Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dog of the Geek: Wile E. Coyote!

I suppose this is as good a time as any to explain that I'm using a wide definition of "Dog" to also include coyotes, wolves, foxes, and even werewolves!

Breed: Coyote

Original Appearances: Road Runner Cartoons

Other Appearances: A handful of Bugs Bunny cartoons, various comic books, specifically “Beep! Beep! The Road Runner” (see Miscellaneous), several toys and video games.

Biography: Not much is known about Wile. E.'s past. He may have been born with the fanatical fascination for eating Road Runners, or it may have developed over time. Presumably, he began his affiliation with the Acme Company/Corporation at an early age. One might suggest that Acme uses him as a guinea pig for their new gadgets.

Powers: Incredibly durable, able to take an amazing amount of damage and be back to normal in the next scene (a standard cartoon character ability). Also the ability to pull out a sign from behind his back that says exactly what he would say if he could speak (see Miscellaneous).

Group Affiliation: None

Miscellaneous: Wile E. never speaks in the Road Runner cartoons, but in the few Bugs Bunny cartoons he appears, in, he speaks quite eloquently. In the Gold Key/Whitman “Beep! Beep! The Road Runner” comic books, Wile E. talks quite a bit (but then again, so do the Road Runners); he also tends to build his own gadgets for capturing the Road Runners. It's best to think of this comic book as taking place in a parallel universe. Wile E. Coyote is a completely different character from Ralph Wolf, despite their looking exactly the same save for nose color.

Movie of the Week: The Mummy (Universal)!

Here's the trailer!

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By the 10's: Walt Disney's Comics & Stories, Part 4!

Ever onward...!

Issue 310! More after the jump!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Random Videos of Geekery: Batgirl Pilot!

Rarely seen, this was an unaired short to introduce Batgirl to executives! You should be able to get part 2 from a link at the end of this...

Give-A-Show Fridays: Superman and Lassie!

For the next few weeks, I'll be presenting videos of Kenner's Talking Show Projector, which was like the Give-A-Show Projector save that the projector had a built-in record player, and records were provided to give you a soundtrack... so I can't take any credit for the sound!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Children's Book Theatre: Road Runner BLB - The Lost Road Runner Mine, Chapter 12!

And now, the thrilling conclusion!

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Cool Stuff!

Probably going to be a mixed bag of stuff this time around, maybe dominated by some SF movie posters!

First up is this poster for "Things to Come"! More after the jump!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Blogs on the Blogroll!

Nope, I haven't started new blogs (not yet, anyway)... I just wanted to point out a few blogs that I've just added to the "Random Blogs of Geekery" blogroll of other blogs!

First up is Markneto's Mightiest Mego Super-Customs! I always enjoy checking out the custom-made Mego-style figures that people with more skill (and money) than I come up with... while it's not a daily blog, I encourage you to check it out when new posts pop up there!

Next, we have The Brave and the Bold: The Lost Issues! This blog features Photoshopped B&B covers teaming Batman up with DC characters he never teamed with in the comics, as well as Marvel characters, too! It's some pretty cool stuff!

One of these days, I'll have to break out the humor blogs from the geek blogs on the blogroll... but in the meantime, here's another one: Learn From My Fail! This very funny blog is reader-driven, like the "It Made My Day" blog, where people who read the blog submit the posts -- in this case, the readers are letting you guys benefit from the lessons they've learned the hard way! It's always good for a laugh, when you consider how some of the lessons could've been learned just by thinking a little bit!

Super I.T.C.H. is Craig Yoe's latest blog project, and it's definitely worth it for no other reason than to see what Booksteve's come up with for "Makin' Links!" when that pops up!

If you're into the early Hanna-Barbera cartoons, I'd highly recommend Yowp! This blog looks at the earliest H-B toons and analyzes them in detail!

My Comic Book Crisis is a fairly new blog, written by a woman who's near my age, and she has a different perspective, being a recent convert to comics! Make sure you check her blog out, I'm guessing the more readers she gets, the more often she'll post!

I don't want to forget to mention Four Color Commentary, who's also added the Random Acts of Geekery to his blogroll!

Last, but not lease, is Beware There's a Crosseyed Cyclops in the Basement! This blog dutifully finds the best stuff that's to be found for downloading from the net that geeks like us like! While I don't always approve of some of it (there is material there that is currently in print in one form or another), there's still lots of stuff that is ridiculously expensive to purchase hard copies of, and does not look to be reprinted ever!

Hope you enjoy these!

Original Comic Art!

Today's edition will be a bit different from the usual... these pieces of art by Mike DeCarlo were all done for DC's Licensing, perhaps for the Super Powers line! Enjoy!

The Cheetah! More after the jump!

Random Videos of Geekery: 1966 Batman TV Promos!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monster Monday!

Sadly, this Spanish poster for "Mighty Joe Young" is the only Mighty Joe Young item I have this go-round... but there's more after the jump!

Cool Stuff: Superman Stuff!

Ah, I love it when it's time to present Superman stuff... you'd think I'd get enough of that doing the "Fortress of Solitude Trophy Room," but apparently not!

first up is this 1960s paperback book... not sure what comics were reprinted in this! More after the jump...