Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cool Stuff: DC Stuff and More!

Starting off this edition, it's the Comdex Superheroes boxed set! I believe these were also sold individually. Cool an idea as this is, I would've never bought it as a kid, because... well... I've never been that great a painter! More after the jump!

This Wonder Woman mask is another Argentina item, like the Ringo mask I posted here in the last week or so!

Is it just me, or is the idea of a Wonder Woman marionette just plain weird?

OK, that does it for the DC stuff (at least until I get to Superman items, I think)... on to other coolness!

Usually these things are only posted here at the Random Acts of Geekery on Monster Mondays, but this one is different! It's what's known as a "sonosheet," a kind of book and record set popular in Japan. Most sonosheets I save photos of are based on Godzilla or Gamera movies (or other giant monsters), but this one features regular dinosaurs, which I suppose makes this more of a sci-fi than monster item... or maybe I'm splitting hairs?

Not sure of the origin of this Doc Savage movie poster, or even if Ron Ely actually autographed it personally... could've been printed on all of them!

And we're moving on to Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers, with the Belgium poster above!

French poster for the same flick!

French pressbook!

German poster!

American lobby card!

Time for a few more Kenner Easy-Show Projector photos!
As you can see, both the 1966 one on top and the 1970 one below were hand-cranked models, and not motorized!

Ah, here's another sonosheet, this one based on Fantastic Voyage! Nice stuff!

I don't often come across Filmation-based merchandise on eBay listings (other than the Masters of the Universe stuff, that is)... so it was a real treat to find this "Ghost Busters" costume photo!

This Isis puzzle has probably the worst art of any Isis product I've seen photos of!

Reis O'Brien of Geek Orthodox should appreciate the photos of the two Flash Gordon novels above, since he was talking on his blog back in late March about acquiring one of the novels in this series! Hey, Reis, you might want to look out for the below books, too:

Speaking of Flash Gordon, here's a poster for the compilation film "Rocket Ship"!

Next time around, we'll start off with some GI Joe stuff!


  1. "Is it just me, or is the idea of a Wonder Woman marionette just plain weird?"

    Not as weird as the idea of a Wonder Woman finger puppet!

  2. Well, that's something I've yet to see, myself!


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