Friday, August 06, 2010

Dog of the Geek: James Hound!

james houndBreed: Some kind of hound, apparently
Original Appearances: “James Hound” TerryToon cartoons in 1966-1967.
Other Appearances: Unknown
Biography: Parody of James Bond with dogs instead of people.
Powers: James Hound seems to be virtually invulnerable, given that he can walk right through a door (leaving a hole shaped like him) without feeling any pain.
Group Affiliation: Unnamed spy organization
Miscellaneous: James Hound sounds like Gary Cooper, but seems to act more like a cartoonized version of Maxwell Smart, being extremely clumpy.

Give-A-Show Fridays: Chad Valley 1962 Disneyland Slides, Parts 1 and 2!

I may have mentioned here before that Chad Valley was the UK company who had the rights to produce Give-A-Show Projector sets in the UK, but I'm not sure if I noted that they had a lot of sets that were completely unique to them! Here's the first half of the videos of their 1962 "Disneyland" set!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Men in Suits!

I was recently contacted by Bill Janczewski concerning his in-production documentary "Men in Suits," which looks at the history of creature suits and the actors who wore them, from Godzilla to Predator to the Creature From the Black Lagoon! They're currently seeking funding to pay for a trip to Japan to interview Kenpachiro Satsuma about playing Godzilla and other monsters, as well as a "behind the scenes" look at the studio that produced Ultraman. You can get more information, and check out a teaser trailer, at their website.

Cool Stuff: 1966 Marvel Humor Cards, Part 2!

Continuing the look at the 1966 Marvel humor cards, here's the first of the Spidey cards:
The rest of the Spidey cards, plus Thor and Hulk cards, follow after the jump!

Random Videos of Geekery: Kirby Documentary!

Here's part one of a two-part documentary on Kirby, in celebration of his birthday month! Part two will follow in one week, if you can wait that long!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bonus Random Video of Geekery!

Just done the other night, it's son Tristan assisted by my daughter Desi, in his own cooking program! Maybe the next time we do one of these, we won't have to do so many cuts...

CBT: The Magic of Mary Poppins, Part 1!

Something a bit different this time around...
I don't tend to do much Disney stuff here, except when I post one of the Disney videos on Give-A-Show Fridays (and that Disney coloring book a little bit ago), but I found this last summer at a garage sale, and it's been in the pile to feature here, so here it is... or rather, here it is after the jump!

Monsters, Maidens & Mayhem, Part 5!

This chapter features King-Sized Creeps and Super Science Horrors, as you can see!
More after the jump!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

This 'n That Time!

Yes, time for another assortment of mini-items for your perusal!

ITEM! I'm in the midst of working on December posts for the Random Acts of Geekery, and I see that I'm starting to run out of material for "The Way of the Geek" (which feels odd, given that that feature won't be starting until November). If you are a fellow geek blogger and want to participate in this, you can find the full list of questions here. For that matter, if you know of any geek blogger you're interested in knowing more about, please send me their name, email address, and blog URL at waffyjon at comcast dot net, okay?

ITEM! My family and I are about three weeks away from our Disneyland road trip! We're really looking forward to it, even if we've changed our minds several times about what we'll be doing en route to the land of the Mouse! Originally, we were going to take three days to travel there, with stops planned at various times to a wild animal petting zoo in Oregon, the redwood forest in California, and San Francisco... but cooler heads finally prevailed, and we've decided to just go straight down I-5, with overnight stops planned in Redding and Santa Clarita (I know, it seems silly to stop in Santa Clarita when we're most of the way there, but Jessi wanted to be sure that we had a chance to be fully rested before our first day in Disneyland). It should be a fun trip, and we've been stockpiling things to keep the kids occupied in the van while we're on the road. Of course, after we return, I'll likely be sharing photos and memories of the trip!

ITEM! Have you checked out my newest blog, The Comic Reading Library yet? I hope you will, because there's lots of great comics scheduled to be available there... and I'm pretty sure I've posted the pages in a size that's convenient for reading.

ITEM! I'm guessing some of you have been scratching your heads when looking at the new blog header... wondering where some of these features are that I've mentioned in it! They're all coming your way, some in October, some in November!

ITEM! Just wanted to thank all the faithful Random Acts of Geekery readers who've been clicking on the advertising links... I know some of the ads that pop up don't seem to be a good match at times, but I do appreciate every click!

ITEM! You may have noticed that the Blog of the Creature has resurfaced after being on hiatus... unfortunately, it's only a temporary respite before it goes into full retirement, but I have no plans to delete the blog, so it will always be there so you can peruse the archives! It's not the only one of my spin-off blogs that will be retiring between now and the end of the year, sadly... and I'll probably note the others as they get closer to their own end!

By the 10s: Love Romances!

Yep, there's still romance comics to be shown on By the 10s!
And this time around, it's Love Romances, and here's issue 10! More after the jump!

Cool Stuff: 1966 Marvel Humor Cards, Part 1!

First off, it's the Captain America cards!

More after the jump!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Original Comic Art!

Time for another parade of original comic art that had been offered for sale on eBay in the recent past!

First up is Pat Boyette's cover for Charlton's "Korg: 20,000 BC" comic book, based on the live-action Hanna-Barbera series. Even though the TV show tried to show a realistic view of caveman life, the comic quickly jumped the rails and had Korg and company embarking on very unrealistic adventures!

More art after the jump!

Monster Monday!

I did promise you last week that there'd be more Gamera stuff this time around, didn't I? Here's a lobby card from the first Gamera movie! More after the jump!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Random Videos of Geekery: Jack Kirby Documentary!

Since it's Kirby's birthday month, what better time to post as many Kirby-related videos as I can track down? Here's the first one, from a long out-of-print video:

Presenting... The Comic Reading Library!

Announcing the newest addition to the Random Blogs of Geekery family! The Comic Reading Library is a daily destination where you can read old comic books from the earliest days of comics up to the 1970s! I hope you'll check it out each day and enjoy some comics reading! You can click here to check it out!!

By the 10's: Lovelorn!

Time for another By the 10's! This time around it's ACG's entry into the romance comics genre, Lovelorn! ACG books tended to be rather... different... than other publishers in the same genre, and this one is no different!
Issue 10! More after the jump!

Puzzle Sunday!

Last week's solution:
This week's puzzle after the jump!