Wednesday, June 02, 2010

By the 10s: Four Color Comics, Part 3!

And now, issues 210 through 300 of Four Color Comics... by the 10s!

Apparently Tippie and Cap Stubbs had some fame, but I've never heard of them outside of the cover for Four Color #210! More after the jump!

Issue 220 is another holiday-themed Mother Goose issue with Walt Kelly art!

Issue 230, with a Zane Grey adaptation! My dad was a huge Zane Grey fan, and I'd considered trying to track down some of the Four Color issues with Zane Grey stuff, but unfortunately, I never did... I wish I had, now.

Issue 240 features Walt Lantz's Andy Panda, a character I am definitely familiar with!

Issue 250 featuring Bugs Bunny! I wonder if there'll ever be a trade paperback of the Dell Warner Bros' character comics collected?

Issue 260 features Bugs' Looney Tunes fellow star, Porky Pig!

Issue 270, and another Zane Grey adaptation!

Issue 280, and it's Andy Panda again!

Issue 290 features The Chief! Was this an established character, or something Dell came up with?

And issue 300 features Donald Duck!

More on Friday!


  1. i've never heard of Tippie and cap Stubbs either but by a quick check, it seams a bit suprising. Female cartoonist Edwina Dumm started it in the Ohio Local Newspaper ins 1918 (as Cap Stubbs and Tippie), move to syndication when she moved to New York, she was the Writer and artist for it's complete run up till 1966 when she retired. It was said she could penicel a whole daily strip in one hour.. which is gotta be given sergio a run for his money ^_^ She was very much a fan of dogs which lead to a weekly page that ran in 'life' (in the US) and Tatler (in London). She also did work for Wonder Woman it seams.. Tippie seamed to appear pretty often in Dc's 'All-American comics'. Also seams like Tippie appeared alot in Dell comics..

  2. Tippie and Cap Stubbs also appeared in Magic Comics in 1942. You can see a listing of the issues containing these characters at:


    Steven G. Willis


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