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Halloween Countdown: Dog of the Geek - Werewolf of London!

werewoflondonBreed: Werewolf

Original Appearance: Werewolf of London, Universal (1935)

Other Appearances: 1977 paperback book by “Carl Dreadstone” and the Crestwood House books.

Biography: When Wilfred Glendon goes to Tibet in search of the mariphasa plant, he is attacked and bitten by a werewolf. When he returns to London, he is approached by fellow botanist Dr. Yogami, who warns Glendon that the bite will transform him into a werewolf, although the mariphasa can be used as a temporary antidote. Glendon is able to use a blossom from the plant to stop his first transformation, but his second transformation proceeds unhindered, thanks to Yogami (the werewolf who bit Glendon in Tibet) stealing the remaining blossoms. The next time the mariphasa blooms, those blossoms are also stolen by Yogami, although Glendon slays him while in werewolf form. Glendon is about to kill his own wife, when a Glendon's uncle arrives with police and shoots him, killing the werewolf.

Powers: Similar to Larry Talbot, the Werewolf of London had greater than normal human strength and agility, with claws and fangs that could rend human flesh. He could also pass along his disease with a bite. Unlike Talbot, however, the Werewolf of London is much more vulnerable to conventional weapons.

Group Affiliation: None

Miscellaneous: Apparently, the makeup used in the Wolf Man was originally designed for the Werewolf of London, but Henry Hull (who portrayed the Werewolf) apparently objected to it, wanting a simpler makeup.

Countdown to Halloween: Movie of the Week - Revenge of the Creature!

revenge of the creature
Trailer and more memorabilia after the jump!

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Cool Stuff: Hulk Stuff!

It's Cool Stuff time again, and this is an all-Hulk stuff edition this time around, beginning with the above Incredible Hulk figural roller skates from 1979! Don't forget that if you want to read the Bronze Age Hulk's point of view on these items, check out Hulk Blog! More stuff after you click

Countdown to Halloween: More Monster Cards!

Another series I'm not quite familiar with... no laughs to be found on these, but I'm pretty sure you'll like 'em anyway! I think the numbering had continued from a previous set with a different color border!

orange 067 frankenstein
More after the jump!

Give-A-Show Fridays: 1973 Six Million Dollar Man (Kenner Version) Slides 9-16!

Next Week: The 1974 Kenner Bionic Woman set, part one!

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Countdown to Halloween: Retro-Review - Adventures Into the Unknown #1, Part 1!

Time for a new comic for Retro-Reviewing, and this time it's Adventures Into the Unknown #1, published by American Comics Group in 1948! The very dark cover for this issue is by Edvard Moritz, who did some work on the interiors, too!

The inside front cover featured a table of contents (with stories out of order, by the way) plus a disclaimer from the publisher called “To Our Readers.” It reads: “Superstition is ignorance. It's part of the dark ages from which man emerged centuries ago. But great classical authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Horace Warpole and many others have done much to keep alive the tradition of the 'ghost' story—and to this day, teales of the mysterious unknown still grip our imaginations! This despite the fact that there are no such things as ghosts! There never were – there never will be! Yet, since stories of the superational will live forever, we invite you to enjoy the following 'Adventures Into... the Unknown!'” The background for all this is a tombstone with a large hooded spook standing behind it, showering down bones and skulls from its outstretched hands.

The first story in this book is “The Werewolf Strikes,” an eight-pager with art by Edvart Moritz. The tale begins in “the frozen timberlands of Northern Canada,” where three men – one armed with a rifle, one with a lasso, and one with a rope – have cornered a large gray wolf. Before they can capture or kill the wolf, it leaps for the guy with the lasso (smart wolf, that) and attacks him as the guy with the rifle shoots! The other guy with a rope ties up the wolf, and two other men come over with a crate labeled “John Wilder, Zoological Import” on the side. Apparently, the wolf did kill its target, and Wilder (the guy with the rifle) muses over the situation:

In a nearby cabin, a woman is hanging garlic up on the wall, and when her husband questions her (I'm assuming it's her husband), she says it's to ward off werewolves! She's certain that Jacques the logger, who was bitten by a wolf and disappeared, became a werewolf! That night, at Wilder's camp, Wilder shows off his captive to Barbara (his wife?) before they head off to bed. After they leave, the wolf changes to Jacques, and he escapes the cage, and makes his way to Wilder's tent, and he abducts Barbara!


Pursuing his wife's captor, he runs up at him with a gun! The two grapple, and Wilder shoots Jacques! Jacques flees in search of a doctor, but he turns back into his wolf form again, and decides to return to the cage, hoping his wound will be treated. The entire camp is awakened by the howls of agony, and Wilder has returned. Wilder treats the wolf's wounds. Ten days later, the Wilders are out at sea with their captive en route to San Francisco, and as it nears the Golden Gate, the beast makes a second attack on Barbara!

