Friday, December 31, 2010

By the 10s: Black Cat/Black Cat Mystery!

Ah, here's a fondly-remembered title... probably the best of Harvey Comics' original superheroes, it's Linda Turner, AKA the Black Cat! Sadly, the tide turned quickly for the Black Cat, as it turned into.. well, you'll see! This is another title you can find selected issues of at the Comic Reading Library.

Issue 20!

Issue 30, and change is definitely afoot, with a title change!

Issue 40! As you can see, the Black Cat herself is completely gone here! I believe there were some Simon and Kirby stories in this title, by the way.

Issue 50, and a pretty gross cover, if you ask me!

Issue 60, the title changes again, but the book would end very soon, so this wraps up this final By the 10s for 2010!

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