Friday, December 18, 2009

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

We're starting this edition off with Kona!


Kona was one of those Tarzan types with dinosaurs thrown in the mix, published by Dell. Sam Glanzmann is credited with the art for this page by the seller!

The Big Bang Theory and Online TV Shows

OK, so I'm a latecomer to this show... which surprises me! I mean, I'd been hearing throughout the blogosphere and elsewhere how this was the sitcom to watch for geeks like myself, yet I didn't start recording the show on our digital video recorder until just before the new season started... but now I (and wife Jessi) are hooked!

I love the characters... I identify personally most with Leonard (especially when catching up on the first two seasons), although Sheldon is probably the funniest of the characters (and I probably have more than a few Sheldon traits, to be honest). Raj is kind of limited with his inability to talk around attractive women, but he has good screen time with Howard, the self-proclaimed ladies man (who's more creepy than anyone else). And of course, there's the adorable, if somewhat sarcastic, Penny, who is absorbing more geek than she's truly aware of.

As I noted, I caught up with the first two seasons of the show... and I have to admit that I didn't do this by buying or renting the DVD sets, but rather Googled for it and found the series on various video sites which did not have legal permission to present them.

I would have loved to have watched them all on legally-available sites, such as on or even, but nobody at either site seems to have caught on to the idea that it's a good idea to have previous seasons of a currently-showing TV series available for watching for latecomers like myself. In these days when fewer and fewer people are giving a new series a chance (which results in some really good shows dying before their time), it would be smart if the networks would make all previous seasons available on their sites for shows that make it past the freshman season! Or even just the previous season or two, for that matter. No matter how high the ratings of a show are, it can always use more viewers, you know?

True, for some shows that we've recently started watching (like Criminal Minds or Bones, for example), these shows are in syndicated reruns, making it easy to catch up quickly (which we did for Monk, NCIS, and a few other shows)... but even then, I would still argue it's smart to keep them online as well... if for no other reason than new viewers could catch up in order. We're still trying to figure out the order of continuity for some aspects of Bones, and I think we've seen all the episodes!

Now, I can imagine the networks would claim that they can't handle having that much content available on their websites, or it would overload their servers... but you know, those pirate sites have a lot of streaming video available, and it doesn't seem to be causing that big a problem there!

Digressing now... but I also strongly believe that shows that aren't being shown now should also be available online, too... if for no other reason than to keep those programs "alive," if you will. For example... what if you decide that you're in the mood to watch the original Jonny Quest, but don't want to pay out the money for the DVDs (which aren't available in all stores)? You can't go to the Boomerang website to watch those or most of the other older Hanna-Barbera shows. Occasionally, some of these show up on YouTube, but can be taken down fairly quickly (as I've been learning, to my chagrin, with my Saturday Morning Superstars blog). I've read that the reason there's not a DVD release of The Banana Splits is because the films of the show aren't of sufficient quality for DVD... but they'd probably be fine for the Internet. And advertising can help offset the cost of putting these online.

Even with the proliferation of cable channels out there, I'd imagine that just about everyone has at least one or two TV shows from the past they'd love to see again but aren't being shown anywhere... and DVDs can get expensive, especially if you really just want to see them one more time each. Certainly putting these shows online is cheaper than the production involved with DVDs, and all the profits from this would go right to whoever owns them (plus the site owners, if they aren't the same). It wouldn't take too much marketing to make it known these shows were available to view online (heck, I'd be happy to promote them here and on my other blogs as appropriate once I was alerted to it)! And it would be especially smart if they were to have ads for DVD sets of the shows next to the videos -- it could easily spark sales, especially if they didn't scrimp on the extras.

Anyway, that's my two cents on it... I could go on and on, but you'd probably tire of it!

Christmas Countdown!


Page 23!

Give-A-Show Fridays: King Kong and Aquaman!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Free Coloring Book for Kids!

Got this from my buddy Fred Grandinetti (author of several books on Popeye, and host of "Drawing with Fred," a cable access show on which he'll be showing several of my Give-A-Show Projector videos), and wanted to pass it along to all of you! I've already requested a copy for my kids!

Film and Television Actor Cuyle Carvin Becomes a Cartoon!

Cuyle Carvin, star of the upcoming DVD release"Person of Interest",was transformed into a cartoon character for the "Cuyle Carvin Coloring Book". The actor has been concerned over the lack of exercise in today's children. He teamed up with illustrator David Hudon who turned Carvin into a cartoon figure promoting a healthy lifestyle. The book was written by Fred M. Grandinetti who is the author of numerous articles on Popeye the Sailor. Carvin's other credits include, "The One You Marry", "The Snow Princess" and "All My Children".