Barbara flees the wolf, but stumbles down a flight of stairs. She seems all right, and the ship's doctor advises Wilder to get her into a taxi after the ship docks. Another ten days pass, and the wolf is on display at a zoo, where it's considered the most vicious-looking beast anyone's ever seen. What they don't know is that at night, the wolf escapes its cage and starts a reign of terror!


Now, ACG's writers have obviously mixed up the weaknesses of werewolves and vampires – first there was the woman hanging up garlic, and now, the caption informs us that werewolves cannot cross running water! This makes the wolf vulnerable, and it is shot by a policeman. Later that night, at John Wilder's home, Wilder and his wife are arguing over whether the wolf is responsible for the slaying when the radio informs them that the wolf has been wounded, but it got away! Suddenly, at the window...

Barbara screams for her husband to help as the wolf attacks! John manages to reach a table where a silver paper knife is, and attacks the wolf! As expected, it has the usual effect on werewolves...

OK, this story really went around and around before it really got to the point, if you ask me. It took way too long to mention Jacques, and then there was just one ridiculous thing after another. I don't even understand why the had the werewolf being affected at all by ordinary bullets when they planned to have it killed by the silver knife – and isn't it a good thing that was handy, on the table, in the same room the werewolf was attacking Barbara in?

Next time: “The Living Ghost,” a story I've referred to here at the Random Acts of Geekery before!

Comic Book Advertisements!

About time I returned to doing these again, eh? Last time I did any of these kind of posts was back in 2008! So, let's see what kind of cool (or not so cool) stuff was being advertised back when, shall we?

First up, from the October, 1966 cover-dated Marvel Comics is this ad for this extremely cool Thing sweatshirt! In case you can't read the back of Ben's shorts, they read "If you can read this, you're too darn close!" $3.15 plus a quarter for postage sure sounds cheap these days, doesn't it? You probably can't even just mail a sweatshirt for that kind of money these days! I think the front side of this sweatshirt has been reissued as a t-shirt in the recent past.

More ads after the jump!

Countdown to Hallloween: Original Comic Art!

Been waiting eleven months for more horror/monster/mystery art? The wait is over!

First up in this year's Countdown to Halloween Comic Art is page 26 from House of Mystery #38, by Howard Purcell! More after the jump!

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Garage Sale Report!

One of the things I like to do with my family on the weekends is hit the road to find garage sales! Typically, I don't tend to find anything I want (we usually get lots of stuff for the kids, though), but this time, I had high hopes because the Reuse Fair was being held at the Thurston County Fairgrounds. This annual event is basically the closest we get to a swap meet around here, and it's largely garage-sale type stuff.

Anyway, I got a pretty good haul, and only spent about 30 bucks! Here's the tally:

Marvel Super Action #32
DC Comics Presents #3 (Whitman Edition)
Marvel Triple Action #29, 45
Super-Soldier Man of War #1 (part of the Amalgam Comics line, bought just to make a purchase an even dollar amount)
Thor #271
Amazing Adventures (2nd series) #2
X-Men Annual #3
King Comics Popeye and Communications and Media Careers, Popeye and Manufacturing Careers
Freedom Fighters #6
Beowulf Dragonslayer #5
Grimm's Ghost Stories #17
The Phantom (Charlton) #59, 62, 69, 73
Kid Colt Outlaw #217
Star Trek (Gold Key) #49
Comics Scene #5
The Six Million Dollar Man (Charlton Magazine) #2

Peter Potamus Meets the Black Knight (1965)
King Leonardo and the Royal Contest (1962)
Mighty Mouse - Dinky Learns to Fly (1953)

CALVIN AND HOBBES BOOKS (20 cents each!)
The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book
There's Treasure Everywhere
Weirdos from Another Planet!
Calvin and Hobbes Sunday Pages 1985-1995
The Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book
The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes
The Revenge of the Baby-Sat
Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat
It's a Magical World
The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes

Overall, I'd say that's a pretty darn good haul!

CBT: Peter Potamus Coloring Book, Part 3!

More coloring book adventures of Peter and So-So here!
More after the jump!

Countdown to Halloween: Monster Monday!

Time for your regularly scheduled installment of Monster Monday goodies!
And this week, we begin with some stills from Son of Dracula, with more to follow after the jump!

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Cool Stuff: Marvel Stuff!

Time to look at Marvel stuff, but first, a mixed Marvel and DC assortment of stuff!
Apparently sun visors like these were popular at one time, as witness the above Hulk, Spidey and Superman items! After the jump, it's all Marvel stuff!

Puzzle Sunday!

Last week's solution:
This week's puzzle:
Solution next week!

Countdown to Halloween: Monster Laffs Cards!

Here's the rest of the Monster Laffs cards I didn't present last year!

laffs 033 hey youre my girl friend
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