Monday, February 08, 2010

Cool South American DC & Marvel Toys!

A very good friend of the Random Acts of Geekery, Ramiro from Argentina, has been sending me photos of some very cool superhero toys available in his part of the world since October, and I figured it was high time I show some of them off to you guys!

First up is this Batmobile with Batman and Robin, as well as a Batcycle with Batgirl! Kind of makes me wonder why AHI never got around to doing a Batgirl Batcycle!

These Fantastic Four-related stickers look to be part of a larger set, and I hope Ramiro will send me more of the rest of these!

Batcycle with capeless Batman!

Batboat by Gulliver (I believe Gulliver made all the Batman toys here)

These bottle caps were available on Pepsi bottles down in South America!

Here's a poster checklist (or maybe two different posters for two releases) for all the Marvel ones! I'd love to see all these bottle caps!

A couple of posters for the DC caps, which makes it obvious that they were intended to be used as checkers!

And lastly, but nowhere near least, here's a Batmobile that Gulliver made that included Wonder Woman and Batgirl instead of Batman and Robin (along with another Batgirl Batcycle)! It appears to me that the figures were designed for riding motorcycles, which means there should be a Wonder Woman motorcycle out there!

Many thanks to Ramiro for sending me these photos! I hope he'll send me even more, and I'll try to make sure I post them much sooner!


  1. now, it's intresting that they don't seam to have 'offical' spanish names for over there..
    In the stickers, the Thing is 'La Cosa', which is something like 'The Thing', and Human Torch is 'Hombre Antorcha' which, again, is the Human Torch... and Mister Fantastic, is.. well, the same and Sue Richards is Sue Richards.. yet in the bottle caps, which appear to have the same copyright date (1980) yet the names are different.. Human Torch is just La Antorcha (The Torch), the Thing is 'Hombre de granto' (the Human Stone?), Mister Fantastic is 'Hombre Elastico' (erm.. the Elastic Human) can't quite read the sue's one but looks like it's probebly invisible woman..

    okay, my spanish is bad and this is clear to see but intesting that the names are soo different around the same time...

  2. I've seen "La Cosa" used quite a bit for the Thing... it's possible that some of these items were produced in different countries, and each licensor had a different option to use.

    I suspect "Hombre de granto" would better translate as "Man of Stone" or "Man of Rock."

    What I found interesting was that on the Invisible Girl sticker, there's a comma after Sue's name, yet nothing after the comma!


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