Saturday, February 06, 2010

Cool Stuff: More Superman Stuff!

Time for more Superman Cool Stuff!


This isn't a bad-looking foreign Superman figure, although that S looks way too big, eh? Oh, bad blogger... as soon as I typed that previous sentence, my subconscious said to me, in Superman's voice, "Do these tights make my 'S' look big?"


A nice-looking frame-tray puzzle, which seems to be based on a Wayne Boring Superman illustration, if I'm not mistaken!


Here's another cool Superman frame-tray puzzle!


This Superman game looks like fun! Seems that Luthor's kidnapped Jimmy, Lois and Perry for some nefarious plan!


This Superman figure was made in Japan... excellent packaging, poor sculpting, eh?


This other Japanese figure, while probably a lot cheaper, is more appealing than the first one... at least, it is to me!


I would love to have this Superman belt buckle, which was a Kellogg's premium!


Never really understood the appeal of selling mock Kryptonite... they've certainly done it enough over the years, haven't they?


This 1976 Magic Slate looks like Kurt Schaffenberger's art, at least on the top of it!


This 1978 Magic Slate looks like Curt Swan art on the frame to me!


Wow, this Magic Slate from 1979 has Neal Adams art on the header, and that looks like a Bob Oksner Supergirl head... can't tell who did the rest of the art, though!


That's a fun-looking Superman watch from Marx Toys, isn't it?


Superman Match Game! I wonder if you could rearrange the board between games or not?


Not sure when this metal Superman figure was produced, but it's nice, isn't it?


Superman Movie Viewer! Well, it was more of a personal film strip viewer... note the very strong similarity between the card art for this and the Aurora Superman model kit (assuming you're familiar with that model kit)!


Superman Flying Noizz Balloon? OK, that is definitely one of the more out-there Superman items I've seen, and probably a good place to end this edition! More Superman next time around!

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