Monday, June 14, 2010

By the 10s: Four Color Comics, Part 7!

This installment starts out with issue 610, with an adaptation of "Drum Beat," starring Alan Ladd! More after the jump!

Issue 620 features Mowgli from the Jungle Book!

Issue 630 features "Priscilla's Pop," which was a comic strip that started in 1946 and lasted until 1983!

Issue 640's "Western Marshal" is another adaptation of a Western novel!

That's a pretty epic painted cover for issue 650's Prince Valiant!

Issue 660's "Little Beaver" has nothing to do with "Leave It To Beaver," and everything to do with Red Ryder!

Issue 670s "Mouse Musketeers" is a spin-off of Tom and Jerry, based on one of the Tom and Jerry cartoons!

Issue 680's "Out Our Way with the Worry Wart" looks like another newspaper strip.

Issue 690 featured "The Conqueror," and was counted as a Movie Classic, although the title hadn't broken off quite yet!

And issue 700 featured an adaptation of one of Disney's "True-Life Adventures," some of which weren't all that true (Lemmings, anyone?)!

More on Thursday!


  1. based on four Tom and Jerry Cartoons.. odd the name change though.. they were always the Mouseketeers... The first one was 'The Two Mouseketeers' in 1952(Introduces them, King orders Tom to protect a royal dinner), then 'Touché Pussy Cat' (Tuffy is send to be trained as a Mouseketeer, but fails and runs into Tom) in 1954, 'Tom and Cherie' (Tuffy is the messenger between Jerry and his love) in 1955 and then 'Royal Cat Nap' (Tom must make sure nothing interrupts the kings Nap) in 1958.

    Tom is always dressed as one of the Cardinals Guards, which is kinda odd since the Musketeers were the king's guards, and these cartoons seam to have the roles switched over ^_^

  2. Thanks for doing the research for me, MM!


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