The book is free of charge and available through Carvin's website located at

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By the 10's: The Phantom!

It's the Ghost Who Walks on... By the 10's!


As you can see by issue 10's cover, the Phantom began at Gold Key...


...but by issue 20, it was a King Comics title!


Yet by issue 30, it had gone to Charlton, where the title would end up featuring some of Jim Aparo's earliest comics work!


Issue 40!


Issue 50!


Issue 60!


Issue 70, with a great painted cover by Don Newton!

And that will wrap up this By the 10's!

Cool Stuff!

It'll probably be all Bat-stuff this time around!


That's very nice art on this frame-tray puzzle... even if Batman's swinging position is kind of awkward!


Here's some more frame-tray puzzles above... and some Batman: The Movie stuff below!


French poster!


Another French poster!


Spanish poster, got to be for a reissue!


Next, this Italian Rocket Gun toy!

batman_japanesenotebook1.jpg batman_japanesenotebook2.jpg

Japanese notebooks!


Mexican masks!


Really awful Batman patches... I'm guessing bootlegs here!

batman_penguinmexknockoff.jpg batman_robinmexknockoff.jpg

Here's Mexican knock-offs of AHI's Pengiun and Robin Parachuters!


Pix-A-Go-Go! All the time I've seen one these on eBay, and I'm still not entirely sure what it does!


I may have had this poster pen set when I was much younger... doubt I ever finished one of the posters, though!


1960s Robin towel! Kind of looks like he's not sitting in the Batmobile correctly, does it?


1960s TV series still, "autographed"!


A nightmare-inducing stuffed Batman figure!

batman_survivalkit batman_targetgame

It's probably best if I don't think about the two carded toys above...


...or this Tyco train car, either!


And a nifty Batman watch from the 1970s! Wow, is that time time? Got to end this Cool Stuff installment, but next time around, we'll be going Beneath the Planet of the Apes!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Page 21!

Castle of Frankenstein #16, Part 7!

Time to look at what was then Latest Film News!


The first page of the article talks about "Andromeda Strain," "Running Silent" (renamed "Silent Running" prior to release, obviously), and says that Warners is working on "Stranger in a Strange Land"! It also mentions Warners is going to distribute THX 1138, which many of you will know as being done by George Lucas!

Photos are from AIP's "Julius Caesar" and "Trog," called "a dog of a flick"!


Yes, page 46 is very text-heavy! Upcoming films announced include "Escape from the Planet of the Apes," "I Am Legend," a bunch of AIP films including "The Vampire Lovers," "The INcredible Two-Headed Transplant," "Dr. Phibes" and "Count Yorga Vampire." Other upcoming films mentioned are "Gingerbread Lady," "Barrcuda 2000 A.D.," "G.O.O.," "MacBeth" by Roman Polanski, "The House that Dripped Blood," "I, A Monster," "Beast of the Yellow Night," "Mephisto Waltz," "The Best of Friends," "Light at the Edge of the World," and "City Beneath the Sea." Some of those unfamiliar titles may have never been made, or had their titles changed!

In "Up Ahead," the films mentioned are "Dear Dead Delilah," "Toy Factory," "Million Dollar Duck" from Disney, "Simon, King of the Witches," "Journey of the Aquanauts," "Solar Wind," "Mind Thing, "Creatures the World Forgot," "Cold Turkey," and a bunch of others, including a premature announcement of "The Lord of the Rings" from United Artists.

In TV news, there's talk about "Night Gallery," "Annie Come Home," "Boo," "Cooking: Price-Wise," "Curiosity Shop," and "The Immortal" (which had just been axed).

In "Mis-MOSHion Impossible," there's a whole bunch of miscellaneous info, such as how Dan Curtis of Dark Shadows got his start, what the National Enquirer had reported about Lon Chaney, Jr., and other stuff.


More mish-mosh on page 47, with trivia about Clint Eastwood's appearance in "Return of the Creature," and a number of fanzines reviewed, too! These are accompanied with stills from "Scars of Dracula" and "Colossus: The Forbin Project."

We'll keep this installment short this time, as next time around we have the letters column and some full-page ads of interest!

Random Videos of Geekery: Mego Superheroes Commercial!

We have the Mego Museum to thank for this one!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Countdown!


Page 20!

Children's Book Theatre: Roger Rabbit in A Different Toon, Part 2!

And the conclusion!


And the back cover's there just to be complete!

Coming up next on Children's Book Theatre... dare I run another He-Man and the Masters of the Universe book? Tune in next time to find out!