Monday, May 03, 2010

By the 10's: Walt Disney Showcase!

And it's the last of the Disney comics! As the title suggested, it was a showcase for various Disney properties, although many of the issues were movie adaptations!
Issue 10 -- I have no memory of even hearing about this one! More after the jump!

Issue 20!

Issue 30!

Issue 40!

Issue 50!

Yep, it's a short one... and the next one will be short, too, featuring Felix the Cat!


  1. erm.. 'The' battle of Britian was a air battle.. It was, in fact, the first MAJOR air compain fought only in the air.. No offense but.. Boy, why do alot of americans have a problems with history outside of america? even back then, just watching the film or a quick pop to any public library would fix up that problem.... great film though.. i wonder what the comic version was like...

  2. Of course, I take no responsibility for the historical accuracy of any comic book posted in a "By the 10s" post!


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