Thursday, January 14, 2010

Children's Book Theatre: The Flintstones in "Dino Gets a Job," part 1!

Going to feature a few Hanna-Barbera items for these next two Children's Book Theatre features! First up, The Flintstones: Dino Gets a Job!

Here's the front cover and title page. This book was published in 1974, and is a "Durabook," which means it has a very thick cardboard cover (well, not as thick as a Little Golden Book, but still pretty thick). Note that Horace J. Elias gets a credit for the story, but the artist isn't credited. The art is a bit off-model, but probably no worse than Golden Books usually managed!

An interesting thing about this first page: Wilma's telling Fred how big a problem Dino is... but I recall that when Dino was introduced in the cartoon, it was Wilma's idea to keep him, and Fred wanted nothing to do with it!

Wow, check out Fred's eyes in that right-hand page! Maybe he ate a bad Bronto Burger or something?

I'm pretty sure Dino's parentage was never mentioned on the show...


And with that disaster, we'll close out this section... and in three days, the conclusion!


  1. I got a few Golden Books from the 90s that have great on-model art ^_^

    and .. well, they didn't really say anything about Dino and his history in the show apart from.. well, the kinda 'origin' story which i'm sure you know.. I always wondered why alot of stuff like this, had him blue instead of purple though..

  2. I have no idea why things varied so much either!


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