Monday, August 23, 2010

Cool Stuff: More Marvel Stuff!

Wow, has this month's Cool Stuff been all Marvel items so far? I wonder if it'll stretch out to the entire month...

The first item today is this Incredible Hulk Halloween bucket! I used to have one of these back in the 1980s... bought it for a quarter at a Salvation Army store, among other items for the same price, and then resold them at a comic or toy show for quite a markup! Kind of wish I'd kept it, now... More after the jump!

Yes, that's a Hulk glider, made in Italy... but Italy didn't exactly have the market cornered on Hulk toys that didn't make sense!

Here's a Hulk push puppet that did acrobatics! Now, I could see a Spider-Man, Captain America or Daredevil toy doing this, but the Hulk????

This Hulk bicycle siren doesn't fit my ideas of what a Hulk toy should be, either... maybe if you pressed the button, and a voice came out of it yelling, "Get out of Hulk's way, or Hulk smash!"

This Ideal "Hulk Smash Up Game" definitely makes sense to me! I mean, come on, a game where a Hulk figure smashes buildings down? Win!

Hulk Underoos -- apparently by the time these came out, they'd given up on making sets that looked like the costumes the characters wore, otherwise they'd have just had a green shirt and purple underpants!

Ah, here's one of the many goofy AHI items featuring the Hulk... their Hulk Van!

Next up, here's a gallery of Marvelmania catalog pages!
Pretty cool, isn't it?

I'm sure the "Nobody Loves the Hulk" record has been ripped and is available for download somewhere on the internet...

Next time: Marvel Philly Stickers!

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