Thursday, March 24, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

This time around, it's ads from Charlton's Blue Beetle Vol. 3, #53! And there'll be some familiar stuff here...
Last time around, I showed you a half-page version of this ad... or was it a quarter page? Either way, here's a full-page version, where you can actually read that it's "A full 6-feet tall in chilling full color on durable 80-pound stock..." so you can figure out that it is, indeed, a giant poster!

Here's a full-page color ad for Honor House Prod. Corp, which looks like the same stuff that would also be advertised by the Johnson Smith Co.! Of course, Johnson Smith is still around, although not all the same kinds of things are being offered these days. Archie McPhee also carries many of these same things, too!

We're making it a shorter than usual post this time around, because so many of the ads in this issue were also in previous issues... so we'll finish things off with this back cover ad for Famous Artists Schools! I wonder if it's coincidence that they were located in Connecticut as well?

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