 4, by John Rosenberger!


Page 11!


Page 12!


Page 13!


Page 16!


Page 17!


Page 18!


Page 20!


Page 22!

Next time, we'll start with Jerry Lewis, believe it or not!