Wednesday, March 23, 2011

By the 10s: Fantastic Four, Part 3!

Let's get this one finished up, shall we? Issue 210 was part of a multi-issue storyline that writer Marv Wolfman intended as a crossover with Nova, but with that series being cancelled, the story ended up finishing in the FF's book. Galactus was needed because Nova's arch-foe, the Sphinx, amassed the entire knowledge of the Xandarian living computers, and the Big G was the only guy who could beat him now!

Issue 220 was part of a two-part story with the art of John Byrne! I believe he may have even plotted or written this story, as well!

Issue 220... and I don't know who the FF's going to handle, but I should note that it's rare for the Avengers to appear in the FF (at least for a while longer) without some kind of argument about who has jurisdiction to deal with the situation!

Issue 240, and we're definitely into John Byrne's wonderful run as writer/artist on the FF! In this issue, Attilan is moved to the blue area of the moon!

Issue 250, a battle with the X-Men and Gladiator, plus Spidey and Captain America! But some of these people aren't who we think they are!

And that will finish this off!

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