Monday, January 03, 2011

Monster Monday!

Time for another parade of monster collectibles, and this week's edition begins with The Land Unknown!
First up, here's a Mexican lobby card for the movie. From what I've seen, there's apparently a pretty decent collector base for Mexican lobby cards.

Next, a still from the same movie... very obvious that it's two different photos put together, isn't it? More after the jump!

Next, here's a still from "The Man from Planet X," a movie I haven't seen since I was a kid!

The above photos are of Bela Lugosi portraying a vampire, but they're not from "Dracula," they're from "Mark of the Vampire"!

"Mighty Joe Young" lobby card!

"Mighty Joe Young" poster! By the way, while I enjoyed the remake, the original is still the best so far as I'm concerned!

This Milton the Monster game is based on the cartoon series. If you're not familiar with it, here's one of the cartoons:

"The Mole People" pressbook... or as it's labeled, "Showman's Manual"!

An assortment of AHI's monster jigglers! It almost looks as though the Frankenstein and Wolfman ones use the same mold as their bendys...

Aurora's customizing kit for your monster models!

Just saw one of these monster drawing kits on eBay in October (that's pretty much the best time of year to find monster toys there, y'know)! It seems to basically be a light table which you could use to trace parts of different drawings together.

Those are some pretty cool monster erasers/charms! I'd imagine they were sold out of vending machines. There's never any cool stuff in the vending machines these days, if you ask me!

Check out these tiny monster jack-in-the-boxes! I'm guessing these are also vending machine items.

I have no idea where this skeleton/alien toy came from, but it's kind of cool, don't you think?

Monster Magic set! My best guess? The magic tricks playset wasn't selling the way the manufacturer thought it should, so they put monster art on it (which appears swiped and altered from Aurora's Frankenstein and Dracula model kits) to get the monster market!

Motorized Monster Maker accessory kit! I wish someone would produce something like this today, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

This monster target game was made in Japan!

Here's some stickers from a Topps ugly monster sticker set... looks like these were at least influenced by Basil Wolverton, eh?

One of these days, I really need to get my hands on some of these... even if it's just to take some better photos to share!

This Peter Pan album promises "Million-Seller" monster songs... but it doesn't promise that it's the original versions of "Monster Mash," "Dinner With Drac," or any of the others, does it?

If I'd seen these monster rings in a store when I was a kid, I would've wanted them!

Lots of vending machine items in this week's installment, aren't there? These monsters were sold in vending machines in the 1960s.

These vending machine monsters came out in 1975!

Ah, here's one of the "Holy Grails" of monster toy collecting... the Emenee Monster Casting set!

Next, a monster-themed Pla-Doh set!

This promotional record was part of a huge Halloween push by Winchell's Donuts way back when... I think a Frankenstein t-shirt or iron-on was also part of the push.

That'll do it for this week!

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  1. Jon,
    Re: "I have no idea where this skeleton/alien toy came from, but it's kind of cool, don't you think?"


    "Airgam is a toy company that was established in 1976 and is best known for its miniature figures called Airgam Boys.

    "The Airgam Boys had various series which included themes such as Space, Romans, Cowboys, Sports, etc. One such category called “Airgam Comics: Super Stars” was released in 1985…"

    And from

    "Fabricado por AIRGAM, S.A. Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona-Espana) de conformidad con las normas internacionales de segundad. Garanti conforme aux francaises par AIRGAM FRANCE - Perpignan (c) by AIRGAM, S.A. - 1985"

    (Manufactured by Airgam, S.A. Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain) in accordance with international standards seconded. Consistent with french guaranteed by AIRGAM FRANCE - Perpignan (c) by AIRGAM, SA - 1985)

    Sorry, I wasn't able to ID your example, but see (AIRGAMGIRL Airgam AIRGAMBOYS 63100 police Canadian Mounted Police) for Miss Airga.


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