Saturday, January 01, 2011

Cool Stuff: Batman Stuff!

Yes, it's time to check out some more cool stuff here at the Random Acts of Geekery, which may well send some of you off to eBay to look and see what some of these things are selling for these days (whether that means you'll want to buy it, or sell it if you have it, I have no idea). Anyway, above is our first item for this go-round, Ideal's Batman hand puppet!

Speaking of Ideal, here's the Utility Belt that they produced... and it's certainly the coolest utility belt I've ever seen... must be one of the reasons why it goes for so much when it's up on eBay!

Next up, these invitations are just the thing if you're planning a Batman-themed party, aren't they?

I could well be wrong, but this Italian Batman slot car set looks to me to be a foreign release of a set that someone else (AHI perhaps?) released in the USA.

Here's an Italian Batman action figure! At first glance, it almost appears to be the Italian release of Mego's 12" Batman, but if you look closely at the hands, you'll see that while the costume appears to be a match, it's definitely not the same figure body!

Apparently, Batman wasn't colored the same way in Japan than he was in the States, judging from this Japanese Batman game!

Another Japanese Batman item... the seller called these "Glasses," but they definitely look more like masks to me. Robin masks, specifically, even if most of them are the wrong color!

Yet another Japanese Batman item... this robot toy is obviously based on the Adam West TV show!

And the last of the Japanese Batman items is this 1966 tin Batmobile toy!

Time for some Joker items! Above is a figure that I believe was produced in South America by Gulliver, possibly just in Argentina.

Check this out... can you believe you used to be able to buy cool stuff like this in JC Penney?

I always have to shake my head when I come across an item like this... a toy that was already being produced, but when the manufacturer got the Batman item, they somehow marketed it as a Batman thing!

This Joker glass (part of the Pepsi set?) is the last Joker item!

And now, some Batman: The Movie lobby cards:
Well, two is "some," isn't it?

This Batman nightlight looks kind of goofy, I admit... but wait... check it out when it's turned on in the dark!
If you ask me, that's kind of awesome and creepy at the same time!

Lincoln International produced this Batman squirt gun which, naturally, doesn't look at all like a Batman item, really.

Oh, here's another Japanese Batman item! Do you know what a "Magic Book" is? I sure don't!

Now, I'm not a Batman collector per se... but I'd love to have these four magnets on my refrigerator!

Batman Manga! But if you were hoping for the Bat-Manga that was featured in a book some time ago, I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you...
Still, it's pretty awesome anyway... although one thing does confuse me... I thought in Japan, manga was printed right-to-left, so that what looks to us like the back cover is actually the front...

More Batman items next time!

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  1. I must admit.. even with the bit off model 'bat wing' molding on that Utility Belt, it's one of the best i've seen..

    as for the 'manga'... cause japanese use a writen language based on babalion script, it is read from right to left. However, how often have you seen an english book that is printed on it's side? quite often.. alot of japanese comics these days are printed correctly when translated. Not only cause it saves alot of time and money on flipping the pages, and art (oh god, the old times when people's eye patchs were always on the wrong side are thankfully gone). When printing US comic art in japan, why not save some money and keep the art correct by printing it left to right? in fact, i've even got the old oringal japanese comics that are printed like that for.. no real reason.


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