Sunday, October 03, 2010

Cool Stuff: Marvel Stuff!

Time to look at Marvel stuff, but first, a mixed Marvel and DC assortment of stuff!
Apparently sun visors like these were popular at one time, as witness the above Hulk, Spidey and Superman items! After the jump, it's all Marvel stuff!

Although this Captain America "Colorvue" looks like a 1960s item, according to the seller, it was manufactured in 1974! Looks like a fancy coloring set to me!

Speaking of Captain America, here's a Buddy L Cap motorcycle... I could've sworn this came with a plastic Cap figure...

Next, here's the Aurora Captain America model kit, all assembled and painted much nicer than I would've ever been able to manage!

Next up, it's a Captain America glider made in Italy!

Cap ring! I'd guess this was a vending machine item.

Cap Marvel Super Hero Stamps! I'm glad the seller opted to show the stamps with the box!

This play watch (with a really pink band!) was made in Argentina!

Here's a very unique Marvel item... a promotional card one station used to promote the Marvel Super-Heroes cartoon!

This Dr. Doom patch was obviously sold at Kmart, and probably other stores, too!

This 1978 AHI Fantastic Four water gun might've been the only FF item that AHI ever produced! I suppose one could say that it was the flare pistol they used...

"Head Rings" was a rather odd thing to name these inflatable pool toys, wasn't it?

Ah, just in time for Halloween month, here's the 1974 Incredible Hulk Halloween costume!

1978 Hulk Electronic Game! Rather primitive by today's standards, isn't it?

1978 Hulk Key Case!

1978 Hulk Safe Target Game! I'm guessing this used the small plastic balls with velcro on them.

A rather deflated 1978 Hulk Ball by Spaulding!

Next time, there'll be more Hulk stuff, and perhaps some other Marvel items, too!

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