Saturday, March 21, 2009

Movie of the Week: 3 Worlds of Gulliver!

This week's Movie of the Week features "3 Worlds of Gulliver"! Here's the trailer, straight from the TCM website:

Hopefully this won't be an auto-starting video! Sadly, so far, I have only this one item in my photo library from this movie:


The movie is available in parts through YouTube, but I didn't think those of you with slower connections would appreciate waiting for five or six YouTube windows to show up here!

But maybe this little tease will interest you in adding it to your DVD collection... I know I need it! Here's a link that will earn me a few pennies if you order from it.

Next week: The 4D Man!

By the 10's: Magnus, Robot Fighter!

The time has come for Magnus, Robot Fighter... By the 10's!


Issue 10!


Issue 20!


Issue 30!


Issue 40!

That's it for this edition, but the Gold Key parade will continue with Ripley's Believe It Or Not!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!


Leading off this installment of Original Comic Art, we have page 4 from Mystery In Space #80, by Carmine Infantino!


More Adam Strange stuff here, it's page 4 from MIS #84, also by Infantino!


Next, a particularly frentic cover for Master of Kung Fu 27 by Gil Kane!


And here's Mike Zeck's cover for issue 91!


From the pre-horror EC era comes page 23 from Moon Girl #4, by Shelly Moldoff!


And here's Moldiff's cover for Moon Girl 8!


If I have to tell you that page 13 from Mr. Miracle #12 is by Jack Kirby, you just might be reading the wrong blog!


Here's page 22 from issue 15!


And here's page 6 from issue 17! Click on it for super-size viewing options! Yes, most of these you can click for larger views, but this one is HUGE!


Here's Marshall Rogers' cover for MM #19, from the short-lived revival!


Next up, we have Ross Andru and Bill Everett's cover for Marvel Super-Heroes #14!


And here's Dave Cockrum's cover for Ms Marvel 9!


Next is page 1 from Ms Marvel 21, also by Cockrum!


Cockrum also did the cover for issue 21!

Next time around... some Marvel Team-Up pages, and perhaps more!

Give-A-Show Fridays: Fortuna No. 239 Slides!

Something a bit different today before we get into the 1964 slides... here's a YouTube video I created of the entire Fortuna No. 239 slide set! Just compare these to what Kenner was doing in the 1960s... these are very sparse on text, and the text is set in pretty much random places... if you thought the Kenner adaptations of classics was really cut and dried, check these out! I'm especially amused at how they cut to the end without really resolving the plot's conflict first!

The Fortuna Give-A-Show knockoff was also known as Spectrum in the USA. Not quite sure how a USA seller had the non-US version. This was a cheaply made knockoff, and they seem to turn up on eBay fairly often. I probably won't be trying to get any more of these, though, as it's impossible to tell what sets are exactly the same as the one I have!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bonus Random Video of Geekery!

I was approached on my Facebook page to check this video out and comment on it here...

Spellfury is a very nicely done fantasy series done in kind of a minisode format. The SFX are very well done -- I'm reminded of the first few seasons of Hercules and Xena. Well done! The above is episode three.

Random Videos of Geekery: 1960s Hulk, Episodes 7 and 8!

Episode Seven:

Episode Eight:

Cool Stuff: Superman Stuff!

Time to check out some Superman items!


This TV tray uses the same art that was used for a circular puzzle in the 1970s!


This cool watch came out in 1977!


One of these days, I have GOT to get this game, which has a double-sided game board!


And now you know what the boards look like for it!


I find it odd that this Superman costume sold by Ben Cooper not only features Superman and Batman in Golden Age style art, but it also features Mary Poppins and the Spectre! Did they actually make a Spectre costume at any time?


This figural belt buckle came out in 1973!


This PVC figure was made by Chemtoy, also known for their "movie viewers"!


I like this coffee cup... I have a juice glass that uses the same Neal Adams artwork!


These Superman Colorforms were obviously from the era where there was limited color in use for the Colorforms themselves!


Superman Glasses Case? Makes perfect sense to me!


I'd love to get this playset produced by Ideal... check out all the characters included!


Very cool lunchbox!


Several of the George Reeves Superman episodes were edited together into movies and shown at least in Mexico... here's a lobby card!

More Superman next time!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Famous Monsters #147, Part 1!

Time to start a new monster mag review, and this time, I've selected "Famous Monsters of Filmland" #147, acquired at the last Portland Comic Show I went to!


As you can see, Star Wars was still big when this September, 1978 cover-dated issue was on the stands! I've long theorized that if it weren't for Star Wars and the subsequent SF (and SFX) movie boom, FM may well have died out sooner!


And the Captain Company merchandise certainly reflected the boom! As we get deeper into this issue, you'll see quite a few ads for Star Wars stuff! The inside front cover featured a selection of the original line-up plus the Death Squad Commander and Sand People. The "splash page," page 3, featured Forry's "Speaking of Monsters" editorial, providing a glimpse at what was to be found inside, such as more about Star Wars, Star Trek the Motion Picture, Starcrash, Close Encounters, a new contest, and more! I'm not sure where the photo came from.


Page 4 featured the first page of "Fang Mail," where this issue was dedicated to Brian Forbes, and eltters from Rossell Davis, John Copsey, Joe Hammell (who was then attending Ft. Benjamin Harrison, IN, a all-services school where I went to study Journalism when I was in the Navy), Don Clarke, and William Van Volkenburg; photos were also provided of Josh McKay, Joseph Ouillette, Mark Houch, Paul Domenico, and Samuel Moffit (the oldest of the group). If any of you guys happen across this post, speak up in the comments, you hear?

Page 5 features the table of contents, as well as credits, wherein it's mentioned that FM master artist Basil Golgos did the cover painting! Did I mention I helped out with a book on Golgos a while back? None of the names in the masthead ring a bell with me.


The first full-fledged article is Randy Palmer's "Pinnacle of Terror" Which Hammer Horror would YOU pick?", which looks at Hammer's "Hall of Fame" movies (Revenge of Frankenstein, The Devil's Bride, The Reptile, The Mummy, The Creeping Unknown, Five Million Years to Earth, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Curse of the Werewolf, Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter, The Vampire Lovers and Dracula, Prince of Darkness... but then proceeds to make arguments favoring adding other movies to the list of Hammer's best, starting with Horror of Dracula... although saying it's far from Hammer's best!


Not sure what happened with my scan of page 8 there! Anyway, the article continues with conceding that Horror of Dracula is a clasic, but not their best... instead, this person prefers Taste The Blood of Dracula!

As to why? Well, you'll have to wait for next time, because I don't want to burn through this issue all that quickly here!

Children's Book Theatre: Bullwinkle Coloring Book, Part 5!

The Moonmen have sprinkled Bullwinkle with moon dust so he'll float to the moon because the Moonwomen want to meet him!



So, let me see... the moon dust was strong enough to pull Bullwinkle and part of a fire hydrant up, but not strong enough that Rocky didn't have time to tie the rope onto the hydrant and then to Bullwinkle (who wasn't pictured as being in the city)...


That's some umbrella... I wonder where Rocky found it?


Obviously, some more pages were cut, because Bullwinkle's not only lost the umbrella that cut off the magnetism, but he's also now tied through some kind of crater thing...


How did Bullwinkle get away? No idea. Where the heck is Bullwinkle now? What is Boris trying to do now? Are we ever going to get back to the Moonmen again? Or the TV show that Bullwinkle used to appear on?

Tune in next time!