Friday, June 26, 2009

Status Update!

No real news on the Desi adoption front...

...but I can announce that starting on Monday, I'll be a full-time student at South Puget Sound Community College, enrolled in their Medical Assisting program toward a two-year degree.

For Summer Quarter, I'm taking Lifespan Psychology and American Sign Language, getting into more of the "meat" of the program in the Fall, when I'll be taking three classes (only two of my classes were available for summer).

As I've mentioned before, this shouldn't affect this or my other blogs... I'm currently working on October's posts for here, and the Give-A-Show Blog is done through September, while all the other blogs are prepared through 2010 (how's that for working ahead?).

The only real effect might be delaying the start of any of the new blogs I've been thinking about... but we'll see once I'm started in classes, and how quickly I get all the October posts created.

Cool Stuff!

This time around, the focus starts on Space: 1999!


Did anything like the Alien vehicle presented here in this model kit ever appear on the show itself?


I always liked the design of the Eagle spaceships... I even scratch-built one out of balsa wood, with only a line drawing from a model rocket ad in the comics to use as a guide! As I recall, it didn't come out half-bad... wish I still had some photos of it!


I wonder why the model kit identifies this as "Alpha Moonbase," and not "Moonbase Alpha"?


Here's the biggest Space: 1999 toy ever made -- Mattel's gigantic Eagle transporter!


Perhaps even more fun to play with would be this playset by Amsco, the same company that made the "Marvel World" playset!


Stamping set!


Yes, that was it for Space: 1999... next up is this kind of neat "Space Case" that was supposed to hold your Star Wars figures... and knockoffs, too!

And now, we start on Spider-Man items, just in case you're not getting enough on the Spider-Man Stuff blog!


This inflatable "flote" came out in 1977!


This watch came out in 1977, too!


OK, so I was mistaken, there was a Spidey jiggler, too... but I think this was an AHI product, while the Red Skull and Doc Strange ones were made by Ben Cooper (yes, I'm referring back to posts from a few weeks back)!


Speaking of AHI, here's one of their versions of the Spider-Man parachutist... there was at least one other card design they used.


Corgi Spider-Bike! Yes, there was no Spider-Bike in the comics, but at least Peter Parker rode a motorcycle for a while!


And while Spidey did use the occasional hang glider, it was made entirely on-the-spot with webbing, and nothing like this!


And here's a Spider-Man inflatable kite to round out this post... hope it doesn't warp your brain or anything like that!

Give-A-Show Fridays: The Flintstones and Quick Draw McGraw!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!


Wow I was expecting I had lots of Hulk art to share this time around, but given that the next piece, above, is page 14 from Hulk #268 (by Sal Buscema), it appears I was mistaken!


Here's page 16 from the same issue!


Next up, we've got page 45 from Jack Kirby's Hunger Dogs graphic novel!


OK, this is a great example of the only time you'll ever see me posting Todd McFarlane artwork on this blog (unless, of course, I plan to ruthlessly nitpick it or otherwise make fun of it)... because it's one of his Infinity, Inc. pages -- page 9 from issue 19, to be precise -- and the only exceptions I tend to make for straying past about 1980 or so in the Original Comic Art posts is for All-Star Squadron or Infinity, Inc!


And... now we're into Iron Man, with page 12 from issue 5, by George Tuska!


Next, here's page 19 from Iron Man 44, by Ross Andru - no Iron Man on this page, but look at those great Andru faces there!


Moving on... Hooray! Here's page 3 from Journey Into Mystery #113, by Jack Kirby!


Here's another Kirby page, this one's page 1 from Jimmy Olsen 141!


Next, we have page 32 from Justice League of America #142, by Dick Dillin! The character of "Willow" here is interesting, sort of writer Steve Englehart's little joke, if you will...


Next, it's page 18 from JLA #143, also by Dillin!


More Dillin here, courtesy of page 3 from JLA #146!


Still more here! Page 6 from JLA #160!


Here's another JLA page, but it's not by Dillin... page 10 from JLA #191, by Rich Buckler!


Up next, we're going back a ways with page 27 from JLA#25, by Mike Sekowsky!


And finally, for this edition, here's Gil Kane's cover to Jungle Action #2!