Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Things You Always Wanted to Know About Monsters... But Were Afraid To Ask, Part 8!

Continuing with this look at Tony Tallarico's book!

A still from "The Mask of Fu Manchu" accompanies this spread!

Chaney as the Hunchback here!

That is, of course, Chaney from "Phantom of the Opera" in that photo!

A behind-the-scenes photo from one of the Karloff Frankenstein movies here!

Chaney again here!

Lugosi being made up as Ygor!

Karloff the Great!

Harryhausen adjusting the Cyclops for "The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad"!

The last pages from this book next time!


  1. tis tis.. mistakes again.. 'Who was the Biggest Female Monster'.. One can debate the term female, but Mothra is and has always been female and she is bigger then 50 foot..

    The First Monster movie staring Vincent price? If you don't include the Return of the Invisible Man, well.. you surely need to still include 'Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein' (1948) where he returned as the Invisible man though, that is only a very small cameo at the end.. Really, you can't say the film wasn't a monster movie, and while it was voice only for about 1 line, Vincent price was in it.. there for, isn't it a monster movie.. but hang on.. isn't the question for the first Movie starring vincent price, not a monster movie? in which case, Service de luxe in 1938 (which is along time before the Fly in 1958) and hang on.. why discount Invisible man returns if it isn't just about monster movies?

  2. Well, Vincent Price aside... one could also point out that Gorgo was probably taller than the 50-Foot Woman, for that matter...

    And wasn't one of the Rodans in the original Rodan a female, for that matter?

  3. Yep, and she was 164 foot tall ^_^

  4. I wonder if these other 2 claims (that I didn't know) are true, too:
    1. "Tarantula" was inspired by a U.S.D.A film about chicken feed?
    2. D. W. Griffith died unknown and penniless?

    1. I don't know about either those, myself...


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