Sunday, October 03, 2010

Countdown to Halloween: Monster Laffs Cards!

Here's the rest of the Monster Laffs cards I didn't present last year!

laffs 033 hey youre my girl friend
More after the jump!

laffs 036 okayyoucanborrowthecar
laffs 040 lets be friends
laffs 042 ilosemyheadatparties
laffs 044 thepetshopmadeamistake
laffs 046 mother please id rather do it myself
laffs 054 thegarbagemenmustbeonstrike
laffs 055 what are you staring at
laffs 060 he looks comfortable
laffs 062 macanihaveadrinkofwater
laffs 065 this beach used to be so crowded

Here's a few miscellaneous cards, to boot!
laffs unk are you trying to make a monkey
laffs unk did you ever have the feeling
laffs unk dig this crazy vegetable garden
laffs unk dont move theres a bug on your coat
laffs unk flying is the modern way to travel
laffs unk funny i smell burning ape fur

More to come!

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