Saturday, August 01, 2009

Movie of the Week: Battle in Outer Space!

Something a bit different for the trailer this time around... the Japanese trailer:

Italian poster

Spanish poster

Italian photobustas:





No DVD release of this one so far as I can determine!

Cool Stuff!

This first Cool Stuff posting for August, 2009 features a range of things...

beneathpota_lc1.jpg this still for Beneath the Planet of the Apes...


Or this window card for the same movie (click for larger views)...


...or Transogram's Buck Rogers board game.


Then there's this Japanese poster for Conquest of the Planet of the Apes...



...a couple of American lobby cards for Conquest...


...a Mexican lobby card...


...this very cool newspaper herald...


...and even a Yugoslavian program for the movie! And if that's not enough for you, there's also...

dcsh_argentinabatgirl.jpg dcsh_argentinabatman.jpg dcsh_argentinaflash.jpg dcsh_argentinasupergirl.jpg dcsh_argentinasuperman.jpg

Argentina DC superhero figurines (probably made by Gulliver)!


The Super Heroes Big Big Book (I bid on this auction, and got incredibly outbid just before it closed, sadly)!


DC Super Heroes Coloring Cloth!


Congo Bill Movie Serial Poster! Click for super-sizing!


And DC Superheroes Dominoes sets that I may have shown before, but I believe these are better photos of!

Yes, all that will be in the first Cool Stuff posting for August, 2009. Hey, wait, this is the first Cool Stuff posting for August, 2009! So maybe I should, at this point, tease what's in the next Cool Stuff posting: Records! Super Friends! Super Powers! And Other DC Superheroes Merchandise!

Friday, July 31, 2009

This n That Time!

Time for a bunch of unrelated (for the post part) updates!

ITEM! So, the adoption of Leo didn't take... he apparently had not been trained at all (or at least, not enough that we could cover what hadn't been done before)... the first time we left the house with him and our other dogs at home, he pushed the screen out of a second-story window, jumped out of it, and then charged our neighbors (one of whom is pregnant). He also tore a huge hole in the screen for our kitchen door going outside, chewed up one of Desi's dolls she just got for her birthday, and climbed over the fence another time! So, Wednesday night, Tristan and I took him back.

ITEM! At this time, I'm about half-way through the Summer Quarter at South Puget Sound Community College. So far, I'm doing pretty good... I got an A- on my first ASL exam (we just had another one on Wednesday I won't get the results of until Monday), and I got 42 out of a possible 50 points on my first Lifespan Psychology exam (again, we had another one last Monday that won't come back until this Monday, when we have a third exam). I've also just finished my research paper for the Psych class, having gotten some feedback from my professor, so I'm feeling pretty good about the grade there.

ITEM! It's been HOT out here... I sometimes wonder if posting all those Hot Stuff covers brought the heat or something! Temperatures for this week have been in the 90s, and even breaking 100 the other day! If I wanted summers like this, I could've stayed in Wisconsin!

ITEM! Kind of stalled out on working on the new forthcoming blogs (Blog of the Creature, Curse of the Mummy's Blog, and Saturday Morning Superstars) due to school stuff, but I'm sure I'll be well ahead of things before any of them start publishing.

ITEM! The Halloween Countdown is coming! Well, it's coming in October, but I figured I should start mentioning it now. For those of you who are new to the Random Acts of Geekery, every October for the past few years, a whole bunch of blogs (including this one, natch) promise to post something Halloween-related every day of October, to countdown to one of our favorite holidays! Last year we had about 50 blogs participating, and I'm hoping to increase that number this year! The only other "requirement" is that participating blogs should provide links to the other blogs participating in the countdown... and I'm hoping that this year, I'll be able to help out with that, sending a text or Word file out periodically to all the participating bloggers with an updated HTML file they can copy and paste in their blog where appropriate. If you've got a blog and are interested in participating this year, shoot me an email at waffyjon at comcast dot net with the name and URL of your blog so I can add you to the list! I'll be sending out email "packets" with the logo I came up for this year's event, as well as the link to a YouTube promo video which you'll also see here around September, I think.

By the 10's: Hot Stuff Sizzlers!

Yep, it's a Hot Stuff spin-off title... By the 10's!


Issue 10!


Issue 20!


Issue 30!


Issue 40 -- Man, I should've really looked at Harvey stuff when I was collecting cover themes!


Issue 50!

Next time around: Little Audrey!

Give-A-Show Fridays: Lassie and Secret Squirrel!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random Videos of Geekery: 1960s Thor, Episode 59!

Episode 59 Part 1:

Episode 59 Part 2:

Episode 59 Part 3:

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

Well, apparently I really need to make sure I'm sorting my files before I start posting... because with the last gallery of comic art ending with X-Men pages, you'd rightfully be guessing I'd be on a new volume of pictures starting with "A" -- but you'd be wrong, because here's a bunch I hadn't alphabetized properly!


The awesome, always-missed Mike Parobeck's cover to Justice Society of America #8!


Page 13 from Daredevil 21 by Gene Colan!


Page 2 from Strange Tales 106, by Dick Ayers!


Page 9!


Here's page 10!


A cool (if oddly-spelled) Daredevil painting done by Don Newton, probably from his fandom days!


Page 16 from Flash 131, by Carmine Infantino!


The art for a Popeye Better Little Book -- artist unknown!


Page 8 from Tales To Asstonish 69, by Bob Powell!


Page 22 from Fantastic Four 94, by Jack Kirby!


Kirby's cover to Ghost Rider 23!


Rich Buckler's cover to Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 1!


Tom Sutton's cover for Ghost Rider 29!


Page 17 from Tales to Astonish 96, by Bill Everett!


Gene Colan's cover to Dr. Strange 35!


John Romita's cover to Spidey Super Stories 27!


And finally for this installment, page 10 from Aquaman 11, by Nick Cardy!

More mixed bag next time!